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Thrifted by J & D: Hoboken’s Newest Vintage Shop

by Diana Cooper
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A new thrift store in town, Thrifted by J & D, is already seeing serial shoppers raid the racks more than once a week after opening last month. And there’s a good reason why — Thrifted by J & D has items shoppers won’t find anywhere else. The thrift shop, located at 526 Adams Street, is run by a married couple who are excited to bring thrifting in Hoboken and Jersey City to a whole other level. Read on to learn more about Hoboken’s own Thrifted by J & D.

Opening The Doors

Owners Derrick Ladson and Jason Quinones lucked out when it came to finding a location in Hoboken for their shop. Derrick’s cousin owns the convenience store around the corner and put the duo in touch with the landlord who was looking for new owners for 526 Adams Street. The location previously was home to a locksmith where he stored his equipment.


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Even though working on opening the store began in January — the grand opening was April 1st — they previously started selling items on eBay and Poshmark. Jason explained to The Hoboken Girl, This is something that’s been fun for me throughout the years, thrifting. And it was a stress reliever and I always wanted to be in the fashion industry….We sold a lot of home decorative stuff and shoes, but it was always tougher to sell like the more fashionable clothing. So that was the push for us to get the retail space and kind of just follow my dream.”

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What the owners also lucked out in was finding items to fill the store. Over the years, they’ve collected things that have been stored in their storage units.​ Jason shared, “A lot is from New York because that’s where I worked. So I would finish my shift and then just go thrifting, go down to Brooklyn, go down to the village area, Alphabet City. I would just pull stuff that I would like, whether it was for me personally or for a woman or for a child.”

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What’s Inside

Thrifted by J & D has lots of surprises and unique finds. ​Inside, shoppers can find vintage music players, DVDs, wine glasses, jewelry, sneakers and shoes, and handbags among other things. There is also a variety of designers featured such as Adidas, Madewell, Zara, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Coach, and Michael Kors, However, the spot focuses on highlighting men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing.

Derrick told HG, “I mean really the clothing is like our thing because we’re both really big on fashion. We know how important it is. When you look good, you feel good and we wanna make sure that everyone can afford to look good.”

There are items on the very low-end to the most expensive items costing $800 (such as a black Canada Goose parka and Dries Van Noten knee-high boots). Derrick shared, “​I mean, you can get a pair of jeans for like $12, $15. You know, sometimes you can get a pair of sneakers for $8. I mean, we do have some higher-end things, but online or in the store you’re going to pay $150 whereas we have them for like $75, $80 bucks.”

Jason added, “You will find luxury items here at thrift store prices. You will find the lower brands that everybody can get, but at even phenomenal prices. And a lot of the stuff that we curate is worn maybe once or twice if at all, or brand new with tags.”

About The Owners

Derrick and Jason, both 39 years old, have a fascinating story about themselves. They both were born and raised in Hoboken, priding themself on being Hoboken alum. In 2002, they started dating during their junior year in high school. They then separated and rekindled their relationship 10 years later. They are now going on 13 years strong and got married three years ago.

Owners Derrick Ladson + Jason Quinones

Derrick brings his creative background to the new shop. He’s a teacher, dancer, and choreographer. He works at Elysian Charter School and Mile Square Theatre. Meanwhile, Jason has worked at retailers like Armani Exchange and at Starbucks for the past 20 years where he was a store manager. He quit Starbucks so that he could focus his full time on Thrifted. 

Check It Out

Thrifted by J & D joins the list of other thrift shops in the area, including Vintage on First, Revival Vintage, St. Mary’s Advocates, and Hoboken Modern. Jason explained to The Hoboken Girl what makes their shop unique: “​I would say it’s unique because we wanted to bring a modern industrial Manhattan village feel to Hoboken so that you don’t have to go to the city to find something great. Also, I feel like we’re more unique in the sense that we really curate through our inventory to ensure that we’re bringing the best quality product to our customers that is still fresh and new rather than a little more worn.”

Since opening in April, the owners say that “every day gets better and better.” The store is being talked about on social media and word of mouth — “Hey, did you walk into the new thrift store here in town? They have really fun treasures.”

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The hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from 11AM to 6PM. Thrifted by J & D is also part of Main Street Pops Artisan Market, which takes place every third Sunday of the month. The owners are also collaborating with local businesses to host pop-up and private events. Follow the shop’s Instagram, @thriftedhob,  for all the updates.

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