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Summer at The Hudson School: Everything You Need to Know

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Sometimes the biggest challenge of summer break can be finding interesting ways to occupy your children’s time. Luckily for local parents, The Hudson School, located at 601 Park Avenue in Hoboken, is launching an expanded summer camp program. With registration available now, this is a great option for students to continue learning, growing, and challenging themselves in the summer months. Keep reading to learn more about Summer @ The Hudson School and some of the incredible opportunities it provides students in the community.

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An Inside Look at The Hudson School

For 43 years, The Hudson School has been providing students in grades 5-12 with a rigorous education that allows for independent thinking, intellectual growth, and college preparation. Founded in 1978 by Suellen Newman, the school has been highly regarded as an institution that has been educating the young scholars of Hoboken ever since. From world languages, to math, history, visual arts, athletics, and everything in between, The Hudson School introduces young adults to many different subjects, activities, and hobbies.

“The most fulfilling part of working at The Hudson School is seeing how our young scholars can connect with and build lifelong relationships with our faculty. Our faculty’s passion sets the school apart from others,” Edsel Engalla, the Assistant Director of Advancement and Coordinator for all summer programs, told The Hoboken Girl. 

As residents of Hoboken and Jersey City, we know there are many benefits of attending a small, urban, dynamic school. The Hudson School was founded on the idea that diversity is embraced, supported, and celebrated in the school community.

“At The Hudson School, the joy that both teachers and students bring to the classroom is infectious,” Classic Department Chair Elena Soulier shared. “It provides a supportive environment that challenges students and faculty to develop their passions and talents.”

hudson school hoboken

About The Summer Program

The Hudson School is a vibrant community where teachers and students work together to create great opportunities — not only in the calendar year, but throughout the summer, too. Even though the school calendar year ends in June, it doesn’t mean the learning and development has to end there.

“Summer @ The Hudson School will connect young Hoboken and Jersey City scholars with the faculty of school to provide a stimulating and memorable summer experience,” Edsel explained.

Summer Camp runs from June 20th through September 1st from 8:30AM to 4PM. It includes hands-on learning, innovative curriculum designed for children ages 8-14, and passionate staff with a small student-to-instructor ratio. The most popular sessions at Summer Camp are Worldbuilders Workshop, 3-D Modeling camp, and Robotics camp — the rest of this year’s camp sessions will be new.

hudson school hoboken

hudson school hoboken

The Pillars of The Hudson School: Courage, Compassion, + Commitment

The Hudson School is built on the pillars of courage, compassion and commitment. Students are given numerous opportunities to demonstrate courage to challenges they face, compassion to all living things, and commitment to their endeavors. Constantly stepping out of their comfort zones and displaying kindness in everything they do is a big part of their foundations.

“We seek to graduate students who have the skills and willingness to commit to working for a more humane, civil, and just world,” Edsel said. “From athletic competitions and academic group work to local and international community service projects — you will see the students of THS displaying these qualities.”

hudson school hoboken

contact the school

The Hudson School is located at 601 Park Avenue and the art studio is located at 638 Garden Street in Hoboken. You can call 201-659-8335 x1050 or email eengalla@thehudsonschool.org with questions.

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