Cold Weather & Hot Accessories: The Ultimate {Hoboken} Winter Style Guide

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No matter the weather, we know that our Hoboken girls are always on the search for the best finds around our little city! This snowy season, we are sharing our new round of “must-haves” as the chilliness of winter takes over the {everchanging} necessities of our wardrobe. Here are a few things you can buy around town to sport chic winter style:

1. Ear Gear


{headwrap at Townhouse}

REAL TALK: can somebody explain how people survive these treacherous winters without covering their ears?! It’s hard to make it five steps outside of the apartment without wanting to run back inside and wrap yourself in mounds of throw blankets {which you can find at Luna Rosa or Washington General Store, fyi}.

Finding a stylish headpiece — whether it be a hat or just some cute ‘muffs — is the easy part {especially with the help of our new boutique find Alba in town}! Our go-to fave, Townhouse has some gorgeous head wraps —and it’s always buy one get one 50% off which is a steal!}, so the only hard part is choosing which will be your go-to of the season! Winter may only be three months long, but your rotation of hair-wear will not be lacking with the amount of adorbs accessories around town.

2. Festive {Faux} Furs

Besides your traditional {and cozy} down coat, we advise owning a fun and festive faux fur. Whether it be a long sleeve jacket from Anthology – located on 7th & Washington, a casual vest to complete your layered look, or a hat with a faux fur pouf, atypical colored {faux} furs are all the rage this season! Uniquely colored furs are number one on our must-have accessories for the winter season!


{hat + gloves at Alba with a little faux fur thrown in}

3. Statement Necklaces

This was a fad we thought would come and go, but statement necklaces have YET to go out of style {and you can never have enough}! But, you ask, “how is this a winter must-have”? Here’s the deal: every bulky sweater is in need of a statement piece.

Big necklaces and bangles really pull together a look – especially when you want to throw on your favorite leggings with a long sweater for an easy weekend brunch look, because c’mon, who really wants to {actually} get dressed in the wintertime…

style guide aaraa

{some our favorite big bling at Aaraa Accessories}

4. Scarves For Every Occasion

There seems to be a similar trend of loving a good ol’ scarf collection among our stylish Hoboken ladies {as mentioned in our Hoboken {Street} Style series here and here}. We hope you stocked your closet full of blanket scarves after reading our fall style guide, but if not, have no fear, our boutiques in town have you conveniently covered.

A few of our favorite scarf collections in mile square:



{baskets at dear hannah // hanging at Anthology}

5. Candles

Okay, we know, you can’t WEAR a candle — but, when you’re locked inside your house in the middle of a blizzard {aka last weekend}, you wouldn’t want to be without! Candles can really help beat cabin-fever {or at least smell nice!}, and besides the unparalleled-candle mecca, Anthropologie, you can find a few scented candles at dear hannah and Washington General Store.


If you’re still struggling to perfect the boots and jeans combo, then you MUST check out Peper and Parlor on 10th & Washington Street. Their one-stop-shop display of jeans and boots near the entryway is just too chic.


Last but not least, Mint Market has some adorable layering pieces that are essential for that everyday winter style.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 9.05.38 AM

{Editor’s note: bought the sweater on the left in dark grey – it’s soooo cozy!}

Now get comfortable, because winter may have officially started on December 21st, but we still have plenty of snowy-goodness ahead! Grab your hot cocoa {at the new bwè kafe sister location}, and we hope to see you shopping {locally} for these winter must-haves on the Hoboken streets!

What’s your favorite place for winter style essentials?

Until Next Season!

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Genna moved to Hoboken upon graduating from the University of Tennessee to start her Marketing career at HGTV, and is most currently at The Knot in downtown Manhattan. To Genna, there's nothing better than cheering on UT football, soaking in warm sunny weather on her balcony, and watching starry-skied movies on Pier 13. You may have spotted Genna as a customer associate at Anthropologie ...that is, when she's not doing Hot Yoga or punching bags at CKO! Most days, you can find Genna circling the Mile Square on an early morning run or attempting to justify her shopping habits along Washington Street.

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