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    February 5th = WORLD NUTELLA DAY. If this doesn’t sound like a holiday to you, then we’re not sure what will. As the World Nutella Day site states, “Nutella is more than just a chocolaty hazelnut spread. It is a way of life.” Think about the time you first discovered Nutella. You were probably intrigued — feeling *all* the feels. Because, chocolate for breakfast {…and lunch…and dinner} is what’s up. That being said, it’s time to bestow all of the hazelnut chocolate knowledge on you:  here are a few ways to celebrate World Nutella Day in Hoboken.

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    Nutella Cappucino {and Nutella Pie!} at Blue Eyes Restaurant

    blue eyes cafe hoboken girl

    Need we say more? But in case we do, just know they also have a Nutella pizza to compliment your already sugary state of being. YUM.

    Crostini Con Nutella and Nutella Pie at Otto Strada

    This is a very fun spin on bruschetta. The sweet version! If you haven’t been to Otto Strada, run — don’t walk! It’s a great midtown spot a bit off the beaten path. They also have Nutella pizza, and we highly recommend their cannoli cones! #omg.

    Nutella Creme Brûlée at Brass Rail

    nutella brass rail

    Brûléed nutella with freshly hand-whipped cream–and the cream is also brûléed. In a nutshell: YOU MUST TRY THIS DESSERT. It’s pretty ridiculous – a slight crunch of the brûlée with the fresh whipped cream and nutella creaminess. Heaven.

    Nutella Cheesecake Cookie’s N’ Crepes 

    The marriage of Nutella and cheesecake might blow minds at first, but don’t knock it just yet. This Jersey City shop whips up a sweet Nutella cheesecake.

    Nutella Pizza Pie at Johnny Pepperonis

    Delicious and doughy don’t begin to cover it. But you don’t have to take the HG word for it. Johnny Pepperoni’s pies are pretty awesome – and a great uptown family spot! Plus, it’s BYOB.


    Mascarpone Nutella Crostinis at Dozzinos 

    dozzino mascarpone nutella dessert

    Yeah. These are no joke. Dozzinos also has a Nutella Pie {pizza dough} which is delicious — but they often run out of supplies, so be prepared and perhaps call ahead so you don’t get disappointed when they

    Nuttella Croissant at Dolce & Salato

    nutella croissant dolce salato

    In a few words: This croissant is FIRE. You will not find a more richy and gooey Nutella croissant in the Hudson County vicinity {yeah, that’s a fact}. Coupled with the fact that the owners are Italian, you know it’s gonna be good. But don’t take our word for it.

    Nutella Pie at San Giuseppe’s

    It’s 10 inches of glorious, doughy, fluffy goodness with Nutella, strawberries, and powdered sugar. Have you been here? They have tons of gluten-free eats as well.

    Acai Bowls at Shaka Bowl

    shaka bowl hoboken girl

    If you’re on a health kick but craving some Nutella, no worries — try Shaka Bowl’s Molokai Cacao bowl with your choice of base {acai or pitaya}, granola, banana, strawberry, goji berries, cacao nibs, crushed almonds, + Nutella. You can also create your own bowl and top it with Nutella — as long as there’s fruit involved, it’s guilt-free, right?

    Nutella Crepes {at StacksLa Bouche CafeCoco Havana}

    crepe guru nutella crepe

    At Stacks…try the Sweet Tooth Crepe — and at La Bouche or Coco Havana just ask for the Nutella crepes! These are sure to help you satisfy your craving. They are beyond decadent and filled with Nutella-y goodness.

    Nutella Doughnuts at Anthony David’s


    Most things at Anthony David’s are out-of-this-world… so it should be relatively decent.

    Nutella Pizza at Porta

    Porta Nutella Pizza

    {Photo courtesy of @portajerseycity}

    There a few things more delicious than Nutella on its own…unless it’s Nutella AND pizza. Porta in Jersey City offers a dessert pie made with Nutella to satisfy all those sweet tooth needs.

    Nutella Drizzle at Acai Ya Later

    acai bowls hoboken acai ya later

    At Acai Ya Later, you can create your very own acai or pitaya bowl and have it drizzled with Nutella. So, when your friend suggests getting a healthy snack, be that person and throw some Nutella on it. And they definitely don’t skimp, so be prepared.

    Nutella Ice Cream at Milk Sugar Love 

    Jersey City’s Milk Sugar Love is literally spreading the love with a scoop {or two} of Nutella flavored ice cream.

    Nutella Latte at SamAM

    This JC coffee shop offers shots of Nutella to be added to your latte to get a caffeine and sweet fix all-in-one.

    Anything at the Nutella Cafe

    Nutella Cafe NYC ig

    {Photo courtesy of @nutellacafenewyork}

    Although located across the river {making it a bit of a hike away}, the Nutella Cafe in NYC is any Nutella lover’s dream. It sells all things, well, Nutella. From crepes, gooey-filled croissants, affogato, and so much more, this cafe serves every Nutella need out there.

    Last burning question: 

    Where to buy Nutella in Hoboken {locally}? 

    Vito’s Delicatessen has been known to supply it… as well as a few other Italian delis around town + Shoprite. But if we’re being honest, it’s way more fun to buy this Italian treat at an authentic Italian deli…especially in Hoboken.

    Now, if you’re crafty and want to make your own, here are 10 Nutella Recipes for you to create at home.

    Or, of course, there’s always a spoon.

    To sum it all up, in one emoji = 😍.

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    How will you be celebrating World Nutella Day? Spoon ya later!

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