The Best Spots for Eyebrow Threading in Hoboken

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Ahhh the brows. The frame of the windows to your soul. When they’re good, they’re good. When they’re bad, they’re baaaaaad. And while waxing has long been a popular option, so many ladies email us asking for the best spots for threading in Hoboken, and we realized we didn’t have the ultimate list. So of course we had to share. 

For those that don’t know, threading is a process that uses a cotton-twirled string {it’s almost like floss} that twist and pulls out the hairs to masterfully shape your brows {and as you continue to get threaded, the hair eventually stops growing which is a maj perk}. Here are the five best spots for eyebrow threading in Hoboken — untamed brows no more! {PS: all of these spots have been visited by yours truly at one time or another.}

1. Dreamz Salon {900 Jefferson Street}

best spots eyebrow threading hoboken

^Bhumi, owner and eyebrow queen of Dreamz

Pricing: $10

Ah Bhumi, Bhumi, Bhumi. She’s the owner of Dreamz — is an eyebrow genius! The problem is that she’s not always there, so definitely call ahead and make your appointment as her other staff members do an “okay” job but it’s just not the same. She lines up your eyebrows and really make sure everything is even. So worth it!

2. Hot Looks Salon {504 Washington Street}

Pricing: $11

Hot Looks does it all—hair, body, face. But their eyebrow threading service with leave your face feeling brand new. It’s the perfect way to finish off a fresh new hair color and cut.

Editor’s note: This is my go-to when Bhumi isn’t available!

3. Mystique Beauty 2 {377 Washington Street}

Pricing: $8

Support a woman-owned business and achieve brow perfection by stopping in Mystique Beauty 2.  There’s no appointment necessary—just stop in for a brow threading and maybe get a facial before you go.

4. Eyebrow Place 2 {109 14th Street}

This is the 2nd spot with the same owners as the Eyebrow Place on Wash that closed several years ago. It’s perfect for uptown guys and gals that need some touch-ups — just be very specific about what you want {usually opting for just a “clean up” is best}.

5. Hoboken Wellness Spa {450 7th Street}

Pricing: $8

While this is more of a full-service spa {off-the-beaten path in the Citadel, corner of 7th and Adams}. Couple an eyebrow threading for less than $10 with an Ayurvedic massage, and you’ll be one happy {and primped!} camper.

Do you have a favorite spot in Hoboken to get your eyebrows threaded? Share in the comments!

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