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Hoboken + Jersey City Restaurants With Vegan + Gluten-Free Menu Items

by Yiwei Gu
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Despite the fact that many restaurants are offering vegan and/or gluten-free options these days, ordering food is still not easy for those who follow either diet – or both. Many can recount at least one funny anecdote of having to choose between the only two not-so-appealing vegan and gluten-free items on a restaurant menu. But following a vegan and/or gluten-free regimen doesn’t have to mean limited choices or compromised taste. Here we have rounded up a list of vegan – or at least mostly vegan restaurants in North Jersey that also offer sizable gluten-free options. Read on to discover Hoboken and Jersey City restaurants + bakeries serving up vegan and gluten-free menus

Baking Mama | 88 Hudson Street, Hoboken

Baking Mama

Photo credit: @iambakingmama

A great bakery for sweets and treats, Baking Mama has options for vegan and gluten-free cakes and cookies are plenty.

Black Rail Coffee | 800 Jackson Street, Hoboken

Black Rail Coffee

Photo credit: @blackrailcoffee

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A solid cafe tucked away in the northwestern corner of Hoboken. Beyond espresso drinks and chai latte – plant-based beverage options available, the menu boasts a variety of delicious sandwiches and salads, many of which are vegan friendly. Some favorites include the portobellos and roasted pepper sandwich/salad, the avocado toast, and the handcrafted gluten-free granola bars.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop | 514 Washington Street, Hoboken

brooklyn dumpling shop hoboken

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Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is Hoboken’s newest dumpling shop. The restaurant — which is an automated experience — has 32 flavors to choose from. The vegan and gluten-free dumpling options here include cheeseburger, vegetable, and Thai peanut chicken.

Busy Bee Organics |451 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City + 175 2nd Street, Jersey City

Busy Bee Organics

Photo credit: @busybeeorganics

A little gem in Jersey City’s Heights neighborhood making healthy, organic dishes with minimally processed ingredients. Many sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items can be made vegan — and all are gluten-free. The restaurant also offers meal plan delivery services with seasonal weekly menus.

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Bin 14 |1314 Washington Street, Hoboken

Bin 14

Photo credit: @bin14winebar

This lively Hoboken uptown spot makes some of the best gluten-free pizza in town – don’t forget to pair it with a delicious wine.

Choc O Pain | 157 first street + 1500 Hudson Street, Hoboken; 530 Jersey Avenue + 330-332 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City

Choc O Pain

Photo credit: @chocopainbakery

The bakery that made its name with buttery croissants and crunchy baguettes does not disappoint those seeking gluten-free/vegan options either. Its vegan viennoiseries are no less airy and buttery than the ones made with butter. Gluten-free bread has recently been added to the menu as well, which is similar to a sourdough loaf with beautiful cracks on the crust.

Cocoa Bakery | 475 Central Avenue, Jersey City + 275 Grand Street, Jersey City

Cocoa Bakery

Photo credit: @cocoabakeryjc

The bakery has a large selection of gluten-free and vegan desserts. A favorite even among the non-gluten-free crowd, is the incredibly rich flourless chocolate almond cake – also available for cupcakes. Also available are truffle cookies, personal-sized tarts, and many cupcakes. 

Northern Soul Kitchen & Bar | 1st Street, Hoboken

Northern Soul

(Photo credit: @northernsoulhoboken)

A popular neighborhood spot – the menu at Northern Soul marks vegan and gluten-free options clearly. From wings to pizza, this spot has great options.

Pizza Republic | 406 Washington Street, Hoboken

Pizza Republic

Photo credit: @pizzarepublicnj

Pizza Republic is a casual pizza joint with dairy-free cheese and gluten-free pie options.

Rosita’s Yah | 203 Academy Street, Jersey City

Rosita's Yah

Photo credit: @rositas.yah

A vegan eatery selling smoothie bowls, delicious vegan taco/burritos, and pastries. Gluten-free options are plenty, and occasionally there are also gluten-free specials – such as gluten-free date bar. Some menu options are kosher as well.

Saku Hoboken | 936 Park Avenue, Hoboken


Photo credit: @saku_hoboken

Plenty of GF options thanks to the use of rice. The menu takes pains to mark GF options, and you can ask to make your rolls and bowls vegan as well. 

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Shaka Bowl |720 Monroe Street + 110 Washington Street, Hoboken

Shaka Bowl

Photo credit: @shakabowl

A popular health food restaurant with a full-scale build-your-own bar of açai and poké bowls – so mathematically, countless vegan/gluten-free combinations. For those who do not bother to build their own bowls, there is also a long list of vegan/gluten-free friendly bowls, tacos, and snacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

SouzaFit Restaurant | 517 Washington Street, Hoboken

SouzaFit Restaurant is a healthy food eatery providing healthy food and meal prep options to the local community at an affordable price. All of the wraps, sandwiches, and breakfast sandwiches here come with a choice of bread, including both a gluten-free wrap or gluten-free bread.

Subia’s Cafe | 506 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City

Subia's Cafe

Photo credit: @subiasvegancafe

A much loved little cafe that has been serving delicious vegan food since 2003, opened by three siblings at their parent’s previous bodega. Gluten-free options, which as flagged on the menu, include some really interesting starters such as BBQ cauliflower and buffalo tempeh. Notably, it makes gluten waffles for breakfast, with the option to add different savory sides.

The Brick | 1122 Washington Street, Hoboken

The Brick

Photo credit: @the_brick_hoboken

A quaint neighborhood pizzeria with a full vegan menu. You can never go wrong with the vegan Margherita and classic cheese pizza, but also try the must-try pie on the menu is the BBQ Pulled “Pork” made with pulled young jackfruit and red onions. Gluten-free pies are also available upon request.

The Cliff | 38 Congress Street, Jersey City

The Cliff

Photo credit: @thecliffjc

The Cliff is a healthy food restaurant with crowd-pleasing vegan and gluten-free dishes, including vegan burgers, scrambles, and tacos.


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