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The Dogs of Hoboken: Angus & Penny {the Bernese Mountain Dogs}

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On this week’s edition of Hoboken Girl’s The Dogs of Hoboken, it’s a buy one get one kinda week! Meet six month old Bernese mountain dog puppies Penny and Angus!



^Penny and Gus stopped eating leaves just long enough for our camera to snap a puppy portrait!

You might have seen this dynamic brother/sister duo up to their puppy antics at the Church Square park dog park. And if you’ve ever stopped to greet them they’ve probably tackled you, hugged you, and/or kissed you in excitement. At six months these “puppies” each weigh more than the average toddler. Their dog parents, Hoboken residents Rich and Carrie, give us the inside scoop on these adorable little bears.

“They’re certainly outgoing!” laughs Rich. “Rich has been wanting a Bernese mountain dog for years!” says Carrie. “We both admired the Bernese Mountain dog breed because they are famous for being intellient, loyal, calm and friendly with animals/people.”

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^Angus and Penny at three months old. Freshly picked Bernese babies!

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“The day finally came when we found a reputable breeder. We were only supposed to get one. But after the breeder informed us that there were two puppies left in the litter, I wanted two!” says Carrie. “After meeting them and seeing how much they loved each other, we just didn’t have to heart to separate them. Now we couldn’t imagine only having one!” says Rich.

bernese mountain dogs dogs of hoboken girl

^From left to right: Penny, Angus and their pup parents Rich and Carrie!

{photo cred: Thomas Beaman photography}

Penny and Angus Q & A

Happy place?

The couch or Grandma’s house!

Favorite dog treat?

They both love buddy biscuits! But they also love to chomp on Elk antlers and bully sticks.

Favorite human food?

Peanut butter, especially a Kong full of peanut butter!

Favorite toy?

They love tennis balls and stuffed animals but will go CRAZY for anything that squeaks!

Best dog friend?

Besides each other, they love their neighbor down the hall, Benny the Labradoodle. They always dash down the hallway and wait outside his apartment hoping he comes out to play!

Scared of?

They’re terrified of fireworks, skateboards and oddly the baby seats on the back of bikes.

Favorite naughty habit?

Right now they love to eat sticks and whatever they can find on the ground. Fun for them, exhausting and nerve wracking for us! Typical puppies!

Celebrity counterparts?

Gus, is definitely Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. Lovable and a little goofy. Penny is totally Jessica Biel. She can be rough and tough at the park but is totally a pretty girl. She will always admire herself in the mirror. She loves being brushed and pampered!

How’s puppy parent life?

Great but exhausting! Gus and Penny are super outgoing and friendly dogs. Gus is definitely the happy-go-lucky one, rushing to say hi to everyone on the street and Penny is the sweet one who likes to snuggle. Both of them LOVE every person and every dog they meet which means walks can take forever. They have taken over our kitchen, our living room and our hearts.

Getting two puppies at once has definitely kept us busy and it has definitely made us more organized with our time. If there is a morning that we can sleep in until 6:30AM, we are thrilled. At the end of the day seeing them play and curling up together to nap makes it worth it! Some friends have joked with us that we are crazy for getting two Bernese Mountain dogs but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

bernese mountain dogs dogs of hoboken girl



Such cuties! Make sure to follow them on instagram: @theadventuresofangusandpenny

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