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Crafty Fox Studio: Children + Adult Art in Bayonne

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Living in small spaces in our area can be limiting when it comes to channeling your creativity through hobbies, and so often we have to search for them elsewhere. Located at 196 Broadway, Crafty Fox Studio is a place for people of all ages to find their creative outlet. This child- and adult-friendly art studio is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your kids, friends, or solo. “Our mission is to get people to tap into their creative process and hopefully find that arts and crafts are for everyone. It is a great way to unplug and recharge,” says Kristin Ann Knight. Read on to learn more about this local art studio that hosts a variety of classes.

How Crafty Fox Studio Came to Be

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The studio is owned and operated by a mother-daughter-duo, Kristin Ann Knight, and Jonina Nelson, who are both Bayonne residents. Prior to starting their own business, Kristin was a Social Studies teacher for high school and middle school, and Jonina worked in network computers.

The two never had formal education or experience in the arts, but have been active in the arts community for a long time.

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How does one go from teaching and working in network computers, to running an arts and crafts studio? Simple. “I left my teaching job after my first child was born. Jonina and I had always talked about opening a shop together, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so,” Kristin tells Hoboken Girl.

“Crafty Fox Studio started as a mobile studio called Moving Brush Strokes, and a year later in 2015, we opened our storefront,” says Kristin.

The Art Classes

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All the tools needed for each class are available at the studio, including brushes, pencils, sponges, tracing paper, and more. The staff is always there to guide and assist as little or as much as you’d like, making for an optimal experience at any level.

The studio has put a halt on open studio times, private parties, or in-studio classes, however, they hope to open as soon as possible. “We plan to offer studio classes and events in the future when we feel it is safe. Our studio is very small and we take this virus very seriously,” Kristin notes.

Typically, the studio offers the following classes: toddler storytime and craft, school-age and preschool classes, teenage classes in canvas and pottery, and kids classes in canvas and pottery. Twice a week there is also a group that meets for knitting and crochet. For adults, there are pottery and canvas classes available.

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{Photo credit: @craftyfoxstudio}

Pottery prices range from $4 {tiles} to $45 {large bowls and platters}, and the average bank or box is around $15 each, with no studio fee. During pottery classes, visitors can pick their preferred pottery items from the shelves of unfinished bisque. There are fun objects to choose from like gnomes, sea creatures, castles, animals, princesses, plates, cups, and more. The next step is to think of a design, and if you’re stumped for ideas, fret not, there are stencils, stamps, books, and more resources to inspire. From there, you choose your colors and paint away. When you’re finished, you leave your painted pottery item at the studio and they will glaze and fire it in the in-house kiln. The finished product will be available for pick-up ten days later.

Pre-pandemic, Crafty Fox Studio also hosted birthday parties. They offered a variety of arts and crafts options as well as packages to accommodate varying budgets. The parties are two hours long and the studio is open exclusively for the party. Part packages included ceramics painting for all ages, canvas painting {ages 8+}, board art painting {ages 6+}, and spa party {ages 10+}. The studio plans to reopen for private parties in the near future.

Adjusting to the times, the studio has added virtual classes and instructional videos for take-home projects, as well as take-home ceramics kits. The kits include a variety of ceramic objects to choose from in both a fired and non-fired option. For fired options, you can drop the painted object off at the studio and the staff will fire it in the kiln for you.

Summer Camp in Session

crafty fox studio bayonne

It’s not too late to enroll your children in the summer camps. There are two summer camp options and three more sessions still available for each camp, with the last week of virtual class beginning on August 17th. 

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The first summer camp program is Kinder Camp {ages 4-5} and available virtually. The second summer camp program is called School Age Camp {ages 6+}, and it’s available for in-person classes or virtually as well. The last three class themes are called Time Travel, Out of This World, and The World is Your Canvas.

What Makes Crafty Fox Studio Special

As Kristin puts it, “Crafty Fox Studio is a place where people of all ages can explore their natural creative instincts. One of the things we tell people is that historically, once humans established shelter and a stable food source, the next thing they did was create by drawing on walls. It is part of our nature to create and at Crafty Fox Studio we pride ourselves on empowering people to find the creativity inside of them.”



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