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Where to Get Waxed in Jersey City {+ Tips from a Waxing Specialist}

by Alexis Spoden
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The temperatures are rising, the beaches are open, and with bathing suit season upon us, it is time to tidy up down under. Waxing is one of the quickest, most effective ways to clean up unwanted hair on the body, and with so many great choices of wax studios in the area, you will be beach-ready in no time.

But first, bikini waxing can be a scary topic for first-timers, so we took to the experts to provide some tips and advice on how to prepare for the experience and proper aftercare. Keep reading to discover waxing spots in Jersey City + waxing care tips from a waxing specialist.

Advice Before + After the Wax

kim uni k wax specialist

Kim, a waxing specialist from Uni K Wax, answers all of our questions on how to properly care for the skin pre and post-wax. She has been in the cosmetology industry for eight years and waxing professionally for four, so she has graciously shared with us her knowledge and expertise.

How should customers prepare for their first bikini wax?

Customers should prepare for their first bikini wax by not shaving the area for a minimum of two weeks. Your hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long which would look like a grain of rice. The hair will be coarse the first few times if you are transitioning from shaving. As you keep waxing, the hairs will grow in much finer making the process less painful. Cotton clothing is best to wear post-wax. Also, nothing tight, as that could cause irritation and ingrown hairs. Here’s a good tip: two days prior to your wax, exfoliate the area with a scrub or a natural sponge, doing this will remove dead skin cells allowing the hair to be removed more easily.

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What should customers avoid doing before coming to get a wax?

Things to avoid before a body wax include tanning, swimming, drinking coffee or alcohol, and shaving. All of these can cause skin sensitivity and create a more painful waxing experience.

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What are some of the benefits of waxing versus the alternatives?

There are many benefits of waxing. The hair is instantly removed from the root. The hair will come in much finer and softer after time. The more consistent you are with waxing, the less the hair will grow. You will have smoother skin for weeks after your service because the dead skin cells are being removed. Compared to shaving, which grows back quickly and spikey, and laser removal, which can be expensive and resistant to non-dark hair {i.e. red, blonde, gray}, waxing is the perfect alternative to achieve silky smooth skin.

Will it always be so painful?

Your first bikini wax will be the most painful. After you have done it once, the next time will be much easier. Keep waxing consistently and each visit will get easier. Also, a few days before or after your menstrual cycle, your skin will be more sensitive due to hormone changes. A week before or after your period is the ideal time to wax.

How should customers care for the area following their bikini wax?

You should avoid tight clothing immediately after a wax. For up to 24 hours following your wax, you should avoid sweating or intercourse, this could cause irritation to the area. If the area still feels sensitive after the visit, you can use Aloe Vera on the area. It will soothe the skin and provide cooling relief.

How can you prevent ingrown hairs or skin irritation?

You can prevent ingrown hairs or irritation after a wax by regularly exfoliating the area three to four times a week. If you have a problem with more serious ingrown hairs, we carry an ingrown hair roll-on called Sense; you can apply it to the area once a day making sure your skin is clean and dry. This product targets underneath the skin to repair the damage. Extracts of lavender, hops, licorice root, calendula lemon peel, and sage are the main ingredients.

If ingrown hairs or irritation occur, how should they be treated?

The skin can get red for a while after the procedure as a normal reaction to follicle removal. It is advisable to use cold compresses to relieve redness or an antibiotic cream which would help avoid infection.

How long should a wax typically last and how long should customers wait in between waxes to book another?

A fresh wax will last two weeks before any regrowth starts to resurface to the skin, but it will not be ready for a wax until four weeks. Once the hairs start surfacing, they will grow in very slowly.

Full Body Waxing Spots in Jersey City

Before you book your appointment, you should know about the different types of wax available. Types of wax include soft wax removes hair using paper strips, and hard wax removes hair without using strips.

European Wax Center {389 Washington Boulevard}

european wax center jc

{Photo credit: @europeanwax}

This well-known conglomerate is a trusted source for all waxing needs. Their services cover just about any area on the body, from eyebrows all the way down to the toes. They pride themselves on their exceptional service and quality staff in every location. The best part, their first wax is complimentary. First-time ladies can enjoy a complimentary brow, underarm, or bikini line wax, and first-time men can enjoy a free ear, nose, or brow wax. Plus, they offer what is called a Wax Pass, which can save customers up to 25% off services – head to their website for more details, and to book your appointment.

Type of Wax: European Wax Center only uses hard wax to remove hair, paper strips are never involved.

European Wax Pricing:

  • Eyebrows – $22
  • Lip – $13
  • Bikini Line – $42
  • Brazilian – $59 

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Uni K Wax Studio {332 Marin Boulevard}

uni k wax jersey city

{Photo credit: @unikwax_jerseycity}

If you’ve got sensitive skin, Uni K Wax has got you covered. Their wax is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, gluten-free, and paraben-free. It is created with only pure, honest ingredients, gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Each waxer is required to attend a two-week intensive instructional course where they are certified in the brand’s own unique methodology of applying wax. If this is not enough to convince you to book an appointment, they also offer a rewards program for customers to earn points which will discount their services and first-time customer freebies. First-time female customers can get a free bikini line front, underarm, or upper lip wax, and first-time male customers get a free commando line front, shoulders, or nostrils wax, or 10% off any other service. They are confident that after trying Uni K Wax, you will be hooked.

Type of Wax: Hard wax with elasticity {no strips used}. It is a proprietary blend made from beeswax and pine resin and is applied at body temperature for a comfortable feel.

Uni K Wax Pricing:

  • Eyebrows – $20
  • Lip – $13
  • Bikini Line {front + back} – $39
  • Full Brazilian – $53

Gaia’s Cavern {140 Wayne Street}

gaias cavern jersey city

{Photo credit: @gaiascavern}

 This eco-friendly boutique and spa is sure to make you feel pampered. Waxing is just one of the many sensational spa services offered at Gaia’s Cavern. Their high-quality wax is formulated with essential oils to help soothe the skin. While you are at it, try some CBD gummies to help you relax before the wax, one of the many goodies available at their shop.

Type of Wax: Gaia’s Cavern uses a wax called Pinkini, a high-quality hybrid between traditional hot wax and hard wax. It is used without strips, applied at a low temperature, and has shrink-wrapping capabilities that allow it to cling to hairs as short as 1 mm. For larger areas of the body such as legs or arms, Gaia’s Cavern will use traditional soft wax with strips.

Gaia’s Cavern Pricing:

  • Eyebrows {sculpt + trim} – $45
  • Lip – $12
  • Tailored Bikini – $55 and up
  • Brazilian – $70 and up

Suite Tee Wax Studio {172 Newark Avenue}

suitee wax jersey city

{Photo credit: @suitetee}

This beauty studio is a one-stop-shop for all your summer or vacation needs. They perform body waxing, spray tanning, and nail art, and offer customers 50% off their first bikini wax. Owner and celebrity manicurist, Tee Hundley, always dreamt of opening a space in Jersey City. The studio’s charming beach décor and calming atmosphere beautifully capture her love of the ocean and the Caribbean. You will be vacation ready as soon as you walk out the door.

Type of Wax: Both hard and soft wax is used depending on the area being waxed.

Suite Tee Pricing:

  • Eyebrow Wax Shape and Full – $25
  • Lip – $12
  • Bikini Line – $42
  • Brazilian – $62

Zahara Day Spa {403 Monmouth Street}

zahara spa jersey city

{Photo credit: @zaharadayspa}

This family-owned and operated spa is deeply rooted in the Moroccan tradition, offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. The founders, Zahara and daughter Najat {current owner and skincare specialist}, believe that health and beauty are everyone’s natural rights and should not be treated just as luxuries {agreed}. Although this spa is most known for its skincare, facials, and therapeutic massages, waxing is one of their many services offered. During a wax, they use desensitizing and calming treatments to ensure the most comfortable experience possible.

Type of wax used: Both soft wax and hard wax is available, depending on the customer’s preference.

Zahara Day Pricing:

  • Eyebrows – $80
  • Lip – $20
  • Bikini – $50
  • Brazilian – $90


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