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Black-Owned Restaurants in Hoboken + Jersey City to Support

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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One of the helpful and sustainable ways to support the local Black community is by shopping at Black-owned businesses — which we’ve rounded up here. Jersey City, known as one of the most diverse cities in the country, is home to many Black-owned businesses, including a plethora of restaurants. From desserts to savory cuisine, here are must-try Black-owned restaurants in Hoboken and Jersey City to visit for your next meal.

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Banana Pudding King | Jersey City

Banana Pudding King

(Photo credit: @bananapuddingking)

Banana Pudding King is a banana pudding business in Jersey City selling several types of banana pudding. Some of the popular flavors are the oreo banana pudding and peach banana pudding. The dessert can be bought on a cone or in a to-go container. DM the Instagram account for more information.

But-A-Cake | Jersey City

But A Cake

(Photo credit: @butacake)

But-A-Cake is an online bakery based out of Jersey City that makes everything from moist butter crumb cakes to savory dishes like short ribs on a bed of sweet potato mash, arugula, pepitas, and craisins. The owner, Matha, also offers virtual cooking classes. DM the Instagram account for more information.

Bro-Ritos Food Truck


(Photo credit: @broritosft)

This food truck whips up generously-sized burritos all around Hudson County, but be sure to catch it when it’s parked at Pier13 on a seasonal basis. Must-tries are the burritos, nachos, and quesadillas. Vegetarian options are always available.

Carolyn’s Soul Food | 76 Orient Avenue, Jersey City

Carolyn’s Soul Food

(Photo credit: @carolynssoulfood)

This quaint restaurant has anything-but-your-average dishes. Operating since 2008, Carolyn’s Soul Food is known for its Southern soul food eats like pork chops, catfish, and fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, and collard greens, as well as dessert options.

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Champs Chics and Waffles | 688 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City

Champs Chics and Waffles

(Photo credit: @chics4sale)

The signature dish, named after the restaurant, champs chics and waffles is made with a unique Belgium waffle recipe made up of yeast-leavened dough and is finished with pearl sugar that caramelizes on the outside and delivers a sweet crunch with every bite. Don’t forget to ask for the 24k gold sauce for the fried chicken.

Cherry’s Lounge | 102 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City

Cherry’s Lounge

(Photo credit: @cherryslounge_bar_grill)

Cherry’s Lounge was founded in 1980, run by Mr. Leroy H until he passed in 2000. His wife Mervel now runs the shop. Patrons can expect dishes like shrimp and grits, salmon stew, breakfast dishes, and more.

Conez Ice Cream Shop | 415 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City

Conez Ice Cream

(Photo credit: @conezicecream)

Conez Ice Cream Shop sells hard and soft ice cream of all flavors and toppings, as well as milkshakes, ices, and of course, its infamous Conez Sundaes.

Double Dough | Hoboken

Double Dough

(Photo credit: @double_dough)

Double Dough is an online bakery shop operated by Hoboken residents and identical twins Jordan and Joelle. Customers can find holiday-themed treats like hot chocolate bombs during Christmas time and custom cookies for just about any occasion.

Freetown Road Project | 640 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Freetown Road Project

(Photo credit: @freetown_road_project)

The Freetown Road Project is a culinary arts project from mastermind and Chopped winner Chef Claude Lewis. The restaurant West Indian cuisine to Chilltown with a modern twist. What’s more impressive is that the space turns into a stationary or mobile soup kitchen twice per week, serving the homeless and food sensitive. The team also donates food to churches on a regular basis.

Grind Coffee Shop | 360 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City

Grind Coffee

(Photo credit: @grindcoffeejc)

Grind Coffee Shop is a staple in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood and for good reason. The cafe has great coffee, treats, merch, and vibes. The same couple owns The Grind General Store, where locals can pick up pantry necessities and more.

Griot Cafe | 434 Central Avenue, Jersey City

Griot Cafe

(Photo credit: @griotcafe)

The owners named Griot Café after the Haitian and West African meaning of griot, meaning ‘storyteller’ or ‘oral historian.’ This gem has everything from a killer cold brew to beignets to popular plates like the griot sandwich, which has shredded seasoned chicken atop of a crisp plantain chip, covered in smashed avocado topped with a spicy — or not — traditional slaw.

Harry’s Daughter | 339 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City

Harry’s Daughter

(Photo credit: @harrysdaughterjc)

This Caribbean gastropub in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood has tasty food and a gorgeous environment to enjoy it in. Ria, the owner, was inspired by her childhood memories in Trinidad and Tobago, and it shows in the food and atmosphere.

Jerkin Chicken | 234 West Side Avenue, Jersey City

jerkin chicken

Jerkin Chicken is a family-run restaurant that makes authentic Jamaican food as well as house-made juices and sauces. The jerk chicken is a must-try of course, but also try the other perfectly-seasoned meats like the jerk pork, jerk shrimp, and curry goat over yellow rice. Catch the Jerkin Chicken food truck parked along the Hoboken pier or in downtown Jersey City.

Light Rail Cafe | 237 Randolph Avenue, Jersey City

Light Rail Cafe

(Photo credit: @thelightrailcafe)

Light Rail Cafe is an American restaurant and bar that serves classic meals like wraps, burgers, wings, pasta, tacos, as well as cocktails and coffee.

Louisiana Fried Chicken | 549 West Side Avenue, Jersey City

Louisiana Fried Chicken offers a wide variety of traditional Southern comfort food. Some of the popular menu items are the 20-piece buffalo wings and the fish bucket pack. Customers can also purchase chicken by the piece, gumbo, fried squid, and more.

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Martha’s Restaurant | 308 Pacific Avenue, Jersey City

Martha’s Restaurant

(Photo credit: @marthasjc)

Martha’s is an American joint that serves up salads, sandwiches, burgers, breakfast platters, and meat-centered dishes like BBQ chicken. Opt for the home-fries, coleslaw, or pork sausage as a side dish.

Shawn’s Table | 271 Ocean Avenue, Jersey City

shawn's table jc

This neighborhood staple owned and operated by Shawn serves up delicious dishes like fried jumbo shrimp with mac-n-cheese and cornbread. The recipes are largely based on the homey dishes he grew up eating — like stewed oxtail.

Steak N Take | 197 Monticello Avenue, Jersey City

Steak N Shake

Owner Malinda Melvin serves up popular steak sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, and beef sausage sandwiches, as well as fried seafood plates and sides like macaroni salad, wings, and fries.

Sun Island Bar-Bq and Jerk | 14 A Rose Avenue, Jersey City

Sun Island Bar-Bq and Jerk

(Photo credit: @sunislandbarbq)

Owned and operated by a Jamaican-born team, this spot offers breakfast all day, starters like Hennessy wings, fried bammy, and honey shrimp kebabs, as well as burgers, chicken combo meals, a kids menu, and more.

The Cake Pound | Jersey City

The Cake Pound

Crystal has operated this online bakery since 2016. She’s best known for her pound cake that is also a hit at the Farmers Markets. All of The Cake Pound’s creations are made with only the best available ingredients, like premium chocolates, pure natural extracts, and local seasonal fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices.

Vibez Juice Bar + Cafe | 82 Hutton Street, Jersey City

Vibez Juice Bar + Cafe

Vibez Juice Bar is a vegan eatery known for its juices and vegan dishes like stewed eggplant, curry chickpeas, and teriyaki stir fry. The owner sources all of the fresh ingredients for smoothies from local farmers’ markets and distributors.

Know of an addition to the list? Email us: hello@hobokengirl.com + we’ll add!

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