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How to Spend a Day in Port Jervis, NY

by Jennifer Tripucka
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When most people think upstate New York, they think Catskills area and beyond. But we’re here to tell you there’s a little port town on the Delaware River in New York called Port Jervis — and it’s worth a little day trip to visit. Here’s all about this very small town, Port Jervis, NY, which is located in Orange County at the secret intersection of where New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania come together.

Port Jervis and its surrounding Delaware River areas have been destinations for river trips for city folk for decades, but the area has seen an uptick in tourism since the debut of several local spots that have become staples in the area.

Places to Stay

It’s worth noting that there aren’t a ton of places to stay in the area unless you’re going the Airbnb route. If so, we recommend The Starlight at Pond Eddy, owned by two Jersey City locals. There are also numerous campgrounds farther north in Glen Spey and a few adorable B&Bs not far across the river in Milford, PA.

Places to Eat + Shop

Foundry 42

Foundry 42

Foundry 42, a coffee bar and boutique furniture store located on Front Street is one such spot, bringing visitors throughout the region to its cozy, eclectic digs. Established in 2016, Cooper Boone and his partner Mark Veeder began to live in the Catskills full time to raise their twin daughters. He established Foundry42 in Port Jervis, and as his business flourished over the last few years, other destinations have become go-to’s among locals and out-of-towners alike when visiting Port Jervis.

Fox N Hare Brewing Company

Fox N Hare

Having opened in 2017 after major renovations to its building, Fox N Hare Brewing Company is one of the anchors of the Port Jervis area for visitors. The brewery serves food + eight ‘year-round’ beers, all of which are highly rated. The bar bites including burgers, fried Brussel sprouts, and cheese dips will also keep you satiated while testing out different beer flights.

Foxwood + Fig

Foxwood + Fig

Foxwood + Fig is a self-described “small batch and mostly made from scratch vegetable comfort food cafe” at 24 Front Street in Port Jervis. Owned by two former Weehawken residents, it’s quickly become a staple on the main drag, bringing out-of-towners and locals to enjoy the delicious vegan fare.

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Texas Lunch

Texas Lunch

Known more among the locals than the visitors, Texas Lunch, famous for its hot dogs, has been family-owned and operated since the 1930s. Akin to Rutt’s Hut vibes in Clifton, it’s a spot for some no-frills comfort food that is sure to hit the spot — and has a special sauce to go with it.

Hess’ Deli

Hess' Deli

If you’re looking for a spot to grab-n-go with sandwiches before a river trip with Kittatinny Canoes {more on that later}, then Hess’ is your spot. Located at 36 1/2 Kingston Avenue in PJ, Hess’ offers an Italian combo sub that is the perfect solution to a hungry belly on a river trip. Bring a cooler and stock up for the day — trust us.

Len & Joe’s

len and joes port jervis ny pizza

While pizza in this neck of the woods doesn’t hold a candle to New Jersey or NYC pizza {had to say it}, there’s something to be said for the old-school vibes and square pies at Len & Joe’s. Don’t come here for a chic environment, but do come for a good meal. The longstanding Italian restaurant serves a variety of mixed-cheese square pies and pitchers of beer, and it even has gluten-free pasta items now.

The Erie Hotel

The Erie Hotel

Okay, it’s safe to say when you’re in Port Jervis, you’re not looking for its nightlife — you’re looking for experiences. But The Erie Hotel has a little, and we mean a little bit of both. In the summer months, there’s a tiki bar outside and often live music {pre-COVID}. There’s also a ton of history at this beautiful building. Built in 1890 when the Erie Lackawanna Railroad was bustling and local businesses were thriving, the Erie’s original bar is still alive and well, with tons of photos of Port Jervis’ heydays in the 1800s when the area was thriving adorning the walls. There are also rooms available here, but as with any buildings over 100 years old, 👻 sightings are not unheard of.

That being said, if you want a serious dive bar experience, go to Dad’s — there’s a light-up dance floor and sangria buckets {this experience was pre-COVID-19, so we can’t promise the same now}.

Riverside Creamery

Riverside Creamery

Your past experiences with fried ice cream have met their match at the Riverside Creamery, located on Jersey Avenue and owned by. This tiny ice cream shop on the Delaware River’s edge at 5 Water Street is worth a trip to Port Jervis alone, as it’s renowned in the area, owned by partners Jeff and Jim. Add a variety of premium ice cream flavors, sundaes, and beautiful river views to the mix, and it’s a delicious step back in time {and word on the street is there are dairy-free ice cream flavors now, too}.

Outdoor Activities

Rafting on the Delaware River

Kittatinny Canoes

A big draw to the Port Jervis area is the Delaware River and all the activities surrounding it. There are numerous places to go rafting, and one of the fan favorites is Kittatinny Canoes, which is actually located across the river in Matamoras, PA {legit a 3-minute drive from Port Jervis across a bridge}. Don’t forget your Hess’ pre-trip, and chances are you’ll need to find a place to stay at the end of the trip because it’s a full-day experience and you’ll probably be exhausted by the end of it {PS: Len & Joe’s followed by The Riverside Creamery is an ideal end to this day}.

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Hawk’s Nest

Hawk's Nest

Farther north and a go-to spot for photo ops, Hawk’s Nest is about a 20-30-minute drive from the center of town into Sparrow Bush, NY and worth it for the scenic, winding roads and views alone. River views abound above Route 97, and perhaps a bird spotting — which is how the area got its name.

The Delaware River Walking Trail

The Delaware River Walking Trail

An excellent spot to burn off your calories post-fried ice cream experience at The Creamery, the Delaware Trail is perched along the Delaware River. The Minisink Valley Historical Society worked with the City of Port Jervis to help create this walking trail. Owned and operated by the city, it was created to allow walkers, hikers, tourists, and residents to enjoy the city’s historic sites and river vistas that have been immortalized in photographs, songs, paintings, and literature. It is approximately six miles long. At one end is Fort Decker and at the other is Tri-State Rock at the end of Laurel Grove Cemetery.

The Tri-State Monument: Stand in 3 States at One Time

Laurel Grove Cemetary

Speaking of the Laurel Grove Cemetery, the ultimate low-key hidden gem of this area is the Tri-State Monument where you can stand in three states at one time. Head to the cemetery, drive through carefully and slowly, and at the end of the small road, you’ll see Interstate 84 above you. A small parking area to pull into will appear, and this is where you’ll find a view of the river, and at the bottom of the hillside below, the TriState Monument sits. This is where you can stand in three different states at the same time: NY, NJ, and PA. Haters will say it’s actually in the middle of the water, but it’s legit, and a pretty fun counterpoint to those that think that NYC is the “Tri-State Area.”

There are some other hidden gems tucked away in the area {think: Highpoint State Park in NJ, the Waterwheel Cafe right across the river in PA, and some others — but we’ll save those for your next trip}.

For now: Enjoy your visit, get your gas in Montague, NJ across from the Shoprite because who wants to pump gas in NY, and make sure to tag us @thehobokengirl in your Instagram photos/stories if you do make the trek.


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