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Are You an Empath? A Hoboken Healer Weighs In 

by Sara
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If you’ve ever felt a bit overly sensitive and often wondered why that was the case, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, you just might be an empath and fun fact, there are loads of fellow empaths out there. Luckily, Sara Khosrowjerdi MS L.Ac., of House of Healer, is here to weigh in on what it means to be an empath and more. Keep reading to find out if you’re an empath and a local Hoboken healers take on it. 

What is an Empath?

An empath is a highly sensitive and at times highly-intuitive person. Growing up, your friends and family may have always described you as a sensitive or emotional soul. Even though many people today argue that being emotional is a bad thing, being an empath is so different. Do not be fooled by the complexities of being a sensitive soul, being an empath is very special. Due to the level of sensitivity an empath experiences on a day-to-day basis, they have an ability to truly connect to others and live a more awakened lifetime. Empaths see through the nonsense and the fronts that society paints. They are here to authentically connect to others and be there during emotionally challenging times.   

Mistaking Another’s Emotions for Your Own

These are classic empath tendencies. Many have never even heard of an empath, so identifying as one is pretty challenging. The lack of awareness, causes many empaths to walk around during their lifetime taking in other people’s emotions. Then believing they are experiencing an array of emotions, even if for no specific reason of their own. For example, some empaths go through extremely dark depressions or high-anxiety times.

Many will explain that there was nothing actually “wrong” during this phase of their life. What they did not realize, was that they were human barometers walking around sucking up all the crazy emotions around them. Just imagine being unaware of this ability, sitting next to someone on the subway who was struggling with depression, anxiety, or addictive tendencies. Or imagine being in Port Authority during rush hour with all of the busses running late, being surrounded by angry AF New Yorkers. Those kinds of emotions would really make a difference to an empath.  An empath takes in those emotions and is left feeling emotional turmoil for no reason of their own. Understanding that you are an empath is essential when learning how not to absorb other people’s emotions.  

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Being Easily Overwhelmed in Crowds or Hating Being Rushed

Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds or get anxiety just thinking about traveling during rush hour?  Do you feel out of balance when you are being rushed or feel things are moving too quickly? Of course, you do.  If you are soaking up emotions and energy from every Tom, Dick, and Harry, being in crowds is just going to be too much to deal with. It’s like trying to have five different conversations at the same time —It’s impossible. Remember, an empath doesn’t even need to be having a conversation with someone to understand what might be going on with them emotionally. Being in a crowded space with an extreme array of emotions just feels like chaos for an empath. New York City and Disney World are an empath’s nightmare.

Being rushed ties into an empath being an intuitive soul. Empaths march to the beat of their own drum. If the timing doesn’t feel just right, then they feel out of balance. Their minds can spiral out of control and they become easily overwhelmed. Like everything else with empathic tendencies, these situations can come on quickly or out of nowhere.  Being aware of the environment and surroundings help to keep an empath grounded and centered.

Feeling Another’s Emotions + Intentions

Every wonder why healers are always burning sage? Nope, it’s not because it’s now “cool.”  It’s to clear dark, deceitful, and low-level energy. Just like emotions, empaths can feel when someone has bad intentions or is emitting negativity. For example, have you ever just have a bad feeling about someone that everyone seemed to gravitate towards?  You find yourself thinking why does everyone like this person? ou couldn’t quite explain it, but you just knew to keep your distance. Then, without fail, the negativity would inevitably be exposed for everyone to see, correct? It’s something only an empath truly understands. Even sensing when someone is lying {and being confident that they are} is another classic empath skill.  

Scary Movies, Violence, or Real Life Traumatic Events = Too Much to Handle

So if New York City and Disney World are too much for an empath, real-life violence or traumatic events are just off the charts stressful. If something horrible happens, an empath can literally feel the pain and trauma throughout their body.  The emotions experienced during a real-life emergency for others can actually also be debilitating for an empath. They care so much about others and humanity that seeing sick, violence, inequality, or unjustified behavior torments them to their core. They take in the emotions and the physical pain they are witnessing, and sometimes are unable to disassociate from it in their day-to-day life. Yet again, another reason why empaths gravitate towards careers where they can help others feel better. 

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Strangers Confide in You + You Understand How to Make Them Feel Better

Empaths are the ones who always say “I understand completely what you are saying,” even if it doesn’t.  hey intuitively can sense what it is you are trying to communicate and can feel the level of emotion behind your words. Because of this innate ability many healers, alternative health practitioners, and even Western healthcare providers are empaths. They have the ability to communicate and authentically connect with people so profoundly that they understand how to make them feel better.  Many even describe empaths as those who have a calming nature, or those who somehow manage to ease a stressful situation. Because of these caring tendencies empaths often experience strangers confiding in them or seeking advice.

Empaths are very easy to talk to. Because they are able to make people feel comfortable so quickly, even a quick “hello” at Starbucks can turn into a mini therapy session. This is never a bother though, being highly-emotional and sensitive souls, empaths genuinely care about people and about their wellbeing. They authentically want to connect and help ease pain and suffering wherever and whenever they can.

Wanting to learn more about being an empath and other spiritual practices?  Check out House of Healer.

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