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Quiz: Which Goddess Are You Channeling This Valentine’s Day?

by Sara
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If there was ever any doubt it has now become a prime time reality — feminine energy is a real movement. The Goddesses are back in town and they have come to play.  Women are stepping into their confidence. They are speaking up, being elected into congress, and shaking their hips with fearlessness. It is an amazing time to be a woman. Time to embrace the light that is shining down on all of us, beckoning us to embrace our sexuality, connect with our true selves, and use all of our magical feminine gifts for the greater good. Keep reading to learn more about your Goddess energy and how to tap into it this Valentine’s Day

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About Goddess Energy

There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to connect with your Goddess energy. But here’s the real question — what does it mean to be a goddess?

Goddess is a lifestyle. Being a Goddess means you are connected to your true self. You know who you are at your core, and you love every ounce of it. You embrace your sensual and sexual energy, and you have no shame in all of your game. Being a Goddess means you embrace the magick of the Universe, meaning you trust the path you are walking, and you make no apologies for going after what it is you truly desire.

Finding Out Which Goddess You Are

This year, try and embrace the movement by connecting to your own inner Goddess. If you are unfamiliar with Goddess and mythology, don’t fret, take the quick quiz below to find out which Goddesses sexual energy is closest to yours.

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The Quiz: 

1) Your favorite exercise is:

a)  Zumba

b)  Yoga

c)  Spin

d)  Weight Lifting

2) Your perfect date is:

a)  A quiet booth in the corner of a quaint restaurant with wine, food, and nowhere to be

b)  Netflix and chill

c)  A concert full of dancing and laughter

d) A sporting event

3) Your choice of drink is:

a)  Anything sparkling

b)  Wine, wine, and more wine

c)  Whatever you are pouring

d)  Anything low carb

4) During your free time you enjoy doing:

a)  Anything in nature

b)  Cooking and reading — some quiet time at home

c)  Being with friends

d)  Exercising or doing something active outdoors

5) Your friends would describe you as:

a) Spiritual

b) Caring

c) Outgoing

d) Strong

If you got mostly As…Aphrodite:  The Sensual Lover

Probably the most famous Goddess and symbolism for feminine energy, Aphrodite sensually dances her way through everything. She embodies fertility, beauty, and love. She manifests her desires with an infectious smile and an intense gaze. The Daughter of Zeus was so beautiful, it was rumored she was married off to Hephaestus for fear her beauty could start a war. Although forced into a marriage, she has many affairs for she was irresistible. No man, not even her Father Zeus could hold her back from whatever it was she desired. She embraced her sexuality and embraced the power that came along with it.  

If you connected with Aphrodite’s energy, then you are a romantic. You likely enjoy the chase, the attention, and all the affection from your partner. You enjoy being doted on and enjoy sensual sexual activities. In your bedroom, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

Valentine’s Day Date Suggestion: Get some fresh fruit, sparkling wine, lingerie, and lock your bedroom door. Perhaps even get some sensual essential oils {Aphrodite’s favorite is Ylang Ylang or Jasmine} and enjoy the sensual journey. 

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If you got mostly Bs…Hathor: The Generous Lover

The Daughter of the Sun God, Hathor is the Goddess of fertility and of the sky. Being the Daughter of the Sun God she is known to have a keen eye, to be all-knowing, and to see everything. She is a nurturer by nature, and one of the Goddesses closely related to motherhood. Others would call for her when they wished to conceive, labor, and raise a child. She is receptive and because of her strong association with fertility, she is closely related to Aphrodite in Greek mythology. 

If you relate to Hathor you are every partner’s dream. You are a giver and constantly wanting to please your partner. By knowing all, you even go above and beyond to make sure they are completely satisfied. 

Valentine’s Day Date Suggestion: Ask your lover to make you dinner. You are constantly nourishing others, allow them to nourish you. Save your energy for the late evening play hours, we’re sure they won’t argue with that.

If you got mostly Cs…Freyja: The Flirtatious Lover

Freyja is the Norse Mythology Goddess of sex and lust. Beautiful Freyja is bold, flirty, and fun.  She certainly was never shy or coy —this Goddess used her beauty to have gifts bestowed onto her. She loved lavish things and loved the attention her looks brought to her.  Freyja is the girlfriend you want for a night out on the town with. She is bold and always on the prowl. She craves attention and flirtatious energy.

If you are a Freyja you know exactly how to attract attention.  You know how to work it and you have a good time in the process. 

Valentine’s Day Date Suggestion: Ask your date to meet you at a bar/restaurant /hotel lobby with the intent of picking you up. From there, simply see where the flirtatious evening brings you!. 

If you got mostly Ds…Sekhmet: The Dominant Lover

The protector of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s, otherwise known as “The Powerful One.” Sekhmet was fierce and feared by all. She is the embodiment of feminine strength and bravery. Sekhmet steps forth providing unwavering strength that only a woman can describe. Sacrifices were made to appease this very powerful Goddess and she was known to even thirst for blood. 

If you relate to Sekhmet, you take control in the bedroom. You know exactly what you want and exactly how much you want to give. Sekhmet never questions her desires and never questions her strength. 

Valentine’s Day Date Suggestion: Add some playfulness into date night with your partner. Try something new together and push your boundaries. {Safely, of course!} 

Which of these goddesses have you related to the most? Let us know in the comments!


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