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Jersey City Ranked 5th in US for Having The Best Sandwiches

by Sarah Boyle
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Whether you say sub or hoagie, pork roll or Taylor ham, we can all agree that we love our sandwiches here in New Jersey. And on National Sandwich Day (November 3rd), we’re especially excited to see a recent sandwich study that placed Jersey City at the top. In a study conducted by Apartmentguide, Jersey City ranked fifth on the list of best cities for sandwich lovers in the US. The study considered 700 cities and towns with a population over 50,000 people and looked at the number of sandwich shops as well as the quality of the sandwiches served. In the end, 50 cities made the list — and we’re thrilled to see Jersey City getting recognition for its awesome sandwiches, especially on National Sandwich Day. Read on to learn more about why Jersey City was ranked one of the best cities for sandwich lovers — along with some sandwich articles to check out to celebrate the holiday. 

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Jersey City Ranks 5th: The Apartmentguide Study

On November 1st, Apartmentguide released a list of the best cities in the US for sandwich lovers. The team considered 700 cities and towns, looking at the number of sandwich shops per capita as well as rating the quality of the shops to compile a list of the 10 best cities to get sandwiches.

Lo and behold, Jersey City came in at number five. And here’s something we just learned: out of a population of 283,927, Jersey City has 85.59 delis per 100K people and 16.20 delis per square mile. That’s a lot of delis.

“Call it pork roll (like they do in South Jersey) or Taylor ham (as they do up here), it doesn’t matter when it comes to the taste of the Garden State’s favorite meat product,” the study writes. “Put the salty, sweet pork round on a breakfast sandwich or a hoagie and you’ll beg for another taste.”

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Coming in at a whopping 243 delis, Jersey City has the second most delis in the nation per square mile. The study specifically references noteworthy eats like Jersey tomato sandwiches, fat sandwiches, and Jersey Sloppy Joes (among our more traditional subs, of course).

A few local spots to get shoutouts: Andrea Salumeria (247 Central Avenue # A), Second Street Bakery (402 2nd Street), and Salumeria Ercolano (1072 West Side Avenue).

Other Cities to Make the List

Other cities to make the top ten include: Washington D.C. (10th); Marietta, GA (9th); Berkeley, CA (8th); Albany, NY (7th); Pensacola, FL (6th); Miami, FL (4th); Wilmington, DE (3rd); Sarasota, FL (2nd); and San Francisco, CA (1st).

What’s more, Newark also came in 40th.

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To see the full list of cities, click here.

Celebrating National Sandwich Day

In honor of sandwich day, here are some sandwich-related articles from the archives to celebrate:


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