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The Dogs of Hoboken: Mooshu, Tofu & Chloe {the Pekingese Pups}

by Will
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Three’s company on this week’s edition of Hoboken Girl’s The Dogs of Hoboken:

Meet Mooshu, Tofu and Chloe, three Pekingese pups who are sassy and spoiled!

pekingese hoboken girl the dogs of hoboken

^The Pekingese posse showing off their sweaters!

From left to right: Mooshu, Tofu and Chloe!

You may have seen these pups with their wheels {in their doggy cart} or perhaps even at Cozy Cuts groomers where their grandma Erica works. Dana, a group exercise instructor here in Hoboken {+ pup parent to these three}, tells us more about this terrific trio.

“Before I had dogs, I had cats,” tells us Erica. “I always said that if I should ever get a dog, I would get a Pekingese since they look like cats. Later did I find out that they were know as “lion dogs” in China due to their resemblance to Chinese guardian lions. Tofu was the first dog I had ever owned. We got Chloe to keep him company. Mooshu was an impulse! I regret nothing!”


Dana and one of her three Pekingeses Chloe!

“Tofu, Chloe and Mooshu are known as the “Pekingese Mafia” in Hoboken. Tofu is the tough one, the leader of the pack. Mooshu, as innocent as he looks, is the instigator who causes trouble and expects Tofu to fight for him. Chloe is the princess who expects to be served hand and foot. She rides in a stroller around town, not because she is too lazy to walk, but because she had two major spinal surgeries.”

 pekingese hoboken girl the dogs of hoboken

Pekingese Q & A

Favorite activity?

Tofu – humping his pink elephant.

Chloe – All she wants are treats. She practically lives in the kitchen!

Mooshu – follows Tofu around and copies whatever he does except for the humping.

Favorite dog treat?

They all love Bixby jerky and Merrick lamb lungs

Favorite human food?

Pizza, Bagels, French Fries, Potato Chips – Anything carbs and starch

Happy place?

Sitting outside Starbucks people watching.

Favorite Hoboken store/restaurant?

Cornerstone. Chloe, as soon as she enters the shop, makes a dive for the counter for treats.

Favorite naughty habit?

Tofu – steals treats from his siblings and barks at large dogs on the street unless it is a Golden Retriever. He seems fond of Goldens for some reason.

Chloe – she is an angel!

Mooshu – marks (pees) on people unknowingly.

Scared of?

They are not scared of anything. They are true to their breed. They have no fear.

Favorite toy?

Tofu is the only one who loves toys and his favorite would be his humping pink toy elephant.

Best dog friend?

Each other!

pekingese hoboken girl the dogs of hoboken

Such cutie pies! Stay tuned for our next Dogs of Hoboken edition, coming soon 🙂

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