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Hoboken Resident Debuts Original Play The Interview at the Mile Square Theatre

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Hudson County has no shortage of amazing productions and cultural events galore. Luckily, here in Hoboken, we’ve got lots of local artists to support on any given day —  and this month, if you’re looking for something to do in town and you love supporting local residents, then you should check out The Interview. The Interview is an original play coming to the Mile Square Theatre {14th and Clinton in Hoboken} on June 29th and June 30th. Written and directed by Morgan Gertler, a Hoboken resident, its world premiere is happening next weekend, and we’ve got the exclusive scoop — including the fact that she’s been sitting on this manuscript for the past ten years, since she was in college.

We sat down with Morgan to discuss what it’s like creating a play from start to finish, where she got her inspiration from, and what you can expect from this live-action dark comedy. Read on to learn all about The Interview in Hoboken and a Q+A with its playwright, Morgan Gertler.

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Hoboken Girl: How did you become a playwright? Where did you get your start?

Morgan  Gertler: I guess I’m technically a playwright now, but it still feels weird to say! I actually wrote this play back in college, over 10 years ago, during my senior year at Montclair State University. I was an English major with a focus in creative writing. I was in a playwriting class and my play was well received by my classmates and professor, so much so that he helped me get it “produced” for one night at a small theater in Bloomfield. I’ve always wanted to do more with it, and finally found the inspiration last year when I went to a comedy show at a small theater in Bergen County. So, I expanded the play to make it longer, enhanced the writing and the story, and I even changed the name. I reached out to a friend from college who is an actor and pretty well-versed in the theater. Somehow I was able to convince him to take on a main role in the show, and then he actually introduced me the person he felt would fit another large character role. From there, it all started coming together.

HG: So what’s the process like when putting on a play? Besides writing it, you’re also directing. What’s that been like?

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MG: Directing is all about balance, at least that’s what I’m finding. Mike, one of our actors, has a lot more theater experience than I do, so he’s been a huge source of knowledge in terms of helping me stay on track. We meet a few times a week to rehearse and I come up with an agenda before each rehearsal. It’s important that I give honest and real feedback so that the actors know what’s working and what needs to be done better or differently. Luckily, they are really great at receiving feedback and we always have open discussions about ideas and how to make a scene as strong as possible. Rehearsals are actually really fun, and I truly love spending time with the actors — they teach me so much, they have awesome ideas that we’ve implemented into the show, and each time we rehearse the story comes to life more and more.

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HG: What has it been like getting support for the show? How have people been responding to it so far?

MG: Everyone in my life has been incredibly supportive. I had a few friends purchase tickets the day they went on sale, which was a slightly emotional moment because it meant it was really happening. Businesses in town purchased ad space in our playbill, which has helped us tremendously — as a self-produced show, we are responsible for costumes, props, a tech crew, marketing — the list goes on and on. This town really supports its people, and I felt that first-hand. Plus, I have so much support within our team of actors and crew.

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HG: Tell us about the team you’ve put together.

MG:  Michael Travers and Daniel Esposito are starring in the show and they really take us through the story. They are so talented, I never get tired of watching them rehearse. I really think the audience is going to fall in love with them. They are pros at making you go from belly-laughing one moment to sitting at the edge of your seat in anticipation the next. Working with them has made this entire experience really great.

Then we have another Hoboken local, Jennifer Rossano, who is in a supportive role. She’s so easy to work with and always up to do whatever it takes to make her scenes more impactful.  Emily Gocon is in charge of our lighting design, and is currently attending Montclair State University; Christopher Oliver is heading up all of our sound and music needs, and he is currently attending NJCU; Collin De Lade, who just graduated from MSU, is our stage/set manager. My crew is amazing and I’m so excited for the audience to see what they’ve helped us create through sound, music, lighting, and stage settings.

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HG: We can’t wait to see it! Any last words for our readers?

MG: I’ve always been a big believer in following your dreams — going after the things that make you feel more connected to who you are deep down. There is a part of me that still can’t believe it’s really happening, but it also feels incredibly right and necessary. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was very young, and although I love being a copywriter by trade, it’s the creative work that gets me really pumped. Anyone who comes to see our show is supporting dreams — mine, the actors, and the crew — because we are all doing something we love and want to share with others.

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What You Need to Know

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We are so excited for this show to be debuting in Hoboken and can’t wait to see it. Here’s all the info to catch the show this month.

The Interview is a dark comedy with plot twists throughout the show. Audience members can expect to be entertained by the witty humor woven into the dialogue and the mysterious story that unfolds. Be prepared for adult content and language, but feel free to laugh when it feels right.  

The Interview will be at the Mile Square Theater in Hoboken on June 29th at 8:00PM and June 30th at 3:00PM. Tickets are on sale at theinterviewplay.eventbrite.com for $20. Definitely purchase a ticket in advance — we’re so excited to support!

A limited number of tickets will be available to purchase at the theater for $30, but we recommend purchasing ahead of time to save some money + guarantee your seat. There is also a short Q+A with Morgan and the actors after the show, so you can ask all your questions about the story, acting, directing, and more.

Are you planning to see The Interview when it debuts? Let us know in the comments!

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