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From Baja to Yankee Stadium: The Baseball Cheapskate

by Single Society
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Dating is a zero-sum game {unless you’re one of the lucky ones, of course}. Whether the last date you went on ended with sparks flying or with embers burning out, we hope it made for a good story. Now, if you’re date had a less than satisfying ending, we want to hear about it. Luckily, The Single Society is here to transform all of your dating blunders into hilarious stories. This time around, check out how one Hoboken girl’s date went sour at a baseball game. Keep reading to find out all about a cheap date at Yankee Stadium.

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After relocating from California to Hoboken, where I knew not a soul, I found myself craving Mexican food…because you can’t take the West Coast out of the girl.

As I sat by my lonesome at Baja Mexican Cuisine enjoying some delicious chicken enchiladas, I struck up a conversation with Ted, a local native with a resounding baritone voice and a slightly peculiar flair for fashion.

Ted was on his way to a Yankee game, but his friend who was to join him just so happened to cancel at the eleventh hour, so he suggested I accompany him to the stadium for the evening.

Ted wasn’t exactly what I would consider my type, but being that I hadn’t socialized with a single human since my move, I obligingly accepted his offer.

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Off to the ballgame!

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We settled into our seats just in time for the first pitch, and Ted beckoned to the Coors Light vendor to purchase some refreshments.

“How about since I got the tickets you can grab the beers? That fair,” he asked.

For the sake of being anti-adversarial {and, after all, it wasn’t officially a date} I shelled out the $26 in cash for the drinks. We finished our beers and were ready for a new round, and I could only assume Ted was going to get the next round. Summoning the beer man, I paused assuming Ted would fetch his wallet.

“You got these?” Ted asked, rather rhetorically.

Being the ever so non-confrontational Virgo that I am, I once again relinquished my hard-earned cash for the overpriced brews. This happened once more before I finally developed some much-needed liquid courage.

“I’ve gotten three rounds. How about you get the next,” I suggested.

“Oh yeah, that’s cool. I just figured since I got the tickets it would be even Stevens. I’ve had enough though I’m just going to grab a water.”

Go. Figure.

Minutes later, two men who just so happened to be Ted’s colleagues settled into the row behind us.

Ted made introductions and the three of them engaged in slightly mundane conversation about the many gripes they had with their place of employment.

“But hey, it does have its perks. Can’t beat free baseball tickets,” his friend proclaimed.

I turned to give Ted the nastiest look I could muster as the blood rushed to his face, and he cowardly sank into his seat desperately avoiding eye contact.

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Appalled {and slightly inebriated}, I gave Ted’s coworkers the skinny on his proposal for the evening.

As the guys began taunting him about consistently being a cheap little penny-pincher, Ted claimed that he was clearly joking about the whole situation and that he was, in fact, going to give me the money for his portion of the drinks.

I held my hand out to collect the $52 owed for his portion while he begrudgingly shuffled through his wallet and handed me a measly $12.

“Where is the rest,” I inquired impatiently.

“I will have to get you back. I don’t have much cash on me.”

Knowing all too well that I was not going to receive the remainder of the debt from this hood-winking little tightwad {it wasn’t the money, it was the principle}, I thanked Ted’s coworkers for the revelation of his deceit.

I didn’t bother bidding Ted any sort of farewell, and we had yet to exchange numbers, so it is safe to say I will not be hearing from him again.

Have you got an entertaining dating story of your own from Hoboken or Jersey City?

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