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25 Easy Ways To Get Crafty At Home

by Hoboken Girl Team
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It’s a month into self-isolation, and if you haven’t started on a new project — don’t worry, neither have we. But lucky for all of us, local sewing expert Megan Avery is here to share her skills and some fun ways to get in touch with your crafty side. Megan teaches sewing to kids and adults in her Sewing Studio M Avery Designs in Hoboken. Since we can’t get together to sew at the present time, she put together a list of 25 Ways to Get Crafty at Home. These projects use minimal tools that you can hopefully find in your home. Have fun, and if you end up posting your finished projects, be sure to tag @maverydesigns or use the hashtag #hobokensews. Check these 25 ways to get crafty below:


Hand Sew a Felt Vintage Camper

25 Diy Crafts At Home-0

We can’t go camping, but we can sew a vintage camper at home. No previous sewing skills required. All you need is a needle, thread, felt & stuffing {cotton balls work great}. And if you like this one, Megan Averywill be going LIVE weekdays at 4:30pm EST with a new at home sewing lesson. Click here to learn how.

Create Your Own Rainbow Wall Hanging from Rope & Yarn

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25 Diy Crafts At Home-1

We could all use a pick me up lately. This beautiful wall hanging can be made with rope and yarn and will make any indoor quarantine space more beautiful. Learn how to make one here.

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Make Your Own Felt Frida Flower Crown

25 Diy Crafts At Home-2

Bring the garden inside with this easy flower crown craft. We can’t be the only one wondering what would Frida do in this situation? Click here to make your own.

Learn to Weave on a Paper Plate

25 Diy Crafts At Home Plate

If you have a stash of colorful yarn at home try your hand at weaving. It’s fast, fun, and if you have some paper plates tucked away, you’ve got your loom. Get instructions here.

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DIY No-Sew Recycled Denim Dog Toys

25 Diy Crafts At Home-3

If you’re feeling grateful to have your pooch at home with you while stuck inside try this  easy craft to show gratitude. Everyone has a pair of jeans they don’t wear anymore. That’s all you need for this project. Click here to make your own.

Hem Your Pants Yourself Without a Sewing Machine

25 Diy Crafts At Home-4

If you can’t take your pants to the tailor, try hemming them yourself. It’s honestly easier than you think! All you need is a needle and thread, both of which they sell at the grocery store. Click here to learn how.

Weave a Bracelet Using Drinking Straws and Yarn

25 Diy Crafts At Home-5

What did you do with the  stash of drinking straws your delivery place still insists on sending with your orders? Use them for good and make some colorful yarn bracelets. It’s easier and cuter than you think. Click here for instructions.

Mini Origami Photo Album

25 Diy Crafts At Home-6

We’ve all got those photos on our phone that we’d love to print. But then what do we do with them? This craft is adorable, easy to make and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Click here to make your own.

Learn how to Thread Your Sewing Machine

25 Diy Crafts At Home-7

You ordered that sewing machine from Amazon after the last episode of Project Runway. Now it’s time to take it out of the box and finally learn how to use it. Click here to learn how to use it.

All Natural (Fruit Flavored) Bath Bombs

25 Diy Crafts At Home-8

Stress levels are high, so how about taking a bath to relax?  Here is a recipe for making all natural bath bombs. 

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Turn Your Plain T-shirts into Works of Art

25 Diy Crafts At Home-9

Turning your plain t-shirt into a work of art is easy with an embroidery hoop, some floss, and a needle. The design options are endless. Click here for instructions.

Macrame Yarn Garland

25 Diy Crafts At Home-11

We love this macrame project because it doesn’t use any special macrame cord. Just yarn that you probably have around the house. And it’s the perfect way to spruce up the apartment. Click here to make your own.

Accordion Photo Box

25 Diy Crafts At Home-12

Now you’ve got the time you always wish you had to organize your photos. While you’re doing that, highlight the best shots with this easy to make keepsake. Click here to learn how.

Replace All Your Missing Buttons Yourself

25 Diy Crafts At Home-13

We’ve all got that pile of clothing that needs the buttons sewn back on. Now you’ve got time! Click here for a tutorial that takes you step by step through properly sewing them back on.

Mend the Holes in Your Socks

25 Diy Crafts At Home-14

Instead of ordering new socks, just repair the ones you have. Fixing small holes in your socks is easier than you think, especially after you watch this video.

Hand Stitched Greeting Card

25 Diy Crafts At Home-15

We can’t give people a hug, but we can send  mail that might make them smile. This tutorial breaks the simple steps to make a truly unique greeting card anyone would be happy to receive. Click here to watch.

DIY God’s Eyes

25 Diy Crafts At Home-16

This retro craft is super groovy and easy to do. All you need is yarn or string and some chopsticks from your latest delivery meal. Click here to make your own.

Design Your Own Fabric + Make Pillows

25 Diy Crafts At Home-17

Have you been meaning to order some pillows to match your couch, but never really find exactly what you’re looking for? Spoonflower prints your fabric designs on demand and then they will make home decor items like pillows and curtains from it. Click here to learn more.

Learn to Knit With Your Fingers

25 Diy Crafts At Home-18

It doesn’t get much more chill than learning how to knit with only your fingers. It’s a very calming activity and all you need is some pretty yarn. Click here for instructions.

Use Finger Knitting to Weave a Rug with a Hula Hoop

25 Diy Crafts At Home-19

Then once you’ve mastered finger knitting, take it one step further to knit a little round rug with your finger knittings. Click here to make your own.

Unicorn Dreamcatchers

25 Diy Crafts At Home-20

All little girls {and big girls} need a unicorn dream catcher. If you’ve got something to use for the ring, you can pretty much use whatever else you have on hand to make the dream catcher. Get creative. Click here to make your own.

Turn Your TV Tray into a Cat Teepee

25 Diy Crafts At Home-21

This one requires a few more tools, but we couldn’t resist adding it to the list as it’s just so dang cute! And we have a feeling the kitties are going to love it. Click here to see how to make it.

Make Your Own Playdough Soap

25 Diy Crafts At Home-22

No matter what age you are, this stuff makes bath time more fun, for sure. Click here to make your own.https://parentingchaos.com/diy-playdough-soap-recipe/

Paint with Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol

25 Diy Crafts At Home-23

Create a masterpiece with things around the house, no fancy paints required. This tutorial shows you how to use sharpies and rubbing alcohol to create cool watercolor-like paintings. Even if you have no artistic ability, no one will know with this craft. Watch the tutorial here.

DIY Mexican Fiesta Banners

25 Diy Crafts At Home-24

These banners are everywhere in Mexico and we love them so much. Click here for easy tutorial you can use to make your own. Use tissue paper, constructor paper or even fabric.


Have you made any DIY crafts while social distancing at home? Let us know! Tag us on Insta @HobokenGirlBlog or #HobokenGirl!


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