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Custom Organic Airbrush Tan at Splash of Sun in Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Winter is coming {less than 2 weeks!}…and I’m already feeling PALE. A {healthy} splash of sun sans the UVA/B rays  was exactly what I needed last week when I showed up at the new spray tan salon right next to the PATH. Located at 2 Hudson Place in Hoboken, Splash of Sun is a custom air brush tanning salon that I recently discovered in my YELP travels {yes, sometimes I use yelp!}– having a 5 star rating, I knew I had to try it out!

photo 3

SOS {way more fun to call it that since it’s how I feel when I’m super pale, even though I love the real name too} lives up to its YELP reviews. It’s located in the building to the right of iPulse/Devotion Yoga {if you’re looking away from the PATH towards the buildings} and two doors to the right of TEAK {ya know, the untz untz with some half priced sushi Mondays and Thursdays}.

photo 4

Anyway, Arielle’s shop is a cute, clean, and very comfortable spot. When you walk in, there are chocolates, an English bulldog statue, and some mini sunblocks to greet you {Arielle is big on sun safety!}. The curtained area is super clean and has all of the supplies you need {wipes, jewelry holder, disposable underwear/shower cap, etc}.

photo 2

The curtain where the glow-magic happens

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On to the airbrush tan. Arielle is very in-tune with not wanting to look like you just spent a week in Cancun when it’s 25 degrees out and the only place I went was my office. I told her I had an event to go to and didn’t want to look too tan, but at the same time needed some color. Well, she delivered! The tan was perfectly even, the color was exactly what I wanted {not too light, not too dark — super natural, but glowing}. I LOVED IT! It was also really great because Arielle uses the machine to “blowdry” you off quickly after, so it’s a quick wait from the moment you’re done to the time you get up and go.

Five stars, fo’realz. Of course I failed at getting a good pic of the color, but you can kind of see it from this one:

Zap Fitness
Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 9.35.37 PM

My natural spray tan… {hair/makeup by Ashley of Rebellations}

FYI, the actual tanning potion is organic & cruelty free which is not always the case. I opted for the rapid tan {which you can shower after a few hours — saves your bed from a tan outline of yourself imprinted overnight}. Arielle even let me know that while the tan would look like it washed off that night a bunch, overnight and in the morning it would start to set and I’d wake up glowing. Score. 

Over the course of a week, the tan faded very well…like I’ve said before, I do NOT enjoy looking like a funky dermatology case at the end of the spray tan. In fact, the tan was so good that I opted to go back for a 2nd round without even doing much exfoliating {even though I probably should have}. It was so even!

photo 1

Arielle and her magic machine! She is the sweetest. She actually quit her job in the corporate world to pursue her spray tan business! Girl POWAH! 


So, the HG scoop. If you mention Hoboken Girl when you book your appt { call (201) 543-9244 }, you’ll get $10 off your spray tan {normally $39, so $29}. Plus, if you like Splash of Sun’s Facebook page, you’ll get an extra $5 off. Natural-looking, organic tan + an HG deal steal? Sounds like a win/win to me.


Have you been to Splash of Sun yet? What did you think?



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