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A Shipyard Addition: McLoone’s Pier House in Uptown Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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While Turning Point is a great spot for an uptown waterfront brunch, there aren’t that many uptown eateries on the water that are open for dinner {perhaps because they’re a little scared of this}. However, I was so excited to hear that McLoone’s Pier House {located at 1300 Sinatra Drive} opened for business several weeks ago — which if you didn’t know is a local “chain” started by a NJ resident in 1987 {the first one being in Sea Bright, NJ}. My dinner date and I recently got a chance to swing by and dine in the main dining room {there’s also a bar area}…and so of course I’m going to share the scoop!

mcloones hoboken

The inside of the bar area at the Pier House


When you walk in, the bar is right in front of you — a circular shape with chairs on all sides as well as TVs on the walls for all of the games. The hostess table is to the left, as well as some of the dining room, which is where we sat. We were greeted by our waitress, Aimee, who was sweet as pie. You can tell that they have trained their employees well, as she was knowledgeable about the menu items {I love asking the server’s opinion!}, and the managers were out and about asking patrons about their experience.

My date and I ordered cocktails and appetizers to start — mine being a very refreshing cucumber cocktail called I’ll Never Be the Same {yes, all of the drinks have a Frank Sinatra song spin to them}. The full cocktail menu can be found here.

mcloones hoboken

Vepo Clean

We also ordered the California sushi roll and Beef Skewers, both which were quite enjoyable and good portion size {pictured above is not the full beef skewers, just what I took on my plate}. For Dinner: I ordered the Sesame Salmon salad — which was cooked well + tasty. The bed of salad was filled with arugula, mango, tomatoes, onions, and a sesame ginger vinaigrette. Delish!

mcloones hoboken

Huge portion size for the salad. And delicious, too!

Zap Fitness


Now McLoones is known for their seafood-based entrees, but even if you have an anti-seafood {or allergic} dinner date like mine, they have options {tip: look for the menu section “on the shore“}. It’s not a huge menu selection for non-seafood, but you will definitely be able to find something! He went with the American Classic Burger with American Cheese on a brioche bun, which he enjoyed very much {as he is a seasoned Hoboken burger connoisseur}.

mcloones hobokenAnother drink you can order — Strangers in the Night. Beware — it is STRONGGG!

The new McLoone’s definitely a spot for upscale dining — appetizers can run as much as $18 per plate — so make sure to plan accordingly. It’s a great place to take a date, family visiting, or even a coworker outing… especially because it’s right next to Pier 13 {perfect rain date!}. Next time we go I want to try the “veggie flatbread” — artichoke, goat cheese, spinach, basalmic drizzle, and roasted red peppers. YUM. Perhaps the best thing, however, about this new Hoboken hot spot is this view:

mcloones hoboken

Right next to the water, with a view of the ESB and Pier 13, of course!

With the location and seafood to match, McLoone’s is bound to be a Hoboken staple in no time, as it is in its other NJ locations. Plus, we hear they will be having live music on weekend evenings. So fun!

pier house

Have you been? What did you think?

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