The Best Spots for Avocado Toast {in Hoboken}

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It’s the toasted craze that has swept the world {and Instagram}, and it’s popular for a {good} reason. Avocado Toast: smashed avocado, toast, + anything else your heart desires. First — a few facts about an avocado — it’s filled with iron, potassium, vitamin K, and so many other nutrients, AND it’s a fruit that’s filled with GOOD fats.

avocado toast

We thought it would be fun to round up our favorite spots for some toast + the best green fruit ever. Here are a few spots in the Mile Square to enjoy some avocado toast.

Tony Boloney’s {263 1st Street}


The only thing that competes for our love of avocado toast is our undying affection for a really tasty slice, but luckily you don’t have to choose between the two anymore. Indeed, Tony Boloney’s, famous for its insanely crazy pizzas {we’re lookin’ at you, taco pizza} has done it again with the avocado pizza, topped with fried eggs. Can you say foodgasm?!

Cost: $17.50 for a small pie; $30 for large

Gluten-Free Toast Available? Yes

Black Rail Coffee {9th and Jackson}

avocado toast black rail coffee

This off-the-beaten path spot {right by the 9th Street Light Rail stop} has delicious avocado toast concoctions that are sure to satisfy any avo-lover. You can opt for plain avocado toast {above} which really is anything but — it has olive oil, red pepper flakes, and of course avocado toast. Add-ons that create a different flavor include smoked salmon and feta {try them together or separate}. SO delicious… and they have free wifi!

Cost: $8.50
Gluten-Free Toast Available? No
Toast Add-Ons: Smoked Salmon, Fetta Cheese

Choc O Pain {157 1st Street}

Choc o pain avocado toast

For an even healthier take on the already super healthy avocado toast, Choc O Pain has your top option. Made with the owner’s special recipe, this early morn or afternoon dish will 100% fill you up and keep you full and happy for the rest of the day.

Cost: $7.50-$10.oo
Gluten-Free Toast Available? No
Toast Add-Ons: Boiled Egg, Salad

Sunnyside Cafe and Eatery {79 Hudson Street}


The newest downtown spot is going to become your new fave on your way to the PATH station. With a healthy and tasty menu, you’ll want to check out its comprehensive menu of coffee drinks, avocado toast with feta, lemon, heirloom tomatoes, seeds, and mint, eggs benny, and acai bowls. They even offer gluten free and vegan options for the bread and every kind of milk alternative you could ever dream up. There’s really nothing you can’t get here to satisfy your a.m. cravings.

Cost: $10

Gluten-Free Toast Available? Yes

Toast Add-Ons: Can opt for a salad instead of toast

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La Bouche {103 Garden Street}



If you think you’re a spice-lover, get ready to meet your match at La Bouche. Aside from the traditional poached eggs  and avocado, this hot little thing comes with an extra kick thanks to its jalapeño salsa. Do you dare try it? We think yes. Pro tip: if you’re not feelin’ the heat, you can sub for hollandaise.

Cost: $11
Gluten-Free Toast Available? No
Toast Add-Ons: Ask server about alterations

Anthony David’s {953 Bloomfield Street}



As if there could be something that wins our heart over, this avocado toast is topped with our second favorite thing on this earth: CHEESE. Creamy ricotta, to be exact. It’s also garnished with shaved brussels and red onion, which make a winning combination in our opinion. If you want some classy toast, your search is over — thank you, Anthony David’s.

Cost: $15
Gluten-Free Toast Available? No
Toast Add-Ons: Ask server about alterations

The Little Grocery {1212 Washington + 214 Jefferson Street}

This isn’t avocado toast per say, buuuuut it may just take it to the next level. The Little Grocery’s Brie Sandwich features brie, avocado, cucumber, roasted peppers, and basil pesto… a combo you can’t deny wouldn’t be the same without avocado. Plus, if you are into egg sandwiches, Little Grocery has one of the best in town.

Cost: $8.95
Gluten-Free Toast Available? No
Toast Add-Ons: No additional charge depending

Bluestone Lane {409 Washington Street}

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Get it simple or get ‘The Lot’ – Bluestone has a variety of add-ons to make your avocado toast as delectable as you please. Along with their toast and other offerings, this place is an overall GEM of an experience. Their coffee culture is inspired by Melbourne, Australia, and their coffee comes roasted from Dumbo, Brooklyn. You’ll definitely want to snag something of your choice and try it out.

Cost: $8
Gluten-Free Toast Available? Yes
Toast Add-Ons: Feta Cheese, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Prosciutto, Vegemite – {extra items range from $3–$4 but you can get ‘The Lot’ for an extra $3.50}. You can also do sweet potato blended on your toast in place of avo toast on top. Yesss!

Zack’s Oak Bar + Restaurant {232 Willow Avenue}

Zack’s has an amazing avocado toast called the Open Faced Egg. Complete with two eggs over easy, country bread, parmesan, avocado, bacon, and herb aioli –and it also comes with home fries.

Cost: $11
Gluten-Free Toast Available? No
Toast Add-Ons: Ask server about alterations

The Ainsworth {310 Sinatra Drive}

Considering there is an entire sections of “toasts” on their brunch menu, the Ainsworth has certainly earned a spot on our list. Depending on your mood, you can order classic avocado toast with chili flakes, maldon, and olive oil, or the more unique sweet potato toast with ricotta and chili flakes. Others on the menu are hummus toast with radish, feta, and cilantro, peanut butter toast with banana, acorn squash toast with microgreens and jalapeño-lime vinaigrette, and the sweet finish of almond granola toast with almond yogurt and housemade granola.

Cost: $13-$15
Gluten-Free Toast Available? No
Toast Add-Ons: View their varieties

Turning Point {1440 Sinatra Drive}

Turning Point in Hoboken definitely delivers a delicious traditional avocado toast. Their Avocado Artisan Toast is served on thin multigrain bread with lemon zest, chives, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and sea salt. They’re located at the end of Sinatra Dr. by 14th, showing off Hoboken’s gorg uptown views of Manhattan.

Cost: $5.25
Gluten-Free Toast Available? GF menu available
Toast Add-Ons: Plum tomato slices {no additional charge}

The Brass Rail {135 Washington}


One of our go-tos for brunch is now offering the coveted avo toast, and it’s TDF. Topped with feta, olives, cucumbers, and red onions, this is clearly a masterpiece.

Cost: $9 a la carte; also included in the $22 Brunch Prixe Fixe

GO AVO Avocado Spread

go avo spread avocado toast

In case you don’t have time to go out or want some toast on the go, we’ve found THE most amazing thing. Ever. Go Avo is avocado spread, which is an avocado-based condiment that is smashed avocado in “mayo” form. But don’t let the word mayo on the bottle fool you, it’s basically just spreadable avocado {and like regular avocado, it’s only good for a week and must be refrigerated}. Each bottle of Go Avo contains nearly 90% avocado in addition to oil, vinegar, and lemon juice — creating a creamy texture,  perfect for a party with some crackers, or to put on a sandwich.

Homemade Avocado Toast Recipes {by Casey 2 Cook}

avocado toast recipe casey 2 cook

Basic Avo Toast: 

Toast a slice of your favorite bread, mash up some avocado and spread it on top. Cook an egg to your liking {mine is sunny side up, because yolk dripping over avocado and toast = YUM},  then place that over the top and season with sea salt, black pepper, and crushed red chili pepper.

Avo Toast with Eggs:

Use a glass or mug to cut a hole in the center of the bread. Next, place into a greased frying pan over medium heat and crack your egg into the center. Cook the egg within the bread to your liking, and then remove and cover with avocado. Season with sea salt, black pepper, and red chili flakes.

Click here for more ways to make avocado toast!

What is your favorite spot for some avocado toast in Hoboken?

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