The 7 BEST Bloody Marys In Jersey City {Based on Your Cravings}

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Happy New Year! Time to drink a bloody. Ah, the Bloody Mary; terrible name, delicious cocktail. But not all Bloody Marys are made equal. We’ve saved you some time and money by testing Bloody Marys around Jersey City and rounding them up for you. We know, tough job. From Bloody Marys with bacon to raw clams to Bloodys on a budget, here are seven places to enjoy the best Bloody Marys in Jersey City. Cheers!

For When You Want Bacon In Your Drink: The Hamilton Inn {708 Jersey Ave}


Both the regular Bloody Mary and the Bacon Bloody Mary are equally delicious. For $5, the regular version will certainly satisfy. BUT, when one has the option to add bacon – add bacon! Their mix is slightly spicy with a good amount of horseradish but isn’t so thick that you feel like you’re drinking Gazpacho.

For When You Want To Go Big: South House {149 Newark}

This popular brunch spot has four Bloody Marys on the menu ranging from traditional to a version with bourbon {for when you’re really trying to get after it}. However, one worth mentioning is the 28 oz. “Lockhart Bloody Mary” made with South House Bloody Mary Mix and topped with brisket, sausage and jalapeño. It’s not on the menu, but if you ask for it they’ll gladly make you one. Go big or go home, obviously.

For When You’re In The Mood For A Little Seafood: Liberty Prime Steakhouse {111 Montgomery}

The Bloody Caesar is a popular choice at Liberty Prime — served with a raw clam in the shell and made with vodka, clamato Bloody Mary mix, celery juice and a touch of Old Bay salt {the ‘surf’ to your ‘turf’}. If that doesn’t float your boat {sorry, had to}, they also have a traditional Bloody Mary and a Bloody Hell made with gin and cucumber.

For When You Want A Little Spice: Skinner’s Loft {146 Newark Ave}

This is a pretty traditional and straight forward version but a bit on the spicy side. Pairs well with basically everything on their delicious brunch menu.

For When You Want To Watch The Game: Brightside Tavern {141 Bright Street}


Bloody Marys and football? Sounds like a solid weekend. This neighborhood spot serves up a really delicious Bloody Mary. Not only was the mix a perfect balance of savory, tang and spice, but the “Loaded” version comes with bacon, olives, celery, a dill pickle and jerky straws. #forthewin

For When You’re On A Budget: Amelia’s Bistro {187 Warren Street}

On weekends from 10am-3pm, they serve $4 Bloody Marys, and it really can’t be beat. Nothing fancy here, just a traditional, yummy Bloody Mary for under five bucks.

For When You Need A Hangover Cure: Left Bank Burger Bar {187 Warren Street}

Sometimes the struggle really is too real. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Head over to Left Bank Burger Bar and order the “Ultimate Bloody Mary.” This 18 oz cocktail is garnished with smoked bacon, celery AND a cheeseburger slider. They even call it a ‘hangover cure’ on the menu so, ya know, it’s gotta be true.

Those are just a few of our favorites for Bloody Marys in Jersey City. What’s your fave? Comment below and tell us!

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Though originally from the NJ shore, Jaclyn lived in NYC for about eight years before bouncing back to this side of the Hudson in Hoboken. Jaclyn now lives in Jersey City {mostly in search of good ramen} and is super excited to be eating and drinking her way through the neighborhood. During the week, you can find her working in downtown Manhattan at XO Group Inc. In her spare time, you'll spot her out and about with her pup Riley, at barre class, playing soccer, or seeking the next Insta-worthy adventure.