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Here’s What $3100 Can Get You in Hoboken

by Katherine Chaves Diaz
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Since the pandemic, many people have decided to make the wise decision and move to New Jersey. Hoboken is a perfect spot to live in if you don’t want city living but need to be close to commute for work. For those that have been curious about what is the cost of living in Hoboken, we’re asking locals to tell us first-hand how much it costs them to live in Hoboken in our new Here’s What $ Can Get You in Hoboken + Jersey City Series. Keep reading to learn more about this property on 11th and Grand. 

If you’d like your apartment or house to be considered for a feature in this series, email hello@hobokengirl.com with the below questions answered + photos of your home.

Hoboken Girl: What city do you live in?

Anonymous: Hoboken

HG: What street do you live on?

A: 11th and Grand

HG: Do you rent or own?

A: Rent

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HG: How long have you lived there?

A: I’ve lived in Hoboken for five years but have lived on 11th and Grand for two years.

HG: How much do you pay for rent?

A: $3,100

HG: What is the square feet of your home?

A: 1,000 square feet.

HG: How many bedrooms + bathrooms?

A: 2 beds, 2 bath

HG: What are the stand-out features of your home?

A: The balcony is HUGE to us, we moved just to have some outdoor space. We also have a master bedroom that has an en suite, which is something we really wanted. While the second bathroom is accessible for the rest of the apartment and our in-house washer and dryer.

HG: What amenities does your building offer?

A: Courtyard with grills, gym, shuttle to the path, and a co-working space.

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HG: What was your decorating budget for the entire space?

A: To be honest, I’m not totally sure lol. We’ve been slowly decorating since our last apartment. Here are some of the items that we’ve recently spent on. The Office/2nd bedroom for all of the furniture was around $2,000 (we’ve put the most $$ into this with recent WFH needs). For the balcony we spent $900 (our most recent purchases, still coming along) For our living room we’ve had this furniture for a while, but if I had to guess we spent $2,000 on decorating when we first did the space and our bedroom is in need of a makeover 🙂 So will leave out what we’ve spent on that since it hasn’t been much

HG: What is your neighborhood like? What surrounds your home?

A: We keep resigning our lease because of the location! It’s so close to all of our favorite coffee shops –Dolce & Salato, The Hive, and Bwe. It’s also one block away from Columbus Park. We also have Tenth Street Pizza, 10th and Willow, Carpe Diem, The Shephard and the Knucklehead, The Ale House, Rosario’s Pizza, more are all within a four-block distance from our apartment. Even the supermarket like Shoprite and Trader Joe’s are only a few blocks away.


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