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The 3rd Hoboken Charritos is Open! {And Here’s Why We’re Excited}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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The 3rd Charritos in Hoboken is OPEN! Yayayayyayyyyy. And if you’ve ever been to Charritos in Hoboken or Weehawken, then you know the Mexican goodness that takes place at this delicious spot{s} on the reg. Truth be told, even Hoboken residents who move out of Hoboken come back to visit with requests of heading to one of the restaurant’s locations, just because if you’ve had it once you really can’t have it enough — it’s that good. So when we shared this morning that the third Hoboken Charritos was open today, we knew we HAD to take a little deep-dive into why we’re excited {even though many have said three locations is slightly excessive} about the third location’s opening {518 Washington Street}. Here goes:



More Guac-ortunities.

Sorry we’re punny, but avocados = life. Charritos avocados turned into amazing guac right in front of your eyes = HEAVEN. Really, there’s no competition for the guac situation, so the more avocados and bowls of guac in the mile square, the better. Please and thank you.

BYO-Sangria and Margaritas


Yes, you can bring tequila and cabernet to Charritos, and yes they will make you a pitcher of margaritas and sangria that will knock your socks off. Complete with insta-worthy glass cups, obviously.

Gluten-Free Options


While many Hoboken restaurants are starting to offer GF options, Charritos has been doing so {albeit unknowingly} for years.  Tostaditas and mild guacamole = gluten free, y’alll.  Add an order of enchiladas vegetables, made from corn tortillas and stuffed with a mix of sautéed vegetables — mushrooms, broccoli, onions and peppers) and topped with ranchera sauce — and you’ll be stuffed and happy. There are several other gluten-free options just by nature of their ingredients, which is great for those with Celiac’s or with a New Year’s resolution to stay away from wheat.

Colorful Ambience, x3.


It’s pretty hard to walk into Charritos and not feel a little happy. Besides the fact that you’re about to gorge yourself on chips and dip, it’s a pretty impressive space packed into a few square feet. Take your guests here, and guaranteed they’ll be requesting a second visit upon their return.

Less Wait Time.


Last but DEFINITELY not least, as veteran Charritos-goers know — Charritos both uptown and downtown spaces are tiiiiny, so that usually means a long wait. We’ve all been there, coming with our tequila and wine and being told “an hour wait” only to sit on the bench {or street…#noshame} and not wait for them to even mix the sangria. But now, with a third location, it’s a surefire way {mathematically speaking} that you’ll have a shorter wait time {one can pray}.

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So here’s to you, Charritos! Fiesta x 3 in Hoboken — and we’re excited. See you later 😉 

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