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Dog-Friendly Sunflower Farms to Visit on the East Coast

by Bertha Solis
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Summer is known for many things such as heading to the beach or pool, going fruit picking, enjoying movies outdoors, or just taking in the warm temperatures. It also happens to be the time when the sunflower season is in full swing, taking place from July to October. The fields of sunflowers are all lined up, making perfect photo ops, and the flowers can even be picked to bring home as a fresh bouquet. Spending time at a sunflower farm is a unique experience — and there is even the chance to share the moment with your furry friend at some of these farms. There’s no need to leave Fido at home as there are sunflower farms in New Jersey and beyond that welcome our four-legged friends. Doggie Road Trippin, a Facebook group dedicated to finding all places that are pet friendly in New Jersey, New York, and beyond, came up with a list of spots to bring your furry friend when sunflower picking. Read on for the best dog-friendly sunflower farms worth visiting in New Jersey and beyond — including New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia.

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New Jersey

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New York




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Tips to Keep In Mind

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As always, before heading to these farms, it is important to keep up with updates posted by each. Dogs should always be on a leash, as it is a respectable gesture for yourself, your furry friend, and others. Also, bring water and other necessary supplies your dog may need. Lastly, pick up after your dog for an enjoyable sunflower farm experience.

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Check out @doggieroadtrippin on Facebook + Instagram to join in with other dog parents/lovers on all places dog-friendly.

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