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All About Brave Minds Project {a Non-Profit Helping Patients with Brain Conditions}

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Thousands of Americans suffer from brain or brain stem conditions. However, the majority of patients and their loved ones have gone through these painful experiences alone, until now. Brave Minds Project was created to connect those in this community with one another for support while also raising awareness for these conditions. Founder, Alyssa Carfi, knows first-hand what it’s like living with a brain condition and has created a safe space for those who have a brain condition. Keep reading to learn all about Brave Minds Project, a non-profit helping patients with a brain condition.

brave minds fundraiser event

Alyssa’s Story

“While most 18-year-olds spend the summer after high school graduation celebrating and prepping for college, I was undergoing brain stem surgery and the cumbersome journey of recovery” shares founder of Brave Minds, Alyssa, Carfi in the mission statement of this newly established non-profit.

brave minds event fundraiser

^ Members of Team HG at a recent Brave Minds Project fundraiser 

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Three years prior to this surgery, doctors found a cluster of abnormal blood vessels lodged deep in her brain stem. The pressure and bleeding of the vessels affected Carfi’s right eye and smile. Fast forward to the present day and not only is Carfi celebrating 10 years since her surgery, but she is recognizing that the full life she is able to live now as a PR + Marketing Professional in NYC with a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology is not the case for hundreds who have gone through the same surgery or similar. She’s been using her own accomplishments + her understanding of the opportunities she’s been given to fuel her mission.

About Brave Minds Project

Brave Minds Project aims to help patients and their families cope with + navigate life after getting diagnosed. There’s a lot that becomes uncertain upon receiving a diagnosis and Brave Minds Project is here to help.

brave minds fundraiser event

The non-profit offers assistance in accessing treatment for patients between the ages of 10-29, to create mentorship programs both educational and professional circles, and to provide support groups for patients and their families. Earlier this year, Brave Minds kicked off their work and honored a deserving teen in the process.

Helping the Community 

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During its kick-off fundraising event, Brave Minds honored a 17-year-old student living with Spina Bifida {a birth defect that is a result of the spine + spinal cord not forming properly}. While her diagnosis lands her in more doctors’ visits and in more surgery rooms than most, this college-bound girl hasn’t let her diagnosis stop her from being a typical teenager. The funds and awareness built during this first event helps support patients through their journey and help those living with these conditions live a full life. Like this event, all future programs will be designed to assist those in the Brave Minds Community.

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What’s Next 

Brave Minds Project is looking for support in growing the awareness of brain and brainstem conditions, as well as recognizing ways we can join together as a community. In the words of founder Carfi, “we may not always be able to choose what happens to us in life, but we can always choose to be brave.” To learn more about Brave Minds Project and ways to work with this organization, visit their site.

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