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Back-to-School Discounts for Teachers in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Nicolas Ferroni
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It’s back-to-school time– the time of year that couldn’t come sooner for parents, but that is way too soon for teachers and school staff. Teachers are so excited about the school year and to meet their students, but they do need all the time they can get to recover from the previous school year. Teaching is one of the best, and most mentally and emotionally draining, professions there is, just ask any teacher. But, what most people don’t realize is how physically demanding teaching is, and how it can be, especially if you teach elementary school, a combination of “American Ninja Warrior” and “America’s Got Talent.”  Every day teachers give their hearts, souls, and money to their students because they care so much, and, unfortunately, far too often they are forced to spend their own money on school supplies. This reminds me, if you have an amazing teacher in your life (and I am sure you do), it is never too early to thank a teacher, but it can be too late. So track them down, reach out to them, and tell them how much they mean to you. It will mean more to them than you will ever know. But I digress, to give back to teachers and school staff who already give so much to others. Read on for a list of Hoboken-based health and fitness businesses that want to help teachers and school staff mentally and physically prepare for the new school, and offer them discounted services, classes, and memberships. 

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Project Sculpt | 319 Washington Street; 2nd Floor

Project Sculpt is offering a $150-a-month membership and a free class with the class code “teacher.”

Elevate Pilates | 159 4th Street

Elevate Pilates is offering teachers a 10% discount on all credits & first month of membership using the code TEACHER10.

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F45 | 720 Monroe Street, Suite E 303

F45 is offering unlimited classes for the month for $179 with a school ID. 

Harborside Sport + Spine
Snap Fitness JC

Soul Cycle | 1400 Washington Street, Hoboken

Soul Cycle is offering 20% off a class or 5 pack + 1 class free ($218 value for $180) or 10 pack + 2 classes ($426 value for $350) with a school ID.

Zap Fitness

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Prime Cycle | 33-41 Newark Street, Hoboken

Prime Cycle is offering 20% off all class packs or the 1st month of membership with a school ID. 

Hudson Speed | 837 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City

Hudson Speed is offering 25% off any packages for educators and school staff.

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AXIS School of Dance

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