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Must-Visit Corn Mazes in North Jersey

by Stephanie Spear
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One of the best bites of summer is fresh Jersey corn, served hot and with just a hint of butter and a dash of salt. We can enjoy a parting gift from this crop, in the form of a corn maze. A corn maze is a path cut through a cornfield when the plants are young, so as they grow tall, they grow into the pattern. The maze itself can be as simple or as complex as the farmer chooses, and many mazes are designed to be specific images when viewed from above, such as a sports team logo or a slogan. The best time to enjoy a corn maze is right about now because, at the end of summer, the corn plants have reached their peak height, so the full effect of the maze is realized. 

A corn maze is best enjoyed with friends since you’ll have to put your heads together to figure your way out. Since the time spent outdoors in the maze can vary, be sure to bring enough water, sunscreen, and bug spray. The maze is in a field, so the ground may be muddy or wet, so prepare accordingly.  Exploring a corn maze is a fun and easy way to enjoy some fresh air and new scenery: all of these mazes are at gorgeous farms with plenty of other activities and offerings in addition to the maze. Read on to plan your own a-maze-ing adventure in North Jersey. 

Disclaimer: Please check with each venue before setting out for the day for the latest schedule updates due to weather or Covid.

A.Casola Farms | 178 Highway 34 & Schanck Road, Holmdel; 200 State Route 34, Holmdel

Not only does A. Casola farms have the market cornered with the original pick-your-own-pumpkin and hayride farm; the crew also has two incredible mazes for visitors to enjoy. First up is the corn maze: five acres of corn planted and then cut down to create three miles of intricate trails. The farm also has a sunflower maze, so you can live out your Alice in Wonderland fantasies of flowers taller than you, with drooping blooms and bright petals. The Fall Festival runs seven days a week from September 11 through October 31, and both locations are chock full of things to do. Stop by the farm’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with any last-minute changes. 

Bullock Farms | 83 Emleys Hill Road, Cream Ridge 

Bullock Farms

(Photo credit: Bullock Farms)

This family-run farm is 170 acres, and the current farmers are the fifth and sixth generations in the same family to run the farm. While visitors are welcome at the farm during other seasons, fall has the most to offer. There are three corn mazes available at Bullock Farms. Two are for younger kids, and the third is for everyone else. The main maize (sorry, couldn’t help it) is four and a half acres carved into a hill. Explorers find their way through the maze, and finish the maze on a platform overlooking the farm. Keep up with the farm on its Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest information. 

Cheesequake Farms | 2095 US Highway 9, Old Bridge; 191 Highway 34, Matawan

This one-stop-for-all-things-fall farm has two locations. A trip to the corn maze is included with your farm admission and is another way to enjoy the great outdoors. Part of the charm of Cheesequake Farms is how secluded it is: it’s hard to believe you’re less than an hour from Manhattan. Other fall farm activities include a hayride and a pick-your-own pumpkin patch. The farm market has everything you need to decorate your home for fall, including mums and hay bales. Keep up with the farm’s latest happenings via Facebook and Instagram

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Donaldson Farms | 358 Allen Road, Hackettstown 

Donaldson Farms

(Photo credit: @donaldsonfarms)

Donaldson Farm’s Fall Fun Harvest Weekends are filled with all the best fall activities, including a corn maze. Each year, the maze has a different theme and supports a different charity. This year, the charity recipient is Sarah’s Fight for Hope Foundation. Past designs have included the Statue of Liberty and a Salute to Healthcare Workers. The maze itself is nine acres big and designed for kids of all ages. The Harvest Weekends begin September 25. Check in with the farm on Facebook or Instagram to see any last-minute changes. 

Etsch Farms | 556 Buckelew Avenue, Monroe Township

Etsch Farms

(Photo credit: Etsch Farms)

The corn maze at Etsch Farms is another classic, year after year. Last year’s images include a pirate ship, barn animals, and several different iterations of the farm’s logo. The maze itself is eight acres and has a crossword puzzle to do inside. Smaller explorers will enjoy the scaled-down corn maze. There is also a hay bale creation that goes along with each year’s theme. The fall festivities begin on weekends in September, and we can’t wait to hear about what theme Etsch Farms has picked. Stay up to date with the Farm via its Facebook page.

Fairfield Farms | 177 Big Piece Road, Fairfield

The corn maze at this Essex County farm was designed with children in mind, so it’s not too challenging or too tall. The corn maze is part of the farm’s Fall Festival, which opens on September 18. Other activities will be available including pumpkin picking, hayrides, and climbing hay bales. The farm market has all kinds of seasonal produce and goodies available, including fresh apple cider. Visit the farm online to check on any last-minute schedule changes.

Happy Day Farms | 106 Iron Ore Road, Manalapan 

Happy Day Farms

(Photo credit: @happydayfarmnj)

Did you know that according to USA Today, one of the top 10 best corn mazes in the US is right here in New Jersey? Yes, it’s Happy Day Farms and you can visit this year’s corn maze. Happy Day Farm has been recognized for some of its past designs including Rutgers University 250th Anniversary, 4 Jersey Celebrities, and Superheroes. This year’s theme is Super Mario. While visiting the corn maze, there are plenty of other games and activities to keep you occupied while you solve the maze, such as trivia and Maize-Opoly. The corn maze is part of the farm’s Fall Harvest Pumpkin Festival, which starts Saturday, September 11th and runs until October 31st. The Festival is open on Saturdays and Sundays and adds Fridays in October. Advanced ticket purchase online is required. On-site purchases are cash only. Keep up with the farm via Facebook and Instagram to learn about the latest schedule changes and other updates. 

Hacklebarney Farm | 104 State Park Road, Chester 

Coming around the bend with the cheerful red barn coming into view lets you know that you’re in for a fun day at Hacklebarney Farm. Even taking in the pleasant scenery is a nice way to spend time here, but we’re here for competition, and that means a corn maze. The corn maze at Hacklebarney has one of the longest ‘seasons’ around – it opens in late August and runs until November, so that means you can get plenty of tries to perfect your pathway. Either way, we’re all winners with the snack situation. Hacklebarney’s farm market offers ice cream, fresh-baked pies, and other goodies, and apple cider pressed on-site. Our favorite treat is the apple cider float, which, if you’re lucky, will be made with cider pressed just that day. Be sure to check out the farm’s Facebook page for any last-minute updates. 

Heaven Hill Farm | 451 State Route 94, Vernon 

The Great Pumpkin Festival at Heaven Hill Farm has a ton of activities for kids of all ages, but we’re most excited about the Mad Scientist-themed corn maze. The corn maze takes up 10 acres and has routes for both little kids and everyone else. There are built-in games within the maze, so there really are challenges around each turn. There is also a hay maze for the little ones – the walls aren’t so high and it’s a lot easier to call for help! Parking is free, but tickets are required. Visit the farm’s Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the latest information. 

Lentini Corn Maze | 251 High Street, Newton 

Lentini Corn Maze

(Photo credit: Lentini Corn Maze)

This farm has four stands to visit for your fruit fix, but there’s only one-stop for the corn maze. Each fall, Lentini’s Corn Maze creates an amazing new design on its 10-acre plot. You may have seen the iconic ‘Jersey Strong’ image from 2020. We can’t wait to see what the team comes up with this year. Keep up with the farm on its Facebook page. 

Middle Valley Farm |  304 Pleasant Valley Road, Mendham

The six-acre corn maze at this farm is just waiting for explorers. Visitors can pick their own pumpkins and explore the farm property. Private events can also be held at this charming farm: the staff will work with you to coordinate whatever is needed. So maybe this is your chance for a night-time corn maze-themed birthday party?  The farm takes only cash or check, so be sure to stop at the ATM on your way. Check out the farm’s Facebook page for the latest information.

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Ort Farms | 25 Bartley Road, Long Valley 

Ort Farms

(Photo credit: @ort_farms)

The six-acre corn maze at Ort Farms has been known to stump some of the hardiest explorers in the Garden State, but we think you’re up to the challenge. The corn maze is part of Ort Farms’ Fall Festival, and tickets are required for entry. Each year the corn maze supports a different charity, and this year the recipient is the Long Valley Food Pantry. Be sure to check the farm’s Facebook or Instagram for the latest information.

Stony Hill Farms | 15 North Road, Chester 

Stony Hill Farms

(Photo credit: @stonyhillfarms)

Stony Hill Farms has four mazes to stump visitors of all ages. First up is the rope maze, for climbers to reach the deck of a pirate ship using a nautical rope. Next up is the mini corn maze, a one-acre version for young explorers. Next is the tile maze, which is deceptively challenging, as challengers can only make the right turns to solve their way out. 

Finally, the Giant Corn Maze, which can take anywhere from one to three hours to solve. This maze is 10 acres in size and is designed in a different theme every year. Bring snacks and your patience, this one is a real challenge!  Tickets are required and are available online. The farm hosts special events with the maze, such as flashlight nights, so keep an eye on the website for more information. The farm’s Facebook and Instagram pages will have the latest information about weather and schedule changes. 

Wightman Farms | 1111 Mt. Kemble Avenue, Morristown 

The five mazes at the Fall Festival at Wightman Farms are ready for you. The Fall Festival takes place every Saturday and Sunday at the Farm, and tickets are required. The five types of mazes include a giant corn maze, a hay bale maze, a rope maze, a paver maze, and a rock labyrinth. Check out the latest updates on the farm’s Facebook.


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