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The 10 Finalists for Cutest Dad in Hudson County 2019 — TIME TO VOTE!

by Arielle Witter
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Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s no secret that Hudson County is home to some of the most adorable dads and their kids. In honor of all these amazing dads, we’ve asked our readers to submit a photo and description of their favorite dad with his little one {or fur baby} for our Cutest Dad in Hudson County 2019 contest. We’ve taken all the nominees and narrowed them down to our top 10 picks — and now it’s up to you, our readers, to pick the winner.

Keep reading to discover our top 10 nominees  + vote for the cutest dad in Hudson County 2019 {voting polls at the bottom of this post!}. 

This year’s winner will get: 

– A Hoboken Girl Men’s Tank
– 1 FREE family photoshoot with @puparazzinyc with your human or fur child{ren} — over $250 value
– $50 Gift Certificate to Grand Vin in Hoboken
– $50 Gift Certificate to SAKU Hoboken
– $50 Gift Certificate to Hudson Coffee
– $50 Gift Card to The Shepherd & the Knucklehead
– A tour of an ambulance and the Corps building courtesy of Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps 
– A  6’ Choco on Choco cake with an edible printout photo of the winning dad on top from Baking Mama 

Get ready, Hudson County, because here are our top 10 nominees for you to pick from — voting is at the bottom of this post. 

{You can vote from today, June 7th through Wednesday, June 12th}

1. Ariel 

ariel cutest dad

Ariel’s wife Kiely shared:

“My husband Ariel is definitely is the cutest dad in Hoboken (in my humble opinion).  When I say that I could not do this parenthood thing without him, it is an understatement.  He has never “helped” me with the kids, because he has always taken on equal, if not more, of the responsibility that comes along with caring for two young children.  He manages to make the most menial tasks, like cleaning or shopping, fun with them.  We both work full-time and are challenged with work-life balance, as many parents are.  But, despite all the responsibilities we are balancing, he has never missed a doctor’s appointment, school drop-off, bedtime song or goodnight kiss.  Quite simply put, he is the cutest, best dad I could ever imagine for our kids.” 

2. Simeon

simeon cutest dad

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Glenne, Simeon’s wife, shared:

“Simeon is such an incredible dad to our daughter Morgan. Despite working longer hours, he makes sure to find time in the morning to feed her, play and take her to daycare. He even got a Lyft monthly plan to spend extra time with Morgan in the mornings and evenings.  He is such a proud dad who constantly updates his phone background to reflect the most up-to-date picture of Morgan; which makes me love him even more!  You will most likely see him walking around Hoboken with Morgan attached in a front-facing carrier.  His favorite thing to do with her is to make her laugh as seen in this picture.”

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3. Steven

steven cutest dad

Jaclyn, Steven’s wife, shared:

Steven is the cutest dad in Hudson County because despite all of his responsibilities with being the mayor of the largest city in New Jersey he still puts his family first. We appreciate all the hard work he does for us. Ever since Jaxon was born, Steve has embraced this role better then I could have ever imagined. He is a very hands-on dad and balances work and family so effortlessly. During the first few weeks after Jaxon was born, Steve would stay up all night with him when I was just too tired and drained which I am forever grateful for! I love watching his eyes light up every time he sees our baby.  I hope JJ grows up to be just like him.”

4. Josh

cutest dad josh

Josh’s stepdaughter Paige shared:

“Let me just say my (step) dad Josh is the cutest (he would hate anyone saying that, because he’s so humble) Hoboken dad. We aren’t the typical dad/baby combination, but that doesn’t mean there is any less love! He met my mom and when I was already older, but always treated and loved me like his own child. He’s a firefighter in town, and at any given time you can hear someone yelling his nickname ‘Chupa!’ He is caring and kind, not only to us but to everyone in the community. Whether he’s helping someone who is locked out with the fire department or rescuing me from a flat tire – he truly is the best dad!”

5. Kumar

kumar cutest dad

Roma, Kumar’s wife, shared:

Kumar is a very loving & caring husband & father too. He loves Renae so much & takes care of her at night if she wakes up. When he’s at work he used to FaceTime us every day until we installed a camera in her room just so he could see her & not miss her milestones. Words may not express it but right from when she was a few days old up until now says she is definitely a ‘Daddy’s girl.'”

6. Jared

jared cutest dad

Jared’s wife Lauren shared:

“Our Guy.  Our #1. Our bug catching, two-wheel training, batting practicing, life lesson teaching, bbq grilling, family yoga leading, bedtime storytelling, Sunday breakfast making, crazy sports fanning, dad of this house.  He works his tail off at work, and rushes home for a quick wrestling match with the kids, before helping to get them off to sleep.  Not to mention, he’s been the most handsome man in every room since we met on New Year’s Eve 2001 :).  Being a dad to three kids under six, and a CEO is d*mn hard work, but he makes the balance look effortless while finding a minute here and there to make me feel special.  He keeps this family sane, and a roof over our heads.  We are so very lucky to have you, Jared!”

7. Ash

ash cutest dad

Rubina, Ash’s wife shared:

“My husband Ash has been living in Hoboken since 2004. We’ve had a pretty tough year but he has hung on tight all the way and been the best dad and husband. He’s created a lot of memories here in Hudson County, but soon we may be off to the burbs. This would be a perfect send-off. I nominate him as Hoboken has been his home and this town is so close to his heart.”

8. Chuck

chuck cutest dad

Chuck’s wife Lindsey shared:

“My husband, Chuck Lupardo, is an incredible father. I know many people say that about their husbands/dads, but people actually stop me on the street who know him and see them together to tell me this….as if I didn’t already know. He’s the guy who cooks dinner for us every night, the one who does bath time because he just loves it more than I do. He’s the master of all of her hairstyles, mainly her ‘topknots’ and ‘ponytails’ that she has started to request ‘only dadda does.’

I have to travel for business sometimes and right now, I am on a work trip for four nights (longest I’ve ever left our daughter, Charley) and he is taking her to the fair in Hoboken today, followed by the pier and Amanda’s ice cream. I leave him zero instructions because he doesn’t need them. I could never do this amazing mom thing without him. He is more than a partner, he is everything to us and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.”

9. Matt

matt cutest dad

Danielle, Matt’s wife shared:

“Matt was always a supportive and caring partner, but after a few years of trying and failing to have a baby, I realized how lucky I was to be on this journey with him. He always told me life would be ok if it was just us two, but as soon as Colden was born he stepped into the role he was meant for so seamlessly. I love to watch the bond and love they have and realize how lucky both Colden and I are to have Matt. Cole quickly became Matt‘s best bud, his “Little Dude.” He gets so excited to see him in the morning, the second he comes home from work, and lives for his weekends with us. Matt is all about adventures (Colden is named after a mountain in Lake Placid), and he is thrilled to take Colden along to share all the things he loves. He is creating that best life possible for our son, and for that, I nominate him for the Cutest Dad 2019 award!”

10. Mike  

Mike’s wife shared:

Mike was a great dad before our daughter was even born. He never left my side during our fertility battle, attending all appointments with questions in hand, bringing me donuts and flowers when I felt down and sharing funny anecdotes about our frozen embryos as if they were already our children. But nothing beats seeing him cuddling with Aria, whispering “who’s daddy’s favorite girl?” (In the baby voice he swore he would never use), while she looks at him with adoring eyes. In the first month of her life, I rarely changed a diaper or did a late night feeding. He took to fatherhood like a pro. Even now, Aria never misses a tummy time session under his watch and always hears a fun naptime story. At 4 months old, she lives like a princess in this home! 

Now that you’ve seen the adorableness that is happening around the area, it’s time to pick a favorite! Pick one dad, daily, to vote for. Winner will receive the eight prizes listed above.

VOTE BELOW {please note, once you vote, the box disappears – it will return several hours after your last vote} you can vote daily until 6/12.

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