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Local Farms and Butcher Shops Delivering Fresh Produce

by Corinne Batsides
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Since social distancing measures are in full effect, many of us are wondering a few things — how we can continue to support our local businesses from afar and how we can continue to eat healthy when those quarantine snacks in the pantry look so tempting. Rest assured, there are ways to do both of those things, right from the comfort of your home — enter local farms.

Grabbing some fresh produce + meat from local farms and butcher shops {online that is} is a great way to shop local, offer some support to small business owners, and eat fresh, nutrient-packed meals. Even during this pandemic, many of these businesses are still offering delivery and pick up so you can continue to eat well + enjoy locally sourced food right at your kitchen table {or bed, no judgment here}. 

So, while you work on staying healthy + staying home — support your local farms and butchers by ordering your next grocery list from one of these companies {which deliver directly to Hoboken + Jersey City}.

Disclaimer: Delivery times and options may vary — please call each place directly to confirm when ordering.

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For Local Produce


AeroFarms is a global operation of indoor, vertical farms, with headquarters based in Newark, NJ. They operate environmentally responsible farms throughout the world to enable local production in each location and nourish each community with safe, nutritious, and delicious food. Their Dream Greens line of produce are smartly nourished veggies that you can trust — and will love. Order from Aero Farms on Fresh Direct or Amazon Fresh


Bone-In is a weekly food delivery service with an emphasis on wellness education. Bone-In’s founder, Ron Mirante, started the company to raise awareness about where people’s food is sourced from, after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease brought on by the pesticides and chemicals that litter our foods in modern, industrial farming. His company provides sustainable + nutritious farm-to-door delivery of meats, produce, provisions, and prepared foods brought directly to customers all around New Jersey. Their whole foods and grass-fed + finished meats are sourced only from local regenerative + sustainable farmers. Place your order here.

Bowery Farming 

Bowery Farming is committed to growing the purest produce possible, using zero pesticides and non-GMO seeds for customers to enjoy. They have revolutionized modern farming with indoor conditions, while precisely caring for each crop without any pesticides. Plus, the farm distributes its greens locally + controls the entire process from seed to store, meaning that there’s no question as to where exactly your food has come from. Bowery Farm produce can be purchased for delivery through PeaPod services here.

Farm Box Direct

Founder + CEO Ashley Tyrner understands that working moms don’t always have time for a weekly trip to the farmers market to pick up fresh + local produce. So to make the process a bit easier, Ashley personally picks every farm and vendor that Farm Box Direct partners with — and delivers it to your doorstep. Enjoy only the freshest produce, locally sourced. Ordering from Farm Box Direct feels like getting the farmers market delivered to your home. Place your order here

Ginger Fresh

This Indian farmers market allows customers to get their entire grocery list delivered to their door. Get everything from frozen goods to fresh fruits and veggies. Ginger fresh delivers all over Northern New Jersey and Manhattan. Click here to place your order.

Gotham Greens {Farms Located Nationally}

Gotham Greens is a fresh food farming company, building + operating sustainable greenhouses in cities across America and growing a year-round supply of local produce. Local cultivation and regional distribution allow products to be quickly shipped after being harvested to ensure they are fresh tasting, nutritionally dense, and long-lasting. Gotham Greens is able to consistently + locally cultivate by reimagining where and how food is grown — indoors with climate regulation. Buy through a delivery service here.

Harvest Drop

Harvest Drop is a  foodservice distributor offering 100% local foods delivered to restaurants and homes. Get anything from local apple butter to fresh kale to whole chicken in one stop. Harvest Drop partners with farms across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and delivers them directly to you — no warehouse, no inventory — to ensure your food is as fresh as possible. Order here.

Illuminate Food

Illuminate Food curates boxes with fresh produce from locals farms. The box includes around 6-8 seasonal veggies and fruit, milk, eggs, yogurt or cheese, 1-2 specialty goods, and fresh bread from Liv Breads in Millburn.    The box is modeled after a CSA in that all of the boxes are the same to support local farms by buying what they grow and learning how to cook with what we have. There are customized recipes each week and there is a Facebook group to share recipes and tips with other subscribers. Order here.

Jacob’s Village Farm Corp {New York, New York}

Jacob’s Village Farm offers integrity and honesty while always making sure customers are always satisfied. Jacob’s Village Farms refrigerated fleet of 10+ helps get food to customers quickly throughout the Tri-State area. Founder, Jacob Yosofov, started out in wholesale in Brooklyn and worked his way towards having a company of growers, importers, shippers, and packers throughout the east coast and farms around the globe. Click here to order

Stony Hill Farms {15 North Road, Chester, NJ}

Stony Farms is a northern New Jersey farm offering a broad catalog of products including produce, meat, and home cooked-baked goods, + plants. Stony Hill is currently offering curbside pickup only on select farm market items Monday through Saturday 10:30AM-5:00PM as a convenience to customers. All bakery items are made to order — it’s recommended you order before 10:00AM if you would like a same-day pick-up. Order here

For Local Butchers

Debragga {65-77 Amity Street, Jersey City}

This legendary New York specialty butcher ships fresh meat overnight to your door. Debragga delivers so you can have butcher quality meat from the comfort of your home. They even offer an Eat Well From Home Kit, filled with some of their finest meats for you to make at home to your preference. Order here.

Faicco’s {260 Bleecker Street, New York}

Faicco’s is an enduring Italian market located right over the river in Manhattan. They make their sausages + sauces in-house and offer meats, cheeses, oils, and more. They specialize in the finest Italian heroes that you can get delivered to your door, as well. Place your order here

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Honest Chops {319 East 9th Street, New York}

Honest Chops operates as both a butcher and a restaurant, at two separate locations. If the burgers at their restaurant are telling of the meat in their butcher shop, it’s more than worth a try. Honest Chops promises customers that all animals that enter Honest Chops Farms are ethically raised — so no steroids, growth hormones, arsenic, or antibiotics, ever — making their meat fresh and nutritious. Order here.

Hudson + Charles {524 Hudson Street, New York + 555 Amsterdam Avenue, New York}

Think local, sustainable, and grass-fed. Hudson + Charles Farms is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products, with complete honesty and transparency. Their beef is independently certified by the AWA, making it Animal Welfare approved. When you shop here, you can rest assured you know where your food is coming from. Place an order here.

Moloney’s Meat Market {627 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

Moloney’s Meat Market is a family-owned business in Hudson County, offering nothing but the highest grade choice cuts. The family has been passing the torch for generations since 1875. Through the years, customers have admired Moloney’s personal attention to fulfilling their needs when it comes to their delicious fresh-cut meats. Check out the menu here then call 201-653-1764 to place an order.

Simchick + Co. {988 1st Avenue, New York}

This neighborhood butcher has top quality meats and poultry, offering friendly, personalized service for over 20 years in Manhattan. Since they started up shop on 1st ave in 1992, they have sought to show their customers the difference that top quality meat makes in the taste of every meal. They are dedicated to providing both the finest locally sourced meats and prepared foods, delivering to Hoboken + Jersey City, as well. Call 212-888-2299 to order. 

Paisanos Butcher Shop {162 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY

Family owned and operated, Paisanos Butcher Shop is Brooklyn’s premier butcher offering an amazing selection of wholesale and retail meats along with many other delicious food products. The shop also features organic and natural grass-fed beef that has not been artificially and intentionally fattened on corn. Get delivery through Mercato to Jersey City + Hoboken. Order here

Pampita Meat Shop {393 Central Avenue, Jersey City}

Pampita Meat Shop offers prime and quality meats. The idea for Pampita meat shop stems from its Argentinian roots, where meat is cut differently from American beef. Customers nostalgic for that traditional Argentinian cut, or those looking to try something new, can get American or traditional Argentinian cuts here from their Argentinian Master Butcher, Martin. Check out what the shop offers here and call 201-656-5555 or email pampita@pampitameatshop.com to place an order.

Schatzie The Butcher {2665 Broadway, Between 101 Street and 102 Street, New York}

Enjoy the best of Manhattan meat in your home, thanks to Schatzie the Butcher’s delivery service. Schatzie offers everything from USDA prime beef to Colorado lamb to free-range poultry, and from a place you can trust. This butcher shop is a family business, with roots dating back to 1800s Germany, and making their way all the way to the Bronx. Order here.

The Kosher Market Place {244 Broadway, New York}

This is New York City’s finest kosher food emporium, offering fresh, kosher meats and bakery products. They also deliver cooked food for your family dinners and catering for your special events. Place an order here.

The Meat Hook {397 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn}

The Meat Hook is a whole animal butcher shop in Brooklyn, offering 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, raised in New York state without any hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or other medications. Their meat travels directly from their farm to their family-owned slaughterhouse in order to eliminate any middle man and guarantee the highest quality, local meat. Order here.

All these vendors pride themselves on their locally sourced, fresh foods. Even if there wasn’t a pandemic keeping you at home, these services should be at the top of your to try list. Get healthier than ever now with farm-fresh food you can trust.

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t liven up your meals and pantry with the fresh foods these local vendors have to offer, delivered to the comfort and safety of your home.


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