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‘Health Can Change Within Hours:’ A COVID-19 Patient Shares Their Story

by Hoboken Girl Team
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With each passing day, more and more COVID-19 cases are coming to light. Of course, with this comes a  slew of questions — like what are the symptoms, how severe are they, what is the recovery process, and a  whole lot more. One local resident who tested positive for COVID-19, however, is stepping in to share their story and what the experience with the virus is like. The individual, in their 20s. Here is their story.

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Disclaimer: This is one person living locally who had a specific experience with COVID-19. This is meant to be informative only and not a medical opinion or advice by any means, as the severity varies from person to person. All should be practicing social distancing at this time. If you or a loved one are experiencing any symptoms, especially shortness of breath, cough, and fever, please contact your primary physician and call the hotline numbers listed here.

Where do you live?

Jersey City.

What do you do for work?

A store in Hoboken.

When did you first feel symptoms?

I did not have any! Completely a-symptomatic I started developing a cough after I received my results {but still unsure if they are just from my allergies/asthma}.

When did you decide to take a test? What made you decide?

I chose to get tested on Thursday, April 2nd, because my grandfather was in ICU fighting pneumonia and COVID. After the nerve-wracking experience of having to bring him there, I wanted to settle my nerves and have peace of mind.

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How do you think you contracted COVID19?

We are still trying to pinpoint who caught it first and contracted/transmitted — but after his passing, we chose to let it go and just live day by day. Blaming and pointing fingers is not the way to go.

Did you have any difficulty getting tested?

To be completely transparent, I was surprised how issue free it was. I am unsure if it was easier for me because my grandfather was already admitted to the hospital. As I know it is extremely difficult without having any symptoms at the testing centers. I expressed my concerns with the extremely helpful staff — within 15 minutes after our call, I was on my way to the curbside testing. This process took about 30 minutes.

They take vitals {i.e temperature, BP, and pulse} and then they do the COVID swab, which is quite similar to a flu test. It definitely is an uncomfortable feeling but it was quick. The nurses are agile about it.

When did you test positive? How long did it take for results?

I was called on Saturday afternoon — two days after I was tested. Only a couple hours before my grandfather lost his fight.

Did you need to go to a doctor or hospital? Where did you go?

I visited Hackensack Meridian Urgent Care. It is down where I grew up in the Jersey Shore area.

What have you been doing to recover? Are you home?

I am currently still recovering — I have about 10 more days to go. As you have to quarantine for 14 days, then three more of symptom-free days before I get retested. I am not in my own home, no. I am in my childhood home in Point Pleasant. I will most likely have to move home and commute into Hoboken. I am trying best to get fresh air, practice yoga, and hydrate.

What medications are you taking?

I was prescribed HCQ, Z-Pac, and Albuterol inhaler.

Are you still experiencing symptoms? How long have you been quarantining for?

I still so far am completely symptom-free but have to take it literally day by day because health can change within hours. I monitor my temp every couple of hours. We watched that first hand but I am staying positive and in high hopes. It’s best to not let the fear get the best of you. We have been quarantining since March 31st {when my grandpa went into hospital}, we chose to add those extra four days prior to my results into a longer isolation period for our own and others’ safety. I do need to wear a mask as a precaution from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. A precaution we chose to take to keep my extremely healthy grandmother safe. A couple of amazing people from our community donated handmade masks for us, as I run out quickly.

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Before you found out you were positive, did you go anywhere locally?

Yes, two places. The day before we had to rush my grandfather to the hospital, I went on a walk to a local reservoir. Other than that, we have chosen to stay at home unless it is an emergency grocery store run. The other place was the hospital on March 31st.

What have doctors told you since you have to quarantine? Is there a timeline? Will you need to get tested again to leave your house?

In all honesty, I have not received any updates and/or timeline. Which is mildly concerning. I have been doing a lot of personal research within scholarly articles or ones from reputable resources,  as a lot of articles are extremely false/manipulated.

How do you feel the government is handling the epidemic?

It is pathetic how late we chose to respond causing hospitals to be extremely unprepared. I could go on about this but I feel as if everyone feels the same way. God bless essential workers — as I can promise first hand, they are exhausted and overworked.

Do you have any advice for someone who thinks they’re positive?

I have two responses for this:

  • – If you are showing minor symptoms, stay home and self-quarantine. Unless you cannot breathe on your own, the hospitals are hitting capacity and frankly are cess-pools.
  • – If you have a testing center that is accessible to you, go for it! The process of the test sucks but it is quick.

Is there anything else you can share to help ease our readers’ minds or inform them of at this scary time?

Stay positive, if something does sit well with you don’t let it. Shut your phone off it you must. Please, positivity is what will help the most. Take a breath, meditate if you must. We are running to fear and hugging it as if it is our mother. We are choosing fear over hope. Choose hope! Pray for the families that have to go through this on their own, as we cannot have a funeral or even visit the hospital. It is extremely traumatic. Pray for the workers, who are fighting back tears and exhaustion. Just pray. We are in this together and this will only unite us.

Do you have a COVID-19 experience to share? Email us at hello@hobokengirl.com.


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