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‘ALL CLEAR’ After Stevens Students Urged to Shelter in Place on Hoboken Campus

by Jennifer Tripucka
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An alert went out on Stevens Emergency Alert system this Saturday afternoon, September 4th, noting that campus police were investigating a report of an armed robbery and that all were instructed to shelter in place on campus.

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Hudson County Commissioner Anthony Romano tweeted at 6:12PM: “Stevens students urged to shelter in place as police investigate report of an armed robbery prayers for safety,” with no further details.

The emergency alert went out across campus, which instructed all students and staff to shelter in place, according to Hudson County View.

“At this time the Stevens Police request that you stay where you are until further notice. Campus Police is investigating the report of an armed robbery that occurred in the Pond Lot,” the alert said. “Continue to shelter in place until further notice.”

We reached out to the Stevens and Hoboken police, but no one was available for immediate comment.

A student on campus who wishes to remain anonymous shared that they were at a frat party on campus when it happened. “We all left when we found out and got home safely.”

2.5 hours later at 8:45PM, Romano tweeted, “All clear — no injuries reported.”


We will update with more details as they become available.

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