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The Best Chiropractors in Hoboken

by Alyssa Kelly
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Before you go to a new restaurant, odds are that you’ll check out the Yelp and Google reviews for the venue. For Hoboken, the Hoboken Girl Facebook Insiders Group has all of the need-to-know info about the everyday facets of Hoboken life. Whether you’re a freshly minted Hobokenite looking for the best vegan grocery store, or a lifelong local who is on the hunt for the best place to find a baby shower gift — the HG Insiders have all the answers you’re looking for. Join the group here and add your own expertise. In the meantime, check out this Facebook-approved list of Hoboken chiropractors to visit:

“Chiropractor newbie here and I desperately need one. Best one in Hoboken? (Hoboken only please!)” — Briana Fischetto

Hudson Family Chiropractic and Physical Therapy {51 Newark Street}

John Rotundo at Hudson Family Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Nicole Rocanello

Whatever your ailment may be, visit the team at Hudson Family Chiropractic for your healing. Dr. John Rotundo and six other members of the team work to aid patients in chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture treatments, and more. The team also specializes in treating patients on the basis of each patient’s ailment or condition, rather than using a universal treatment method.

Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness {50 Harrison Street}

Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness”  — Lilli Bunales

Snap Fitness JC
JK Therapy

Dr. Laura T. Brayton {founder + chief doctor} and her team are trained in chiropractic treatment and nutrition + maternity wellness. Mothers-to-be can stop by for a safe and satisfying spinal adjustment to help mommy and the baby. Other services include muscle treatment, allergy elimination, cranial chiropractic treatments {to aid in migraines + beyond}, and more.

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Zap Fitness

The Joint Chiropractic {325 Washington Street}

Big fan of Dr. Bowers at The Joint” — Liana Purvis

The Joint’s less than traditional no-appointment policy allows for the free-flowing of patients throughout the day. Founded in 1999 + re-founded in 2010 with 425 chiropractic clinics nationwide, The Joint aims to improve patients’ quality of life via chiropractic care. Stop in on your lunch break if your back needs a break from hunching over all day.

Power Health + Wellness {130 Washington Street and 59 Newark Street}

I go to Dr. Vito @ Power Health & Wellness inside Retro Fitness (they also have a location inside NYSC downtown) – you get a massage with your visit as well ” — Allison Reiter Amodio

Power Health & Wellness has two Hoboken locations—one in NYSC and one in Retro Fitness. Both locations of Power Health & Wellness offer chiropractic and massage services for all patients.

Hudson Sport and Spine {70 Hudson Street}

Hudson Sport & Spine” — Olivia Lee

Hudson Sport and Spine is a downtown facility that specializes in physical rehabilitation through chiropractic treatments and more. Other services to choose from include acupuncture, massage therapy, spinal decompression, and more.

Frio Chiropractic {1321 Washington Street}

I go to Frio Chiropractic and love it! Somewhat odd hours though just an FYI”  — Shannon McConnell

With offices in Hoboken + West Orange, Frio Chiropractic helps patients relax so they can receive the best chiropractic care for their body. Beyond spinal correction services, Frio also offers corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy.

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Hoboken Integrated Healthcare {90 Hudson Street}

Hoboken Integrated Healthcare is open to customers in need of chiropractic care and physical therapy.

If you think you have an abundance of Hoboken knowledge to bestow onto others, join the HG Insiders Facebook group. If you’re looking for information about the neighborhood and maybe don’t know where to look, ask your own questions and make some new friends along the way.

Spine and Sports Health Center {720 Monroe Street, Suite C208}

This medical practice — specializing in spine + joint pain relief — currently has doctors doing telehealth and in-person visits, and will be opening up physical therapy and chiropractic appointments in June.

Have a chiropractor that you want to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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