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Hoboken Modern: A Shop Filled With Vintage Home Treasures

by Danielle Lynch
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Talk about the ultimate #TBT — Hoboken Modern {currently located at 159 14th Street and moving to 159 14th Street on July 15th} is making quite a statement here in the Mile Square. Owner John Moldaur has brought us back to the ’50s + ’60s through his collection of mid-century homeware pieces at his shop. His collection includes everything from furniture to jewelry to kitchen items to pottery, décor, and more. We  paid a visit to this one-of-a-kind shop and caught up with the owner. Read more below:

hoboken modern furniture

Photo: @hobokenmodern on Instagram

The History

As a product designer by day, Moldaur and his wife have owned a 30-person design studio in Edgewater for the last 20 years. His love for design and mid-century pieces lead him to turn his passion and hobby into a vintage store uptown in November of 2017. “My main goal is to bring some fun into Hoboken,” explained Moldaur, and that is exactly what he is doing.

The Pieces

hoboken modern furniture

Photo: @hobokenmodern on Instagram

Each piece is carefully hand-selected by John himself and brought into the store for resale. After searching tirelessly through private collections, estate sales, auctions, and the collections of other friends in the community, pieces are bought and brought into the store to sell. His mission is to find well-kept pieces without imperfections to bring to Hoboken Modern. Finding quality pieces is a difficult task, however, it makes all the difference when selling such important items.

Moldaur’s love for Scandinavian design has set the tone for the types of items he sells. “This type of design aesthetic is my style”. He enjoys minimalistic design, clean lines, which a lot of Danish furniture has. Many of his pieces reflect his love for this style. You will find that the majority of his pieces represents a lost art in design as well as in quality craftsmanship.

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hoboken modern furniture

Photo: @hobokenmodern on Instagram

As quickly as items come into the store, they roll out just as fast. It is hard to keep certain items on the shelves for that long. Many people buy the glassware, dinnerware, and pottery on display in the store. John’s pride and joy is the Partial Tri Tone Set by Eva Zeisel, a female designer from the ’50s, who just so happens to be the first woman in history to have a solo exhibition at the MoMA in NYC — NBD. If you are in the business of entertaining friends at your home, some of these can serve as statement + conversation pieces, which makes you look totally cultured and fancy.


Items for sale range in price from affordable to investment-worthy: From small pieces such as drinking glasses {which are $8 per glass} to larger items such as dining chair sets, wall units, and authentic framed prints, there’s something for any style and budget. Some popular items in the store are the wall unit from Denmark {see photo below}, Stargazer globes, end tables, + drink caddies. Moldaur also holds some VIPs {very important prints} like the Charley Harper one photographed below. Not only does John sell mid-century cameras, but he also has one of the largest collections in the country at home.

The Verdict

hoboken modern furniture

Photo: @hobokenmodern on Instagram

This storefront is truly one of a kind. There is nothing quite like it in Hoboken or the surrounding areas. The current location is open Monday – Wednesday by appointment only and Thursday-Sunday 11:0AM-7:00PM. John’s goal is to bring diversity to the shopping experience so other Hobokenites can diversify their décor and encompass the past by bringing it to the present. What a treasure of a find in uptown Hoboken!

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