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Prenatal Massages at Hoboken Women’s Wellness

by Erin
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Aches and pains are a normal part of pregnancy, especially the further along you get. Combine those with exhaustion, mood swings, and maybe even a little pre-baby stress or anxiety, and it can make for a desperate need for TLC.

While there are many spas and massage studios throughout Hoboken, we’ve heard some amazing things about Hoboken Women’s Wellness, so our HG contributor {and mama-to-be}, Erin, tried it out for the first time at about 28 weeks pregnant. Read on for a peek inside her visit from her POV:

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First Things First

Checking out the wide array of services they offer online, it was pretty easy to book the first appointment and to prepay. Mamas can select their preference for therapist too, and all therapists have bios and credentials on the website which made for easy decision-making. They had great availability as well with lots of flexibility in times of day.

Location + Convenience

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If your face is stuck in your phone as you walk on the reg, you might just miss this cozy little studio located at 204 2nd street, nestled in the middle of the block.

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For drivers, parking might be a bit of an issue in the sometimes congested downtown area {but, it’s Hoboken after all}. Probably better off Uber-ing, or walking there instead.

Amenities + Ambiance

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Golden Door Dispensary

Upon walking in, you’ll enter a small-yet-serene waiting area with a check-in desk and restroom. There’s also a small boutique of curated offerings including essential oils and other natural remedies.

Two massage rooms are located to the left, and both are spacious and cozy with dimmable lights and calming spa-inspired music. A robe was provided for after undressing but before the start of the massage, which was much appreciated.

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The Massage

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New clients fill out intake forms on an iPad, which are then reviewed by the therapist. When it was go time, the therapist talked about the issues that were recorded {hip and lower back pain, tension, and anxiety} and about the pregnancy so far in general.

Client comfort was stressed throughout the entire experience, by massage therapist Kesia, and when it came time to assume a position on the table it was no different. Hoboken Women’s Wellness offers unique props and cushions so that moms-to-be can lay face down, and even though it’s perfectly safe and the therapists are quite experienced, I opted to lay on my side.

*It’s important to note that being able to lay face down is a hot commodity and even the OBGYN said it’s fine in facilities that are trained. Many, if not most, pregnant women welcome the opportunity. Please consult your doctor before doing so.

Keisa was incredibly in-tune with the specific needs during the session, taking special care and time to spend working on the biggest concerns — tight hips and lower back pain. Having gone to physical therapy for the same issues during pregnancy, Keisa was spot on with the points that needed a bit of extra TLC, and even took some time to explain the rhyme and reasoning for some pregnancy-specific aches and pains.

It was easy to thoroughly relax the entire time, with lots of pillows and cushions supporting the areas that need it most. Keisa was friendly and professional, striking the perfect balance between talking and relaxing.


The 60-minute massage session cost $120 + tax, though Hoboken Women’s Wellness offers a wide range of prenatal massage services ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes at $60-$170 plus tax. Clients can opt to add essential oils to their therapies, as well as fun spa add-ons like peppermint foot treatments and mini-facials, too.

With a ton of other services on their menu including infant massages, massage instruction, acupuncture, belly casting and therapeutic massage (for males too!) the prices are comparable with similar services and providers throughout Hoboken. For committed clients, they also offer discounted bundle pricing on massage packages- a great gift option or self-care investment.

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Overall Experience

Overall, I really wish I knew about this place about 28 weeks ago. I left feeling soothed, relaxed and with a truly decreased amount of muscle tension and pain. Keisa provided a nurturing and reassuring environment, always stressing that comfort was the #1 goal and answering any and all questions that came up {and there were a lot}. Already looking forward to the next massage and in fact, have already been back for one more since my first visit. In weeks to come, I might even take them up on their labor-induction massage service {we’ll keep you posted on that!}.

Have you gotten a prenatal massage? If so, where? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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