5 Jersey City Spots That Are Open 24 Hours {to Satisfy ANY Late-Night Craving}

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Hoboken’s post said it all: hunger knows no timeframe so we’ve done you the service of piggy-backing on it with a round up of some of Jersey City’s best 24-hour restaurants …try and get to the end without drooling.  Silver lining: no matter what time you’re reading this, you can head to any one of these five locations because they’re open ’round the clock!

City Diner {31 Montgomery St}


We live in a state that has the most and some of the best diners in the world, so naturally we had to kick this round up off with a diner!  City Diner is the best in Paulus Hook {some would argue the best in JC} — and this 24-hour spot has all the perks a traditional diner has to offer but with an urban edge. There are tons of options to choose from, and the menu includes all diner must-haves like disco fries, hot open-faced sandwiches, and milkshakes {as well as some creative options like Granny Smith Sweet Potato Fries, perfect for this time of year}.  …Oh yea, and they deliver too.

VIP Diner {175 Sip Ave}


With the many different neighborhoods in Jersey City, come different diners. VIP diner may just be Journal Square’s most reliable 24-hour spot {because let’s be serious, when they serve great food in comfortable booths and are open 24 hours, there’s not much more you can ask for}. This is a traditional no-frills type of place that looks old school inside and out {Grecian-trimmed paper place mats included}. The kitchen serves traditional diner fare — you should come here for the classics {aka the carbs} like the perfect stack pictured above or some of the best curly fries of your life.

White Mana {470 Tonnele Ave}


White Mana is a pretty legendary place in Hudson County {being the 1939 World’s Fair building is a historical landmark and was the 1939 World’s Fair building, as well as the first Manna to open. When originally introduced, it was called the “diner of the future” and an “Introduction to Fast Food.”}, and they’ve been owning the hamburger game for decades. While everything on the menu is amazing {especially between the hours of 2am and 3am}, come here for the cheeseburgers, waffle fries and fountain sodas. The burgers are more like sliders than full burgers — which means its totally okay to have several — and they are seriously amazing.  Go there, tell them we sent you, and order the cheeseburger special. You’ll thank us.

Stella’s Pizzeria and Restaurant {315 Grove St}


Conveniently located on Grove St {around the corner from the bar scene on Newark Ave}, Stella’s never disappoints.  Not only do they serve delicious pizza {24 hours a day} but they satisfy your greasy late-night food cravings like a champ.  Their cheesy pepperoni goodness is always the perfect end to a good night.

Neptune Bakery & Deli {1612 John F Kennedy Blvd}


Craving something sweet instead of savory?  Well don’t under estimate Neptune Bakery just by its unassuming appearance {those are usually the best places}.  At first glance this 24-hour spot looks like any traditional bakery with a good assortment of pastries and donuts but what you need to know is they make some of the best egg tarts {otherwise known as custard cups} this side of the Hudson — or perhaps anywhere.  Good thing they’re open 24 hours, as it gives you endless chances to be one of the lucky ones to get a tart fresh from the oven.

Where are you headed for you next late night {or early morning} eats in JC?

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Christine is a born-and-raised Jersey Girl who landed in Jersey City several years ago. After a year of living in JC and absolutely loving it, Christine and her husband decided to make it a little more permanent and buy their own little piece of downtown Jersey City. When she isn’t crunching numbers as a merchandise planner in NYC, you can find her strolling down Newark Avenue heading to Barre, running along the waterfront, trolling the awesome JC vintage shops or discovering another great place to grab a bite to eat. If she’s not enjoying all that Jersey City has to offer, you will most likely find her on her couch…watching Bravo.