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Hudson County Finds a Welcoming Vibe in Hoboken’s Urban Souls Studio

by Ainsley Layland
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Yoga and meditation are known as great tools to calm and balance the body, mind, and spirit amidst life’s chaos. Factor in urban living and it’s clear — relaxation is the vibe we’re all chasing. Welcoming all levels and learners, Urban Souls is a Hoboken Yoga Studio that provides a diverse variety of Yoga & Meditation classes and workshops to help Hudson County folks do just that — relax. Read on to learn more about this local yoga studio + an Exclusive Offer for Hoboken Girl readers!

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Urban Souls Helps City Dwellers Navigate Stress

Karen Flannery and Brendan Gibbons started Urban Souls with the goal of providing yoga and meditation, sound baths, breathwork, and shamanic journeys to Hudson County residents. What stands out most aside from world-class teachers and programming is that Urban Souls members feel supported by a sense of community. Some classes even combine yoga with a social component afterward, to foster connection with other like-minded, busy urban souls. 

Karen and Brendan work closely with local charities so the Urban Souls community can give back, too. While each partner works on business operations, Brendan also teaches and Karen organizes special events. Both are seen in the studio often, keeping an eye on things while enjoying this blooming corner of the community they have cultivated. 

“Watching the community become its own living organism has been one of the best things,” Karen told Hoboken Girl. “We see members becoming great friends, dating, even having children after having met at the studio.”

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“Offering various avenues for dealing with stress, then seeing people walk away feeling refreshed and renewed, is the best feeling ever. And when members share their success stories, we couldn’t be happier,” Brendan said. With a strong belief in the power of yoga and the work they do, Karen and Brendan experience in real-time the impact yoga and meditation have. “And, we get to be around beautiful souls all day long. Our teachers, members, and staff are some of the most wonderful people in Hoboken and we get to see them every day.”

Urban Souls Members Are the Heart of the Yoga Studio

Where is the studio headed? Karen and Brendan are excited about continuing to enhance the warm, welcoming experience they provide. 

“We want our members to feel like this is their place, a second home or space where they can disconnect from everyday stress and reconnect with like-minded people,” says Brendan. “We want to help as many people as possible. Whether that means branching out or growing our Hoboken space, our goal is to serve the community, expanding the work we do with schools, non-profits, and other organizations. We want to continue moving in that direction.”

The physical space in the studio at Urban Souls Yoga is beautiful and bright but it’s the community that makes the difference to Karen and Brendan.

“Our studio is lovely and we’re proud of what we’ve created, but it would be nothing more than a beautiful space if not for our members. They are the heart of Urban Souls,” Karen said. “On tough days, we remind ourselves of our community and think about the individuals we serve—and that is all the fuel we need to keep going.”

What Sets Urban Souls Apart From the Rest?

The most popular class at Urban Souls is Urban Warriors, a strong flow yoga class. The runner-up is Weekend Wine Down, a more slowly-paced flow, followed by Happy Hour. The new Energy Series is gaining popularity quickly and a recent Sound Bath event sold out. But in addition to one-of-a-kind classes, what sets Urban Souls apart from the competition is a highly experienced staff. 

“We have teachers with more than 20 years of experience — and all are deeply committed to serving the community. Each has a unique style of teaching, too, from strong, upbeat flow classes to sessions that are gentle and relaxing,” Brendan told Hoboken Girl. “For those who want to find balance without as much movement, Urban Souls provides meditation, immersive Sound Baths, Breathwork, and Shamanic Journeys.”

The studio is located at 100 Hudson Street (4th floor) in Hoboken. Don’t forget to redeem ONE FREE WEEK of unlimited classes! Just click here and use CODE: HGweekfree — the offer expires on October 31st, 2021. Questions? Call 201-683-4002 or email info@urbansoulsyoga.com to schedule an appointment. Be sure to check out @urbansoulshoboken on Instagram for updates and inspiration!

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