SW3AT Sauna’s Hoboken Location is Now Open

SW3AT Sauna, the popular sauna studio located in downtown Jersey City at 172 Newark Avenue, has expanded to the Mile Square. SW3AT is a veteran-, woman-, LGBTQ+-, and black-owned holistic sanctuary for those seeking to heal the mind and body with infrared heat therapy and with limited sauna studios available in Hoboken, we’re pretty excited! Read on to learn what we know about SW3AT Sauna’s new Hoboken location at 89 Hudson Street.

This LGBTQ-owned, BIPOC-owned business is run by local couple Alyza and Tamiah. Hoboken Native Tamiah is excited to expand the business to her hometown. She attended Calabro elementary, Brandt middle school, and graduated from Hoboken High.


“When Alyza was looking for the best location to expand, Tamiah chimed in with a no-brainer. With most of her family from Jackson Street, it was personally meaningful for her to feel like she gave back to the city that raised her despite the affluence it now portrays. Although the Brevard-Rodriguez family’s roots are in Jersey City, Tamiah wanted to take it back home,” the studio explained in a press release.

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Tamiah won’t be the only Hobokenite to work in the studio, the team explains that local U.S. Navy Veteran Sage McDonald is managing the shop as he transitions out of the military after five years on back-to-back deployments.

Alyza, who just returned from deployment in the Middle East a month ago, shared with us, “When it comes to service members, they are a special kind of individual. Who gives up time with their family to spend five years of their life on deployment protecting strangers? Protecting freedom and democracy? Plus, this guy is like my brother. His loyalty and leadership are unquestionable. When I knew he was transitioning out of the service and reintegrating into the civilian workforce, I knew I had to have him as part of the team. Hoboken is his city, he loves wellness, and when I asked him what he wanted to do when he got out of the service, he said, ‘I just want to help people.’ To me, that sounded like the recipe for greatness, and that’s just what our clientele deserves.”

What to Expect

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Infrared saunas penetrate the skin, raising the body’s core temperature, providing a deeper, more effective detox than regular saunas. Research has shown infrared heat therapy provides health benefits such as detoxification of heavy metals, enhanced metabolic functions, muscle recovery, and pain relief, immune system support, and skin purification. Infrared sauna use is also a great tool to aid in losing weight as you burn over 600 calories in just one session.

Each suite is comfortably spacious with plenty of towels, complimentary Wi-Fi, reading materials, and a towel cooler filled with lavender-infused towels, and water bottles. Every sauna is also equipped with built-in Bluetooth systems should you want to listen to music during your session.

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Sw3at Sauna Inside

The Hoboken Girl team loves the Jersey City studio and can speak to the experience.

During a session, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a complimentary added service called chromotherapy (also known as color therapy) which helps to regulate any emotional and mental imbalances. Alyza’s favorite color to use during her sessions is green because “everything that’s good in this world is green — it’s the color used to represent new beginnings, the color of nature for health, and the color of money for prosperity.”

According to the press release, the founders of SW3AT have decided to grow their brand through franchise opportunities. With a 10% discount for MBE/VBE/WBE franchisee prospects, they are sticking to their commitment to underserved populations. Named NJ Biz Top 40 under 40, Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez is on track to be the youngest franchisor in America.

The grand opening of SW3AT will be held on June 23rd from 4-7PM. To stay up to date with SW3AT, follow the studio on Instagram and sign up for our email list for more local news.

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