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Cresthill Academy to Take Over McLoone’s Pier House in Hoboken

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A local daycare and preschool in Hoboken is prepping for a significant expansion that will double its current size. Cresthill Academy — an organic daycare and preschool located at 1330 Frank Sinatra Drive — has signed a 15-year lease at The Shipyard complex on Hoboken’s waterfront.

JLL, a commercial brokerage firm, confirmed the news, as reported by Globest. The 15-year lease is for an expanded location at 1300 Frank Sinatra Drive, next door to its current location, and solidifies another 7,096 square feet for Cresthill. Now known as the North Constitution Building, Cresthill’s expansion means a takeover of the now-vacant McLoone’s Pier House.

“The larger premises space will allow the organization to offer a wider variety of products and services, and the contiguous space made this expansionary project very convenient for both tenant and landlord,” said Blake Shanaphy of JLL. “Cresthill Academy is keeping the commercial-grade kitchen that was part of McLoone’s Boathouse, the restaurant that previously occupied the new space. The childcare provider plans to provide healthy, precooked prepared meals for busy parents and children.” Keep reading to learn more about Cresthill Academy taking over McLoone’s. 

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About McLoone’s

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You may remember that McLoone’s Pier House opened at 13th and Frank Sinatra Drive back in 2013. The waterfront, upscale dining space was located in The Shipyard complex in uptown Hoboken and marked McLoone’s 10th restaurant in its New Jersey franchise. However, the distinction was short-lived, as McLoone’s permanently closed by 2017 and has been vacant ever since.

For years, people have speculated that another restaurant would take its place. In a reddit thread about the Cresthill Academy announcement, many users expressed their surprise that a daycare center would be coming into the former restaurant space.

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About Cresthill Academy

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Speaking of babies, Cresthill Academy runs several programs for children of different ages: infant, toddler, primary programs, and enrichments. {Enrichment programs are for kids of all ages and connect students with dance, sports, gymnastics, music, and art coaches through local partnerships.}

It’s also different from other local daycare and preschool centers because it offers all organic meals, snacks, and drinks made in-house at Cresthill’s East Hanover location. Each meal and snack features fresh fruit and veggies and a side of low-sugar dry snacks, like pretzels, puffs, or crackers.

Nutrition is a big part of Cresthill’s ethos, as they believe young students who eat well perform their best. All meals are organic, natural, and low in processed sugar, which Cresthill says can coincide with an increase in attention span and a decrease in behavioral issues.

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But organic nutrition isn’t the only attribute that makes Cresthill unique. Cresthill also believes in early foreign language education, offering daily Mandarin, Chinese, Spanish, and American Sign Language education as early as infancy.

Cresthill also has a unique take on the process of cleaning its premises. Cleaned daily with chemical-free cleaning solutions, it’s not just their food that’s organic; Cresthill has also teamed up with Force of Nature and Sterile Space to bring organic cleaning products to the school. Totally non-toxic, Force of Nature cleaning solutions are proven to be 99.9% effective in killing Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, Influenza A, Salmonella, and Listeria.

In addition to the new 13-story space at 1300 Frank Sinatra Drive, Cresthill Academy also has one another location in Hoboken, as well as locations in East Hanover, Harrison, and Lyndhurst.

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