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All About The Jubilee Center in Hoboken

by Danielle Teesdale
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Walking towards 6th and Jackson Street you can hear children’s laughter coming from a building on the block — the Hoboken Jubilee Center. For those who are unfamiliar with the center, it is a 501c3 non-profit organization created in 1995 to help meet the social and economic needs of children and families by offering after-school programs during the school year for children grades kindergarten through 6th in Hoboken. Jubilee’s after-school program offers homework assistance, art + crafts, and physical activities {when social distancing guidelines aren’t in effect} such as karate. Read on to learn all about the Jubilee Center of Hoboken and how you can get involved. 

veronica jubilee center

^ Executive Director, Veronica Manning 

Our Visit

At the Jubilee Center, we were greeted by Veronica Manning {the Jubilee Center Executive Director}, who provided us with an overview and tour. The main room, on the ground floor, is large and welcoming with several tables for counselors to assist children with their homework when in-person gatherings are allowed. In addition to homework help, children receive nutritious snacks and hot meals donated by several local Hoboken restaurants.

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Upstairs in the media room, there are hundreds of books neatly organized on shelves where children are encouraged to read. 

the jubilee center hoboken

In the art room, children are encouraged to express themselves through painting and hands-on arts + crafts when they can gather there in-person. Lastly, the dance room is where children release some energy by participating in yoga, dancing, and karate. 

Also, typically {when social distancing is not in effect} in the summer the center provides a summer edu-adventure camp that provides children with a unique recreational and academic experience. The goal of the seven-week program is to prepare students for the upcoming school year. The camp includes activities such as kayaking, gardening, cooking, outdoor sports, art, and more. 

A Bright Future at the Jubilee Center

the jubilee center hoboken

Veronica excitedly described her five-year plan for the center which includes providing children with life skills {teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, etc.} to help them prepare for their respective futures. Additionally, she would like to expand the Jubilee Center for high school students and provide them with workshops to help prepare them for the real world such as searching + applying to college, public speaking, and creating business plans.

The Jubilee Center During COVID-19

During COVID-19, the Jubilee Center suspended its in-person after school programming. However, like many other local businesses, this organization made lemons out of lemonade — it launched Jubilee @ Home. This online programming is a “free after school online platform. [The] goal is to help our Jubilee students adjust to online learning and being separated from their friends and support systems by providing direct academic assistance and coaching from staff while making sure they get time to socialize with their friends,” according to its website. Learn more about Jubilee @ Home here.

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How to Donate

The Jubilee Center heavily relies on individual donations to provide life-changing programs to children. Make a positive impact on a child’s life by donating online here. Y

All pictures were provided by Veronica Manning.



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