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And The Winner of the 2024 Hoboken Girl Puppy Photo Bowl Is…

by Hoboken Girl Team
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It’s always an incredibly tough decision with all of the cute pups out there, but our 4th annual HG Puppy Bowl Contest 2024 finally has a winner after a long weekend of voting. Scroll down for the big reveal…

honey hg puppy bowl 2024


Over the last weekend, the Top 9 Finalists were voted on, and the people and pups have spoken.

Snap Fitness JC

Honey’s owner shared with us: 

Harborside Sport + Spine

“A Hoboken girl since September, this little over 1-year-old pup stole our hearts after being rescued from Kentucky by Muddy Paws Rescue. Honey adores making friends, whether they have two legs or four, and spends her days performing tricks for treats, snoozing on the couch, strolling along the waterfront, and eagerly chasing any bird in sight! Cornerstore Pet is her favorite pitstop as she knows a treat is waiting inside. Honey brightens our days, and we’re crossing our fingers for her to win the Puppy Bowl!”

Hobbs Inc

Here’s what Honey will get to enjoy with her winnings:

The Prizes 

Fur Seasons Dog Resort + Spa | 480 Johnston Avenue, Jersey City

IG Handle: @furseasonsdogresortspa

Giveaway Gift + Value: Two bath + basics and one full groom (must be redeemed within 30 days of first visit).  Plus the winner will also receive a 15% discount on a 15 and 20 daycare package (*your pup must be good with other dogs).

yoga renew hoboken

Cornerstone Pets | 105 9th Street, Hoboken

IG Handle: @cornestonepets

Giveaway Gift + Value: Gift basket ($100 value)

Hoboken Pawsitive Experience | 1012 Grand Street, Hoboken

IG Handle: @hobokenpawsitiveexpereince

Giveaway Gift + Value: $100 gift certificate

Cork City Pub | 239 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken

IG Handle: @corkcitypub

Giveaway Gift + Value: $100 Cork City gift card

Bond Vet | 1425 Washington Street, Hoboken

IG Handle: @bondvetclinic

Giveaway Gift + Value:  $150 credit to Bond Vet

Hound About Town | 17 McWilliams Place + 218 Montgomery Street, Jersey City

IG Handle: @houndabouttown

Giveaway Gift + Value: $50 gift card + assorted dog treats and toys ($100 total value)

Email  to claim your Puppy Bowl prizes.

The Other 2024 Finalists


bruno hg puppy bowl 2024

Bruno’s owners shared with us:

“Bruno is 7 years old and a Pomeranian/terrier mix. He came to us a year and a half ago all the way from Texas through the good work of True North Rescue Mission! He’s the sweetest boy and we are so lucky to have found him. He is a treat ADDICT, but it makes for easy recall because he will drop anything and everything if he thinks he’ll get a treat. He also loves to chew and usually has 3 bones in rotation that he carries around to hide in various locations around the apartment.”


joey hg puppy bowl 2024

Joey’s owners shared with us: 

Joey, a blue-eyed, three-legged, one-year-old Pitbull, has been stealing hearts (and socks) ever since coming to Hoboken four months ago. She may have had a harder start to life than most, but that doesn’t stop her. After hearing her story about being hit by a car in September 2023, which required a right hind leg amputation, we knew we needed her. We immediately fell in love (just look at those eyes), and adopted her from ACCT Philly in mid-October as soon as she was medically cleared. Given Joey’s extremely affectionate, goofy, and charming personality, she not only has the ability make everyone (canine and human friends) fall in love with her, but to feel special. Her resilience, zest for life, fearlessness and loving nature are contagious. She is not defined by her disability as she lives her life just like any other dog (well stairs can be hard).”


meeka hg puppy bowl 2024

Meeka’s owners shared with us: 

“Meeka is a 9-month old Siberian husky puppy living in Jersey City who was adopted from Husky House rescue shelter in October. Initially Meeka came to her paw-rents nervous and afraid of everything from the elevator to walking down a busy street. Over time and through lots of exposure to different situations, smells, and adventures Meeka has gained confidence and is now possibly the most friendly dog you will ever meet. She absolutely loves new people and every dog she meets. Her playful nature knows no bounds and she will likely hop up and give you a smooch hello on your first meeting! She has a special enthusiasm for traveling and loves her long car rides with her humans. So far Meeka has been to over 10 states and looks forward to finding the best adventures.”


nico hg puppy bowl 2024

Nico’s owners shared with us: 

“The sweetest, neediest, silliest, cuddliest, most sensitive little angel with the biggest personality. He’s had a RUFF first year of life as he dealt with two leg fractures but that didn’t stop him! He now has 2 titanium front legs and is the bravest pup I know. Just one look at him will bring a smile to your face!” 

Vito + Valerie 

vito valerie hg puppy bowl 2024

Vito + Valerie’s owners shared with us: 

“Vito + Valerie are brother/sister twin mini dachshunds (the only two born in the liter) and are a year and a half old. Their favorite “treat” is fresh mozz and a close second is any type of cheese. Since that’s not exactly the best thing for 10 pound weenies, they will also go crazy for the dehydrated chicken treats we get them from Hoboken Pets on Washington. Their favorite thing to do is go on walks with their us and the longer the walk, the better! They are slightly infamous in uptown Hoboken because they aren’t exactly quiet and their social skills are a bit lacking but we’re working on it! They usually behave the best when we stop into Jefferson Coffee and the baristas give them treats.” 


meelo hg puppy bowl 2024

Meelo’s owners shared with us: 

“Meelo is a 4 year old Corgi who is a stunning example of canine elegance and charisma! Meelo’s character brings laughter to every corner of our home, making each day brighter. Whether he is cuddling on the couch or running around with “zoomies”, his infectious presence continues to bring us happiness like no other. Meelo’s charm isn’t just a facade; it’s an integral part of his personality that effortlessly draws people in (especially with his heterochromia). Not to brag but Meelo has a certificate in Herding and has won both Cute Butt and Best Trick at a Corgi Meet! Overall, Meelo is a constant reminder of how truly special it is to have a loyal companion.”

Fezziwig (a.k.a. Fezzi) 

fezzi hg puppy bowl 2024

Fezzi’s owners shared with us: 

“Fezzi is an affenpinscher who will be 3 on February 17th. He is named after Fezziwig, the jolly opposite of Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. My family watches the 1951 movie version of A Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve and he is named in honor of this tradition. He loves to snack on cucumber, apples, celery…. he knows the sound off the crisper bin opening in the fridge! His favorite activity is snuggling on the couch.”


maverick hg puppy bowl 2024

Maverick’s owners shared with us: 

“We rescued Maverick when he was 1 and immediately fell in love! Maverick is a now 4-year old French bulldog originally from San Diego, CA. He was a “failed” show dog, whose original owners left him at a pound because he was too small. When we first met Maverick, he was shaking, his whiskers shaved, and the white spots on the back of his paws (our favorite) were dyed. We immediately brought him home with us and introduced him to the beach life. Weighing in at 15lbs, he is the sweetest, funniest boy with the biggest heart. I think about him throughout my shifts, excited to come home to him for more snuggles, playtime and laughter. He was, and forever will be, the brightest light in our light. There was no doubt in our minds that he had to be Shane’s best man at our wedding in April.”

Thanks again to all who entered and donated to Wise Animal Rescue — and stay tuned for some potential additional pup features because we just love them all!


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