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What’s Been Going on at Hoboken High School

by Amanda O'Brien
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The months of April through June have been significantly eventful for Hoboken High School. Going down the list, countless ceremonies, dinners, and trips took place within the spring semester to have students gleefully busy with plans. As academic deadlines grew closer, however, there were plenty of opportunities to take time for oneself. We’ve rounded up a quick list of the most noteworthy activities happening at HHS to keep you in the loop. Keep reading for a full list of what’s been going on at Hoboken High School.

Classrooms Without Walls: Japan —  Land of the Rising Sun {International Club}

After two long years of fundraising, planning, and determination, Hoboken High’s 10-day trip to Japan was made possible. On the night of April 6th, a band of 40 students, parents, and staff {the biggest group ever} headed out for the journey. The trip lasted from April 6th through April 18th. Each day was jammed packed full of plans, from visiting sacred shrines, amazing dining, and loads of shopping. Students stayed in Tokyo first for three evenings, Hakkone for one, Kyoto for another three nights, Hiroshima for one, and Osaka for the last night. Tokyo was quieter than expected, as the culture there is very peaceful. Some highlights of Tokyo were the shopping plazas of Harajuku and Shibuya’s infamous crosswalk.

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Hakkone is where the teens stayed at a traditional Japanese hotel, where a kimono dinner was held and where students slept on tatami beds. Kyoto was also on the traditional side, but had a Western flair with it. Kyoto’s highlights consisted of viewing the Golden Pavilion, going on a hike to interact with monkeys, and going inside a real samurai house. Next, in Hiroshima, there were many museums and memorials in remembrance of the nuclear attacks, where students witnessed the effects of them. Additionally, they rode on a ferry-boat to a beautiful island there. The water was as clear as ever, deer prancing along {believe it or not, they have the same commonality as pigeons in certain places over there!}, and gorgeous greenery encompassing the body of land.

Lastly, Osaka was the place that related most to home because of its similarities to Manhattan. The culture is much different there, compared to Tokyo, where citizens are much more boisterous and outgoing. In Osaka, the tour guide brought the students to a massive avenue, where there was a mall full of selections, street food galore, and large jumbotrons as far as the eye can see. It was very much like Times Square. In between traveling from place to place, they rode bullet trains and saw great figures such as the Great Buddha. This is only a rundown of one of the International club’s expeditions, but they have been everywhere. From London, Paris, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Greece next year, it is truly a club with awesome opportunities.

HHS’ Theater Club Presents: The Addams Family

On the weekend of May 17th-19th, Hoboken High School’s drama club held its performance of the famous The Addams Family as its district production. District plays include the younger student body of the Hoboken School District, meaning that children attending Wallace, Connors, and Calabro were eligible to participate.

Senior Prom

Friday, May 31st, was the night of HHS’ annual Senior Prom. Students arrived at the school in the early evening hours to take pictures and board the bus. Prom is always held at great venues, which is why the seniors must take a bus to said location. Hoboken High students never disappoint in their prom attire. The girls wore dazzling gowns of every color imaginable, and a lot of the boys matched with their dates in color as well. Everyone looked beyond stunning, with their hair done, nails painted, and their lush tuxes.

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Rockin’ Redwings D.C. Trip {National Memorial Day Parade}

Every two years, Memorial Day weekend is an important set of days on the band’s calendar for the Rockin’ Redwings. This year was their second time ever participating in the National Memorial Day Parade in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. That Sunday into Monday, they stayed in D.C. seeing the endless sights it has to offer such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial, and museums such as the Smithsonian. This year was especially special because of the band’s leaders {captains and drum major} participation in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Not many marching bands had this opportunity, so Hoboken High is very honored to have had it. The next day {on Memorial Day}, the band suited up and head out to march on Constitution Ave. The event was televised on NBC and the military channel.

What are you most excited about at Hoboken High School? Let us know in the comments! 

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