The Best Blizzard Photos of Hoboken {#Snowboken}

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#Snowboken is here! With this weekend’s snow we only felt it right to designate a post on amazingly beautiful, snowy #Hoboken photos – from snows past and present. You might hate the cold weather, but we think it is toootally worth it to see the beauty in these Instagram photos.


photo by @mellecarolinel

Hoboken’s first snowfall of the year {last weekend}!


photo by @Maharlika_ma

We know, another waterfront picture. But LOOK at this photo – we can feel the crisp winter air from here!

snowboken blizzard

photo by @girlonthehudson

Jonas is real. Even though we wish he’d stop having a name.


photo by @rebeccabonell




photo by @katierhulme

Aerial snowfall shot of Washington Street – looks like a painting! 


photo by @lincolnandholland

We just love Hoboken in the snow… and we think this pup agrees!

french bulldog cozy pierre

But, if you’re more like Pierre. You’re sitting on the couch wrapped in a snuggie and wondering what you can do with a full day of being indoors.

We’ll update this post as the weekend goes on! Don’t forget to hashtag #Hoboken and tag @hobokengirlblog on Instagram, and your artistic eye for beauty could be featured in this/our next photo round-up! We just can’t wait to see the photos that come from this storm!

Stay warm and safe!


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