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Daylight Saving Ends Sunday: How to Spend the Extra Hour Locally

by Sarah Boyle
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It’s that time of year again in Hoboken + Jersey City — Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is on the horizon, fall is well underway, and it’s already time to change the clocks. Daylight saving is ending this weekend at 2AM on Sunday, November 6th. While falling behind means it’s going to start getting darker much earlier (we know, we’re not too psyched for that, either), it also means we gain an hour. Just for fun + to help you plan ahead, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for how to spend your extra hour in Hudson County so you can make the most of turning back the clocks and get ready for Eastern Standard Time. Read on for some Hoboken + Jersey City ideas for how to spend your extra hour locally.

We’ve also rounded up over 90 events happening in Hoboken + Jersey City this weekend so you can fill your weekend up with fun activities and fully enjoy your extra hour.  

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A Brief History of Daylight Saving

There’s a rumor that daylight saving was incorporated into our lives to give farmers more daylight to work out in the fields. Apparently, according to CNN, that’s not the real reason many countries still change the clocks (though there’s some truth to this in the practice’s origins).

“Daylight Saving Time (DST) is a system to reduce electricity usage by extending daylight hours,” CNN reported. “For eight months out of the year, the US and dozens of other countries follow DST, and for the remaining four months, revert back to standard time in order to take full advantage of the sunlight.”

Benjamin Franklin was actually the first one to propose the idea of daylight saving in a 1784 essay called “An Economical Project.” The concept didn’t stick — and it took another 100 years for someone else to propose something similar. In 1895, George Hudson — a New Zealand entomologist — came up with the concept of a two-hour time shift so he could have more daylight to go bug hunting. We can’t say we relate to wanting to bug hunt, but wanting more hours of sunlight makes sense. It took another person, a British builder named William Willett, to suggest it yet again in 1905, and it eventually went into practice in the UK in 1916.

Though a law was passed in Congress in 1918 to save daylight in the US, it was left up to the states and not every state chose to participate. It didn’t officially become a law until 1966, and even so, Hawaii and parts of Arizona still do not observe this time change.

Daylight saving starts on the second Sunday in March at 2AM and ends on the first Sunday in November, also at 2AM. This March – November calendar actually wasn’t adopted until 2007, so it’s more of a recent update. Many of us grew up learning the mnemonic that in March, we ‘spring’ ahead, while in November, we ‘fall ‘behind.

There are some states (18, actually) advocating to end changing the clocks, so whether this continues to be the norm remains to be seen.

Fun Things to Do Locally With Your Extra Hour

Have a Picnic

As of right now, the forecast is looking great for the weekend (yes please, 70 degrees!). We know having a picnic definitely takes more time than grabbing a quick lunch. Between picking a location, bringing all the needed supplies, setting up, and breaking down, picnicking is not the best activity when you’re tight on time. That’s why planning a picnic on the weekend when daylight saving ends means the bonus hour takes all the pressure out of the activity. Plus, we covered some of our favorite picnic spots as well as picnic services to help make the meal extra special. Enjoying time outside in one of our beautiful parks is a great way to spend your extra hour.

Get Farm-Fresh Cider at a Local Farm

Maybe you’ve been dying to get to a local North Jersey farm to try some fresh apple cider, but you just couldn’t swing it these past few weekends. A great way to use your extra hour is to travel somewhere you normally wouldn’t — and luckily, we’ve rounded up some great farms in North Jersey that serve apple cider. Cold weather will be here before we know it, so this is a great last chance to soak up the fall weather and take advantage of one of these fun farms.

Go For a Hike

Okay, yes, there are a lot of outdoorsy options on this list — but we can’t stress enough that this weekend seems like unusually nice weather, and autumn is such a lovely time for a hike. While peak foliage season may be behind us, there are still colorful leaves to see and lots of great hikes to explore. You can click here to see our round-up of where to go on a local hike.

Go to Newport Green Park

Yes, that’s right, there’s a beach in the middle of Jersey City. And okay, it may be small, but it’s still a beach. Even though it doesn’t hold a candle to the Jersey Shore, this is a great little urban beach nestled in Newport, JC (located at Washington Boulevard + 14th Street). We know winter is almost here (daylight saving ending is always the unofficial beginning of the cold), so this is probably the last chance to get a nice breeze and feel some sand again before the snow comes. Whether you’re choosing to spend this hour alone with a book or with a friend you haven’t had a chance to catch up with, this is a great place to pass the time.

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Get Competitive at Play! Hoboken | 1012 Grand Street FL3, Hoboken

If your kids wake up extra early with lots of energy this Sunday, this is a great place to bring them to blow off steam. This family-friendly entertainment center is a 5,500-square-foot facility and is packed with fun things to do, from pool tables to ping pong tables, dart boards, foosball, board games, and more. It even features virtual golf simulators for the whole family to play golf without having to travel all the way to a course. No matter your game interest, Play! Hoboken likely has it.

Paint at Tipsy Tie Dye Downtown | 155 1st Street, Hoboken

tipsy tie dye hoboken

This is the kind of activity that could be easy to postpone if you have a busy weekend full of chores and other happenings. So when gifted with a free hour during the end of daylight saving, it’s the perfect opportunity to finally visit this fun and unique business. This family-owned shop started by a brother and sister is truly one of the best places to unwind. It lets you unleash your inner creative child through tie dyeing — and you can do it with a drink in your hand, if you choose. Tipsy Tie Dye is BYOB so you can create a colorful new shirt while sipping on some wine, liquor, or beer — a great way to spend a bonus hour. You can book your reservation here.

Take a Walk By the Water

hudson river nyc views hoboken

We’re so lucky to have the views that we do — and those of us who don’t live right on the water may not see it often enough. Carving out time to take a walk on the waterfront (especially in the gorgeous fall weather) is such a great way to get exercise, people watch, and take in the beauty of Hudson County all at the same time. This is also a great choice for those looking to get outside without committing to a full-blown hike. We also highly recommend this as a great way to unwind after a stressful week.

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Visit the Hoboken Historical Museum | 1301 Hudson Street, Hoboken

hoboken staycation

Going to a museum is another luxury that we don’t always find time for in our everyday lives — especially in the city where we live. If it’s been a while since you visited this Hoboken museum — or if you’ve never gone before — this is worth the trip, and the end of daylight saving is the time to go. From Frank Sinatra to baseball and Hazel Bishop, Hoboken is full of rich history. After all, the Hoboken Historical Museum is packed with facts, stories, and exhibits. You can pick up walking tour maps of historic sites and points of interest if you want to do your own exploring around Hoboken afterward.

Visit Reclining Liberty

reclining liberty sculpture liberty state park

(Photo credit: @zaqlandsberg)

We’ve all heard so much about this awesome new(ish) statue at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. She arrived on our side of the Hudson in May of this year and is the product of Brooklyn-based artist Zaq Landsberg. Reclining Liberty has become a favorite visiting spot for both residents and visitors alike. So if you haven’t had a chance to see her, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the last bit of nice weather and gaze as this work of art.

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