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A Day in the Life of Jersey City Blogger Caitlyn Warakomski

by Alexis Spoden
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New Jersey native and Jersey City resident Caitlyn Warakomski turned her love of fashion into a self-made career when she launched her blog, How Do You Wear That, in June 2015. Since then, her following has grown rapidly due to collaborations with brands such as Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Forever 21, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters to name a few. She is now her own boss and runs her blog right from her home office in Jersey City. Caitlyn’s blog and Instagram are both places for women to find inspiration, get style advice, or view and shop Caitlyn’s looks. As this week’s Hoboken Girl of the Week, read on for more about how Caitlyn started her blog, what a day in the life of a fashion influencer looks like, and her plans for the future.

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{Photo credit: @ caitlynwarakomski}

How It All Started

Growing up, Caitlyn loved going to local thrift and vintage shops and putting together outfits from unexpected finds. She always had a knack for styling, and it was truly just a hobby up until college. She attended Temple University in Philadelphia and {since there was no fashion major offered} studied art direction in advertising and marketing. During her time at Temple, the idea of blogging first came to mind when she interned for a fashion website called collegefashionista.com. She graduated college to work full time in marketing, but still had that itch to do something more.

“I had another spark go off and I felt like I really needed to try this whole ‘blogging thing,’” Caitlyn explains. “In my head, it wasn’t going to fail.”

After much contemplation over the idea and name of her blog, Caitlyn finally pulled the trigger in June 2015 and bought the domain name howdoyouwearthat.com. She changed her Instagram handle to match and officially launched her new brand.

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Caitlyn started posting pictures of her outfits and new purchases and it quickly caught the attention of brands she was wearing such as Forever21, H&M, and American Eagle.

“They would consistently repost me on their Instagram feeds. Then, their audience would start following me and it just turned into a snowball effect,” she explains. After a year and a half of juggling both the blog and work, she decided to quit her day job and pursue blogging full-time.

A Typical Day for Caitlyn

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What many people do not know about blogging is there is so much more involved than just cool photographs and beautiful clothes. There are less glamorous, “behind the scenes” aspects such as smoothing out the details of partnerships, reviewing contracts, pitching, accounting, planning out editorial calendars, side projects, and more.

“I am literally in sweatpants like 80% of the time,” Caitlyn explains. Although every day is so different, Caitlyn shares with us what a typical day usually looks like:

8:00AM-8:30AM: Wake up, coffee, meditate {just started doing this and I really love it!}

9:00AM-11:00AM: Emails and project management.

11:00AM: Get ready for the day.

Afternoon: My afternoons usually consist of meetings, phone calls or prepping for shoots.

Late afternoon: I dedicate early evenings to shooting projects and organic content {to take advantage of that golden hour lighting}.

Night-time: I either work events in the city OR workout and then cooking dinner with a glass of wine.

10:00PM: More emails and work on content such as editing photos or blog post posts

12:00AMam-1:00AM: Bedtime. {I am trying to get to sleep earlier but it is so hard!}

Highlights of Her Career {so far}:

“Truthfully, this whole career is such a highlight. I am so thankful things worked out the way they did. I feel really lucky and happy about where I am,” Caitlyn explains. Her coolest “pinch me” moments were sitting front row at New York Fashion Week and getting dressed by top designers as well as her two ELLE Magazine features.

“When I was younger, I always thought I would work for one of the brands I love, but now I get to work with so many of them on a more collaborative level and it is just the coolest thing.”

As with any job, however, there are pros and cons. Caitlyn gives us more insight into the highs and lows of being a blogger:

The Highs:

    • Working for myself.
    • Working with the brands I only dreamed about working for.
    • I feel like I actually am using what I learned in college.
    • Connecting with people all over the world through this little, yet impactful app called Instagram — they seriously are the best and my biggest motivation!
    • Creating a business that consists of putting together outfits — I just love putting together outfits so it is really cool that it’s become a “job” although it doesn’t feel like it {for the most part}.

The Lows:

    • Working for myself {it is a blessing, but also everything is on you which can get stressful}.
    • The pressures of the industry.
    • Saturation in the industry.
    • Always trying to figure out “what’s next.”
    • The pressure of always having to post something great especially with Instagram’s algorithm.

Another difficulty about blogging is trying to balance private life and Instagram life so one of Caitlyn’s goals is to be more present in the moment.

“I want to be real and show who I really am, but I also don’t want to be the girl that is constantly on her phone posting when she is out with friends and family,” Caitlyn tells us.

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All in all, Caitlyn feels truly lucky to be doing what she is doing and would not change it for the world. “I never thought this thing would happen…but I am so happy and grateful it did,” She gushes. We have all heard the phrase “love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.” This could not be more true for Caitlyn. Her blog, How Do You Wear That has given her the opportunity to connect with people all over the world. Every day she is inspired by her audience and readers, fashion brands, and even people on the street. She is always looking for the next thing when it comes to her brand and has many goals for the year ahead including launching her vintage-inspired shop and a capsule collection.

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Hoboken + Jersey City Favorites:

Caitlyn has lived in Jersey City for two and a half years and has fallen in love with the community. Her favorite things to do in the city include walking around the neighborhood, attending local markets, and supporting small businesses such as stopping in Pasta Dal Cuore for their fresh pasta, or Antique Bakery and Prato for their fresh bread and desserts. Here are some more of her favorite local spots around Hudson County.

Favorite restaurant:

White Star Bar or Prato.

Favorite boutique:

Another Man’s Treasure, Kanibal + CO, and the Salvation Army.

Favorite outdoor place to spend time:

White Star Bar, The Hutton, and Surf City.

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Favorite place to work out:

Jane Do or The Boxing Gym in Hamilton Park.

Where she goes out in the area:

White Star {can I say that enough?}, The Hutton, Pet Shop, The Archer.

Local businesses she admires:

Jane DO: Jacey and Danielle are so sweet and fun and I admire all their hard work and to see all the things that they have accomplished in just a few years is seriously incredible and it just keeps on going. They are always doing something new and innovative and I respect that so much. Plus, their workouts kick my butt which I love!

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Photo credit: @ caitlynwarakomski}

Love Lane Salon: Again, Kristina and Johnny are the power couple! It has been really fun getting to know them over the past couple years and I am so proud of them. Everyone I know that goes there always has amazing things to say about it, too. Their branding is so consistent and you will not be disappointed with your hair color and cut. I love them!

What is something you think needs to come to Hoboken or Jersey City?

More late-night food options and restaurants and something like a Soho House that is a “members only” club for local people and entrepreneurs to work and take meetings, with a great restaurant, a chic atmosphere, AND a rooftop pool. {Is that too much to ask?}

Be sure to follow Caitlyn’s accounts on Instagram to keep up with her latest fashions and ventures @caitlynwarakomski or @howdoyouwearthat, and on her blog, www.howdoyouwearthat.com. She’ll also be taking over our Instagram – stay tuned!

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