The Best Tweets of #Leprecon 2016

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It’s a day that many hunker down and hide out, many leave town, and many stay on to enjoy the festivities. What people don’t remember is the comedy gold that graces the internet — specifically on Twitter. So, to save you the time of scrolling through your Twitter feed, we’ve rounded up the best tweets of Hoboken Leprecon {St. Patty’s, whatever you wanna call it} 2016.

Hoboken St. Patty's Day participant


St. Pat’s attendee in training, putting many 22-year-olds to shame.

Poor guy. Many feel your pain.

This guy looks like he’s trying to have fun, but he really wants to be home in his jammies.

You’re having a nice little Saturday, Dustin.

Time for some new friends.

Oy vey. To the guy who thought twitter was text messaging app.

Even Joe Budden is talkin’ about Leprecon.

If it’s on Twitter, it’s fair game.

We’re not sure what concerns us more. The fact that this chick equates Hoboken with buying candy from homeless people, or the fact that she has trouble spelling M&Ms.

Us too, Mandi, us too.

Bra, it’s HoBOken, not HoboKEN — we can see how that would get you in a tizzy.

TEAK actually gives out Louboutin shoes for coming to their St. Patty’s celebrations…that’s good marketing.

This girl’s face says it all.

Touché, Michael, touché.

Hoboken LepreCon is a living nightmare. I had to go somewhere safer.

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A major thanks to the police for keeping us safe {and to Chief Ken Ferrante for live-tweeting #Leprecon}. You da best.

Hope everyone had fun! ’til next year, Leprecon!

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