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Sara Says: Embrace Your Inner {Sexy} Goddess

by Sara
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With Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day happening this weekend, it’s the perfect time to write a special blog post about connecting with your Inner Goddess — that voice inside of every beautiful woman, the voice telling her who she is, what she needs, and what she wants.  My mother would refer to it as “woman’s intuition,” and Shakira refers to it as her “she wolf — but no matter what you nickname her, it’s your Inner Goddess.

Having trouble with the concept? Think about your female friends/co-workers/acquaintances, there’s always that one…there’s just something about her.  She walks calmly, she seems to be smiling from her cheeks, she looks deep into the eyes of the person she speaks to, she knows who she is, and no matter what the situation, she always looks radiant…damn her!  Yes, we can all sit back and think of that person in our lives who is just plain sexy at all times.  That sexy confidence is the connection to the Goddess energy within. 

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Masculine & Feminine Energy {Yang & Yin}

Let’s face it, we live in a world dominated by masculine energy.  Everyone wants everything yesterday, people bulldoze their way through crowds to squeeze into that already full subway car, and of course — we walk with great speed as if the ground beneath our feet is set on fire!  As this relates to Chinese Medicine, this is considered Yang energy {masculine}.  We all have Yang and Yin energy within us; it is simply part of our make-up.  However, living in or around a Yang-dominant city like New York, it is very easy to let the Yang energy overcome our Yin — our feminine energy.  As women living in this amazing area, we subconsciously let go of our Yin roots; we loose our soft, sensual, and natural sexy qualities which live within our pelvic bowl {hips}.  In order for a woman to connect to her Goddess energy, the Tao must be balanced — she must have equal parts Yin and Yang.  Not to worry, there are plenty of ways to nourish your Yin.  Other than acupuncture {of course}, I invite you to bring some flowers/plants into your space.  Yin is all about being close to the earth {Yang close to heaven}, so bringing earth into your home is nourishing for your Yin.  Same tip goes for what you eat: I typically recommend eating more root vegetables for patients with a Yin deficiency. Think carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes.  The closer it grows to the ground, the more Yin nutrition!

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Why the Hurry? Slow Down!

Back to the Yang energy and the rat race of our city, why are we always in such a rush?  Slowing down is not only Yin but, it is also an excellent way to notice subtleties about yourself.  Your Inner Goddess is never in a rush, she moves like peaceful morning waves of the ocean.  Perhaps try leaving for work a little earlier one day this week?  I invite you to notice how your every footstep feels {root yourself into the earth}, close your eyes and feel the wind in your hair, notice all the amazing qualities about our city that you likely rush past every single day.

Enjoy your morning instead of dreading it, I bet you will arrive feeling slightly peaceful; that peaceful feeling is your Goddess energy feeling the rewards of your enjoyment.  This also speaks true for sex.  Where is the need to rush to your next orgasm?  Let your Goddess energy enjoy the experience a bit!  Perhaps on February 14th, you will move those hips slower?  Moving too quickly only causes you miss that connection with your partner.  Embrace your Goddess energy by being present, aware, and letting go of your agenda. Couples {especially those who have been together for a long time} sometimes are just chasing that next orgasm and forget how enjoyable sex used to be. So, slow down and see where the moment takes you.  I am sure your partner will be pleasantly surprised and appreciate your Goddess taking the initiative!

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Sacral Chakra {2nd Chakra}

Yes, your Goddess energy likes to move slowly like the ocean but…don’t be fooled, this little lady knows who she is and what she wants!  If you want to get to know her consider getting to know your Sacral {2nd} Chakra as well; the seeker of pleasure and enjoyment.

Meditation and doing your favorite hip opener are excellent ways to connect to your Sacral Chakra.  Being the chakra of pleasure and enjoyment, and living in a society full of rules and judgment, quite often this chakra is easily blocked.  Don’t fret, unblocking a chakra can be done thru Reiki and meditation.  I stress the importance of meditation because of the distractions our minds play on our body and Goddess.  After all, the Goddess resides deep within the pelvic bowl {Sacral Chakra}, how are we supposed to hear her over the constant noise created by our minds?  Ever hear the term listen to your heart? Same concept! Hush your mind, and let your body give you the answers instead.  Your Goddess will never steer you in the wrong direction, she is always looking out for your best interest, our minds are simply a distraction full of judgement, stress, fear and worry.  Like Shakira’s hips don’t lie, well, neither does your Goddess!

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Rose Goddess Serum

My latest obsession! To assist your transformation, I recommend the Triple Goddess Rose Vaginal Serum by Snow Lotus.  The serum {as well as rose oil} is used to directly benefit the female reproductive organs, and can also be used as a lubricant {it may also improve your libido…growl}!  In my practice, I typically recommend this product to women trying to conceive, pelvic pain patients, patients working through sexual trauma, and menopausal women.  However, this product is just so delicious that I pretty much would recommend it to anyone without a Y chromosome!

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