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Where to Get Your Bacon, Egg, + Cheese Fix in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Katie Stilo
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Breakfast sandwiches are pretty close to being the perfect meal. Hungover? Bacon, egg, and cheese. In a rush? Bacon, egg, and cheese. Can’t decide what to eat? Bacon, egg, and cheese. Have it on a roll, bagel, wrap, bread, English muffin, the list is endless. The cheese options are also a wildcard depending on where you are ordering from, the classic option being the tried and true American cheese slice. Bacon, egg, and cheese (BEC) sandwiches don’t need to be fancy, in fact, the less pretentious the sandwich, usually the better. In case you’re in need of an emergency sandwich, simply pop into your local corner deli or bodega since they are the true breakfast sandwich heroes. Grab some napkins and head to one or more of these Hoboken and Jersey City restaurants that have delicious BEC sandwiches.

Black Rail Coffee |  800 Jackson Street, Hoboken

Biggie Smalls, chai tea lattes, and locally sourced goods — three things that don’t necessarily get grouped together often, unless you’re at Black Rail, of course. This coffee shop is always putting an epic twist on classic cafe eats – hello BEC, avocado toast, and more!

Dixon Deli |  358 Varick Street, Jersey City

Dixon Deli

I think it’s important to mention first and foremost that this sandwich is only $4.00. Kind of unheard of to get a sandwich in downtown Jersey City for less than $10 these days! It is cash only though, so make sure to save a few dollars from your night out for your morning hangover cure fund. Dixon does this sandwich textbook BEC style with scrambled eggs, American cheese, crispy bacon, salt, pepper, and ketchup. If you’re in downtown JC this should be your new go-to for breakfast sandwiches since the wait time is minimal and the sandwich is excellent. 

Hidden Grounds Coffee Shop | Multiple Locations 

Hidden Grounds Coffee Shop

(Photo credit: @hiddengroundscoffee)

With multiple locations around Jersey City and Hoboken, Hidden Grounds has your caffeine and breakfast sandwich fix no matter where you are. Grab a cup of the delicious coffee or tea to pair along with your egg sandwich. 

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International Bagel & Cafe | 213 Newark Avenue, Jersey City 

Tucked away on Newark Ave, International Bagel Cafe is a quaint spot serving up breakfast all day long. Grab a classic breakfast sandwich and some other favorite breakfast classics any time of day. 

JP’s Bagel Express | 52 Newark Street, Hoboken 

JP’s Bagel Express

(Photo credit: @jpsbagelexpress)

In the heart of downtown Hoboken, JP’s keeps hungry commuters and locals full with classic bagel sandwiches. Always get your sandwich on a bagel? Try your bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant here! You can also order one of the dozens of fresh juices or smoothies to go along with your breakfast sandwich to really jump-start your morning. The staff is super friendly which helps make the sometimes long wait times more bearable. 

Luca Brasi’s Italian Deli | 100 Park Avenue, Hoboken 

Don’t just come to Luca’s for the lunch sandwiches, you’ll be seriously missing out! The list of breakfast sandwiches will have you coming back morning and afternoon. The sandwiches are large and will keep you full for hours. Keep an eye out for the classics, but don’t miss out on some of the only-at-Luca’s items like a pepperoni and egg sandwich and an egg white, broccoli rabe, and fresh mozzarella sandwich.

O’Bagel | 600 Washington Street, Hoboken 


Hoboken residents already know this is the place to go any morning of the week for a solid breakfast sandwich. In addition to the ridiculously good bacon, egg, and cheese, there are many creative menu items to choose from. For example, the Bee-Sting is a slightly dressed-up version of its cousin the BEC – the addition of scallion cream cheese and a hot honey drizzle take this classic up just a notch. 

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Rosticeria Da Gigi |  916 Washington, Hoboken

Rosticeria Da Gigi

(Photo credit: @gigishoboken)

A go-to since it opened about ten years ago, Rosticeria Da Gigi doesn’t miss. Gigi’s is known for their specialties, mainly their roast beef, paninis, egg sammies, pasta, and of course, the mutz. What loyal customers of the deli might not know is that you could also get a great breakfast sandwich here.

Sam a.m Cafe | 112 Morris Street, Jersey City

Sam a.m Cafe

(Photo credit: @sam_am_cafe)

This cozy café offers a simple, seasonally driven menu and has since built a fiercely loyal, hyper-local community of regulars. The café’s unique coffee blend, roasted in Jersey City by MODCUP, and the food options are a blend of both breakfast and lunch items. The chicken and waffles is a must-try, but don’t sleep on the BEC served on a brioche bun.

The Little Grocery | 1212 Washington Street, Hoboken

This family-owned and operated business is a true gem. Inside, the inspiration for the design is from classic NYC French bistros like Balthazar and Pastis. The menu here has a strong French influence, as Neamet was classically trained in French cooking. This local spot offers a long list of classic sandwiches, paninis, and salads, but is always adding new items to the menu too. The BEC cheese here is no-frills and delicious.

Wonder Bagel | 517 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City 

With a few locations scattered throughout Jersey City, Wonder Bagel is here to make sure you are getting your carbs and breakfast sandwiches whenever your heart desires. Wonder Bagel’s 30 history of serving up fresh bagels speaks to the quality of the food. Choose from any number of bagel flavors/toppings to customize your breakfast sandwich your way. 


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