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The Dogs of Hoboken: Gizmo {The Pomeranian}

by Will
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At six pounds and six ounces, he’s our tiniest Dog of Hoboken yet. But what he lacks in size he makes up for  — with personality and charm. Oh, and he never has a bad hair day, if you couldn’t tell. Introducing Gizmo the Pomeranian! This tiny Hobokenite and Shipyard resident surely has a style & swagger all his own.


^Gizmo, looking glorious as he strikes a pose on a windy Hoboken Saturday evening

“Gizmo has a very big personality.” laughs Gizmo’s dad Jason. “Although only 6 lbs, he wants to be the center of attention and begs to be picked up and held all the time. He is always happy and enjoys the company of other dogs (even very large ones). However, he loves people even more.”


^Baby Gizmo. Such a little baby Pom puppy!

“We looked around a various breeds of dogs, and chose Gizmo because he was so cute (only 11 ounces when we got him). We also liked the fact that his breed does not shed. Gizmo likes the outdoors but only in small doses. He’s totally a homebody. Everyone always compliments him on his amazing hair. I think we all wish we had hair like Gizmo. Haha!”


Gizmo Q & A

Favorite activity?

Gizmo’s favorite activity is showing his love towards his stuffed animals.

Favorite dog treat?

Fruitables dog treats!

Favorite human food?

He’s bananas for bananas!

Happy place?

In our bed at night.

Favorite Hoboken restaurant?

The Little Grocery!

Celebrity counterpart?

Donald Trump {because of his big personality and orange bushy hair}.

Favorite naughty habit?

Making love to his stuffed animals

Scared of?


Obsessed with?


Best dog friend?

His girlfriend Stella, another 5 lb Pomeranian.

Quirkiest habit?

When Gizmo hears birds chirping on TV, he looks at the ceiling.


^Pomeranians love popping bottles! Who knew?

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