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10 Reasons Cold Weather is Awesome (As Told in GIFs)

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Yes, we often hear people complaining about winter and how cold they are. But we’re here to tell you that winter isn’t all bad. Here are 10 reasons to be happy it’s winter, and freezing:

1. Dog walks are infinitely shorter.



Let’s face it — walking your dog is fun sometimes, but other times you just want to go home and veg on your couch. It’s pretty awesome when your dog literally wants to walk outside for 0.5 seconds, pee on the nearest hard surface, and book it back indoors. I knew we were best friends for a reason!

2. Pedestrians are nowhere to be found.


It’s so cold, most people don’t want to be outside — which is lovely for those who have the distinct pleasure of driving around Hoboken, especially around 1st street,  which may be the most trekked street in Hoboken [or anywhere in the world], IMO.

3. Your house feels warmer and cozier when you walk in.


Scented candles, hot cocoa, wine, and throw blankets. Yeeeepppp.

4. Bars are less crowded.


Making it way more fun to dance. Like this.

5. Winter style requires less thinking when getting dressed because you’re only thinking about staying warm.


 Unless you’re counting various puffy-jacket options.

6. You have more of an excuse to drink…all the time.


Ya gotta drink to stay toasty!

7. It’s totally acceptable to watch a full season of Netflix in 24 hours.


No apologies needed.

8. You can make fun of people’s “temperature gauge” photos on Facebook. 


Yes, we all know it’s 12 degrees out… no need for the shock and dismay via screenshot of your iPhone weather app.

9. Snow days when you’re an adult. Are the Best. Thing. Ever.


Need I say more? 

10. It’s never not funny to see the Hoboken penis bandit drawing phallic creations on snowy car windshields.


Admit it, you’ve seen it, and giggled.

What is your favorite part about the cold weather? Stay warm!

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